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Libra Woman in Love


The Libra woman is all about balance. This sign is represented by the scales, which is an apt metaphor for the Libra woman. She believes in justice and fairness. This woman embodies yin and yang. She is quite the charmer with a sociable attitude and a talent for communicating with others. While she is rational and logical at times, she can also exhibit erratic emotions. Her charm and logic means that she is often the person who wins arguments. If your argument is based in common sense and logical, she will be open to it. You just have to martial logic to your side if you want to win her over.

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The Libra Woman in Love

This sign is ruled by Venus, which means that she will always seek out harmony and balance in her relationships. She wants to have a relationship that exists in an equilibrium. Her ideal lover will make romantic gestures like candlelight dinners and fresh flowers. She loves to love, and she tends to fall in love quickly. Once she does find the right partner, she will be completely devoted to them.

The Libra woman in love seems calm and cool on the exterior. While she might be a very collected lady, she can be quite romantic and playful with the right person. Once she does fall in love, she is not going to play games. She will be completely honest with you and impartial in arguments. Don’t play mind games or manipulate her because she will not appreciate it.

The Libra Woman in a Relationship

Since she can easily see both sides of an argument, she tends to have extremely strong relationships. Even when there is an argument, she will work hard to see your side of the problem. She is quite even-tempered and coolly logical, so she is not someone who passionately argues a point. Even if an argument becomes hot-tempered, it will eventually devolve into a quiet conversation about the best option to take.

The Libra woman often switches between being subservient and independent. It all depends on what the correct response is at the time. She ideally wants to find a partner who is stead and supportive. With this in mind, the Libra woman tends to work best with Gemini and Aquarius men.

When she does fall in love, she will question her decision to be in love. This is because the Libra is naturally indecisive. She falls in love easily, but she will only hang around if the guy meets her standards. The Libra woman loves the finer things in life. She is completely comfortable going to high-class restaurants, ballets and the theater. She expects that her partner in life will be able to handle these same social situations. If you are uncomfortable in elegant surroundings, it will be hard to make the relationship work.

In addition to being indecisive at times, this sign tends to lack initiative. She tends to passively go with the flow in work and in her relationships. She is often drawn to traditional values and social mores. In a relationship, she tends to be caring and deep. At times, she can also be selfish and manipulative. Understanding her can be hard at times, so it is important that her partner takes time to understand her intimately. She might be calm and collected on the outside, but deeper emotions lurk within. Once she does find the right guy, she will be completely faithful and committed.

The Libra Woman in the Bedroom

The Libra woman is quite the intellectual. Even in the bedroom, she thinks through each decision. She will contemplate your needs and her own needs. She naturally loves to please, so she will put her all into pillow talk, foreplay and seduction. Her charm and attractiveness makes her an ideal partner in the bedroom.

At first, the Libra woman might not feel confident enough to try new things or be adventurous. When she is with the right person, she starts to open up sexually. After you have dated for a while, she will be willing to experiment and try new things. She will openly communicate bout her preferences and sexual desires.

Since she likes the finer things in life, there are a few things that you can do to turn your Libra woman on. Think of setting the mood before you enter the bedroom. Scented candles, sexy music, dim lighting and rose petals can all create the type of environment she loves. Buy her expensive lingerie or scented massage oil to make her happy.

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Dating a Libra Woman

When it comes to love, the Libra woman falls in love easily. She is happy dating for pleasure and having fun if that is the only potential she sees in the relationship. When she is ready and finds the right partner, she will commit and be serious. This sign can seem needy at time, and Libras are certainly known for being indecisive.

This is a sign that is wonderful and caring. The hardest part of dating a Libra woman is her self-esteem. She has a tendency to listen too much to what other people think, which can hurt her self-esteem if she chooses the wrong friends. She can end up questioning her own decisions because she does not understand why other people do not see the world the same way that she does. Ultimately, she is a loyal, committed partner. Her sociable, charming nature means that she is tactful in relationships and knows how to make you happy.

Can You Trust a Libra Woman in Love?

For the most part, the answer to this question is yes. Her goal is to be a faithful, loyal partner. The only problem is that she has an unfortunate tendency to fall in love too fast. When this happens, she quickly starts to realize her mistake. Once she has decided that it is not the right relationship for her, she is less committed to being loyal and faithful.

Emotionally, she tends to hide feelings that she thinks are shameful or unproductive. Her rational, logical nature means she tries to tamp down any feelings that she does not understand. For most people, this would create a situation where she explodes in anger, but this is not the case for the Libra. She is just far too calm and peaceful to allow this to happen. She hates arguments and would much rather talk over any problem with you. If you argue with her, don’t be surprised if she shuts down. If you want to address a problem, you have to talk about it calmly and openly. She wants to please you, but you have to create an environment where she can open up, speak her mind and listen to what you have to say.

Buying Gifts for the Libra Woman

A nice surprise is always welcome for the Libra. Obviously, you should make an effort to remember her birthday. If you really want to please her though, buy her a gift when she least expects it. As for the gift, look for the finer things in life. Feminine, beautiful jewelry is always a good choice. A balanced perfume, chocolates or flowers are also excellent options.


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