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100 Lion Names


We all want a pet lion. Sometimes, you are lucky enough to afford one. If you don’t have an actual pet lion, you can always have a stuffed animal lion. Or, you could get a dog that looks a lot like a lion. No matter what the case is, you will ultimately need lion names. We have compiled a list that helps you name your lion. You can consider the features of the lion, what it symbolizes or its attributes to create the best names. This list is just to help you get started, and you can always brainstorm a more unique name.

lioness names

1. Maximilian: This is an awesome name for a lion.

2. Savannah: Because lions live on the savanna.

3. Paws: This is an adorable option.

4. Dillion: This name comes from a root word that means lion.

5. Zahara:This is a fun African name for lions.

6. Pumpkin: Lions are often a pumpkin-like color.

7. Lioness: Keep it simple with a name like lioness.

8. Kodjo: This is such a hip sounding name, and it comes from Africa like lions do.

9. Fang: This name comes from the lion’s fangs.

10. Africa: Lions live in Africa, so this is a good name choice.

11. Cupcake: This sounds like the name of a kitten and not a lion.

12. Whiskers: Cat names for a lion are a rather ironic choice.

13. Unika: This is an African name that works well for lions.

14. Amra: In a foreign language, this actually means lion.

15. Rori: This sounds awesome.

16. Sahara: This is a fun option.

17. Lionell: This comes from a root word that means lion.

18. Leonidas: This is based on the root word Leo, which means lion.

19. Muffin: This is another cat name that is an ironic choice for a lion.

20. Haider: This comes from a root word that means lion.

lion names

21. Namib: This is a cool sounding African name.

22. Surabi: This lion name comes from the popular Lion King film.

23. Kiara: This is a main character in Disney’s the Lion King.

24. Ari: This is an adorable name that is said to mean lion.

25. Namibia: This is actually the name of a country in Africa.

26. Vitani: This is another Lion King name.

27. Cubby: Because a lion has cubs.

28. Aurora: Cute!

29. Chephirah: This word means lion.

30. Sudan: This is a country in Africa, but it would also be a great name for a lion.

31. Nessie: This is a nickname based on the lion-ness.

32. Jake: This is a fun name.

33. Leo: Leo is the zodiac sign that is represented by the magnificent lion.

34. Romeo: Romeo needs his Juliet. You might need to get a second lion.

35. Boots: This is adorable name for a kitten. As the lion grows up, such a cute name
will seem ironic.

36. King: Because the lion is the king of the jungle.

37. Aaliyah: This is such a pretty name for a lion.

38. Nala: This was Simba’s girlfriend in the first Lion King movie.

39. Sprinkles: This is a kitten name that was stolen for baby lions.

40. Lexie: Lexie the Lion is an adorable moniker.

41. Luna: Cute!

42. Snickers: This is another great name for a lion who reminds you of a pet cat.

43. Ahadi: This lion name comes from a character in the Lion King.

44. Abbas: This is a beautiful sounding name that is actually said to mean lion.

45. Armani: This is another African name. It also happens to be the name of a major
fashion brand. Your lion will be stylish if you choose this lion name!

46 Hunter: Lions are known for being exceptionally good hunters.

47. Puma: This is another kind of big cat that has an unusually cool name.

48. Kazi: This is a hip sounding name that is African in origin.

49. Bathsheba: This is an awesome name for a lion.

50. Apollo: This name comes from the gods.

lioness names

51. Jira: Some of the best lion names come to us from Africa.

52. Corin: This is another word for lion.

53. General: He certainly seems like a boss!

54. Vega: This is a cool name.

55. Scar: This was the evil uncle’s name in the first Lion King movie.

56. Morocco: This name for lion comes to us from the nation of Morocco.

57. Benroy: This pretty name would work well for a boy or girl lion.

58. Kion: Cute!

59. Kula: This is another Lion King name.

60. Simba: You remember Simba, right? He just couldn’t wait to be king!

61. Loki: This is a fun option.

62. Diata: Diata is said to mean lion in another language.

63. Zambia: This is another African nation that would make for a great name for a lion.

64. Leah: Leah sounds like a good lion name.

65. Scout: The little lion is scouting around for something.

66. Harley: This is a fun name for a lion.

67. Rebel: Hopefully, your pet lion does not rebel too much against you.

68. Sabrina: This is an adorable lion name.

69. Kimba: This means lion.

70. Kenya: This might be a country in Africa, but it could also double as a lion name.

71. Zeus: The name of the king of the Greek gods sounds very fitting for a lion.

72. Nova: Nice!

73. Beau: Beau means beautiful.

74. Kamili: This name for lions comes to us from Africa.

75. Ariel: Ariel is actually said to mean lion.

76. Mohatu: This is a name from the Lion King.

77. Bear: I think that this lion name is meant to be ironic.

78. Xena: Because your lioness is a warrior queen.

79. Queen: King of the jungle? What about queen of the jungle?

80. Cleopatra: Pretty.

lion dog

81. Duchess: A lioness certainly acts like a duchess!

82. Zira: This name comes from the Lion King.

83. Mufasa: Mufasa was the name of Simba’s father.

84. Kalahari: This is one of the lion names that comes to us from Africa.

85. Gur: This means lion in another language.

86. Banana: Because lion’s have a banana-like color.

87. Sunny: This is another lion named based on the lion’s coloring.

88. Skip: Adorable.

89. Kitty: This name is meant to be ironic.

90. Mane Man: For when your main man has a mane.

91. Uru: This is a cute option.

92. Mao: This is the Chinese word for cat. It sounds suspiciously like the English, “Meow.”

93. Fluffy: Fluffy is meant to be ironic since this is actually the name of house cats

94. Sarafina: This is such a cute name.

95. Catnip: Cats like catnip. Do you think lions do, too?

96. Kitten: They might look like a kitten, but they probably won’t act like it.

97. Meow Mix: This comes from the name of a popular brand of cat food.

98. Kopa: This was the name of a lion in the Lion King.

99. Cuddles: Your lion might look cute, but I doubt that it would be a good idea to cuddle it.

100. Oliver: Super cute!


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