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10 Long Distance Relationship Love Letters for Him


Sometimes, no matter how perfect your love for each other may be, there are circumstances that tear you apart. Maybe it’s responsibilities or a better work opportunity that’s keeping you from being together as a couple.

If you find yourself in a long distance relationship, take heart because it’s just a test to strengthen your love for each other. When you find yourself missing your man because of the distance between you, one way to alleviate the sadness is by sending him a letter like the ones below: long distance love letters for him tumblr

I pine for you each day. Through the long, hot summers through to the cold wintery months. I wait for the day when you finally come home. Your love gives me the strength to get through every challenge I face in life. And when you’re gone it feels like I am weak without you. I wish I could cut the miles between us and just be there where you are. I wish I could fly off to where you are and just live with you the way we’re meant to be. But there is a time for that and I understand that we must first fulfill our responsibilities. But that doesn’t stop me from missing you every single day, my love. I love you and I am waiting for you.

I miss you today, more than I did yesterday but not as much as I will tomorrow. Every single thing I see reminds me of you. I remember the warmth of your embrace when I bask in the sunlight. I remember the soothing sound of your voice whenever I hear a distant melody that reminds me of our time together. I remember your laughter when I hear the howling of the wind in the cold winter months. I remember you in everything I see, everything I hear, and everything I touch. One day, all this remembering will go away because I will finally be there where you are. But in the meantime, I let the world remind me of you and how much we love each other as I wait for that day to arrive.

You are in my thoughts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 364 days a year. You are always here with me in my mind, in my heart, and in my soul. You are the one who gives me the strength to go through each day, even though I know there’s no chance we will see each other. But even then, I keep going because every day that goes by is a day that brings me closer to you. You may be far away from me in distance, but you are never far from my thoughts and from my heart. You are always here with me, through the easy days and through the hard days. I do all of this for you and for the day when I can finally say “I’m home” and I will never leave again. I love you and I miss you every single day, my love.

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Every day I tell you that I miss you. It’s something common in a relationship like ours. But today, I feel like I missed you so much more than I usually do, and that’s why I’m writing you this letter. Today I woke up from the most wonderful dream when we are finally together with no reason to ever be apart again. I woke up to a start and to an empty bed that’s missing your presence. Later today, I suddenly caught myself fantasizing of the day when we can walk hand in hand through the streets, carefree and not dreading the day when we need to be apart again. And this evening, I thought of your warmth as I nursed the cup of tea that’s keeping me from freezing. Every day I long to be with you again, but every day I must remind myself that we are doing this for a reason. So for now, I have my dreams and my daily reminders of your love to keep me company. I miss you every moment of every day.

Even though we’re far apart, I just want to keep reminding you of how much I love you. I love you in the morning when I wake up after dreaming of being in your arms again. I love when I have breakfast, knowing that you’re still probably slumbering away in your own time zone. I love you when I commute to work because I am no longer bothered by long distances, simply because I know that we are just one long commute away from each other. I love you when I do my work because it’s the thing that’s keeping us apart, and yet also the thing that’s securing our future together. I love you when I’m on the way home as I imagine how life would be infinitely better if I were to come home to you every single day. And I love you in the night before I fall asleep, as each time I sleep brings me another day closer to the day when I’ll be with you again.

The longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it. Because anything worth having is always worth the wait. And so we wait and wait and wait each day for the moment when we no longer have to bear this distance. Our love for each other is so strong that no amount of miles can ever affect it. And through all this waiting, I remind myself of how much sweeter it would be when we can finally hold each other and never let go. These are the things that remind me to carry on each day. These are the things that give me strength. One day, there will be no distance between us. But until that day comes, we can love each other from a distance.

You are so far away that there’s nothing I can do besides wait here quietly as my heart yearns to be with you. You have no idea how much I want to be with you right now, to hold your hand in mine, to smell the sweet scent of your fragrance, to hear your voice as it truly is and not distorted by gadgets. But then again, perhaps, you do know all too well how much I want to be with you because you feel the same way about me right now. We are two lovers on opposite sides of the world, wishing to be on the other side, and hoping for the day when it will happen. I miss you so much, my love. I miss you in all the moments you are not here with me.

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I sometimes feel so much nostalgia for the days when we were young and carefree, when we had no worries in the world aside from finding the time to be with each other. Now that we’re older and we know better, we know that being apart is a sacrifice we need to make. We’re doing this for all the right reasons so that one day we can live together and start the future we have always dreamed of. I remind myself every day that this momentary suffering will be erased on the day when we can finally bask in the joy of being together. I miss you every day.

Destiny can be such a cruel thing when it drives apart two people who have no other desire than to be together. But I guess we must accept our fate and stay strong. This is just one obstacle that our love will need to endure in order to grow stronger. I admit there are times when I feel so weak without you by my side, but I am reminded that this is my motivation to find strength. We are doing this for us, and all this sadness will drift away the moment you come home again. I love you.

Whenever I ask myself why we have to suffer through this distance, I remember a simple quote I once read. “We are the perfect couple, we’re just not in the perfect situation.” And I remember all the many things we love about each other. We are indeed perfect for each other, but we know that life is never that simple. We are thrust into a situation where our love for each other is tested, and it’s our job to prove to the world that distance is nothing compared to our love for each other. So let’s do what we must to maintain this love. Let’s do what we can to remain the perfect couple. And then one day, we will find that we have become the stronger, perfect couple who has created the perfect situation by facing each challenge together.


Tell him how much you love him, how much you miss him, and how much you long for the day when there will no longer be any distance between you by sending him one of these long distance relationship letters


  1. This is very helpful to me because me and my boyfriend we both lived in Georgia but i’m from Savannah and he is from Marietta and he’s only like 3 and 1/2 from me and i be missing so much that i even wish that he wasn’t so far way

  2. I live in Va and he lives in Florida and he’s older then me by 3 years and 363 days older than me and i’m 11 and this was very helpful for me and now i feel closer to him than ever.

    • Thank you for sharing your supportive comment. Please share more of your supportive comments in the future. Have a great day, Makenzie!

  3. This is so helpful as I live in Wa. State and lives in Arizona, and I miss him more everyday but I know that our love is stronger than the distance between us💔

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. We always appreciate when members of our community share their supportive comments.

  4. Helpful some what in some words. I live in USA and he lives in South Africa and we have been talking for I’d say 5 or 6 years or soo and i wish I could be with him and i hate it that i cant. And the fact that only thing that is in the way is the distance things didn’t go so well. Just feels lije i lost part of myself.

    • You are aware of the difficulty of maintaining a long distance relationship with someone, though you care deeply about this person. Take this time to consider what you want for the future of this relationship. Please share more of your insights and experiences in the future.


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