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10 Naughty Long Distance Relationship Games


If you’re miles apart from your partner, you know how hard it can be to keep the sexual energy between you going. Before computers, long distance relationships relied on handwritten love letters and photographs – I’m not kidding, that’s all they had. But now, you literally have endless options for keeping a long distance relationship going until you see your partner again. In fact, now, it doesn’t actually feel like that person’s far away. You can text, , talk on Skype – sure, you miss touch, smell and taste, but all the other components are available to you. However, it’s normal for long distance relationships to get into a rut. There’s only so many nudes photos you can send to each or sext before it starts to become dry. How about you play a game instead? Everyone likes games, so put some excitement into your long distance relationship with these 10 naughty games.

Bring out the Rated R

If you want to spice things up, why not watch porn together? Okay, of course, you won’t actually be in the same but you can turn Skype on and watch each other masturbate. Or, to keep things even more mysterious, you can talk to each other on the phone, while masturbating to the same porno. Whichever way works for you. If you’re into porn, then this is a great way to connect. Just make sure that you switch this up – the last you thing need is to become addicted to it. But porn is always an option to get those juices flowing.

Never have I ever

Ah yes, the “never have I ever” game. This is a fun game to play if you want to take a different road to ending up completely naked. Sometimes being naked is only fun when you have to work for it. Never Have I Ever is a game that makes you answer if you have or have not done something. If you have, you take off an article of clothing. You can make the game however you want it to be. If they have done something, they have to strip, if they haven’t they have to take a shot – for example. So, you can really make this fun and interesting. Plus, you probably will learn some new things about each other as well.

Go on a date

So, you’re not in the same city or country, but that doesn’t mean you can go on a date, right? Right! Why not set up a date night for the both of you. Make dinner together, eat at the table together, watch a movie together. Sure, you’ll be on each other’s computer or smartphone screens, but the point is you’re doing this together. Just make sure you charge your battery. To spend time together, you don’t always have to make it sexual nor do you always have to just sit and talk. it up a bit to keep things lively.


When you guys are going to chat, show up on the screen dressed up as a completely person. Put a wig on, get a costume and ! You’re no longer you. You don’t have to be a sexy nurse or a fireman – you can just be the girl or boy next door. Why not roleplay? It’s a great way to get out of your head and be someone else. Plus, you two will have a good laugh when you both see each other dressed up as someone completely different. It’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing you two and to keep the sexual connection light and easy-going. Sex doesn’t always have to be so serious.

He and She sex toys

You can now buy sex toys which give you an interactive way to have cybersex. There are two , one designed for a man, the other for a woman which you can use to stimulate sex. It’s actually fairly accurate, but what’s cool is that you control your partner’s device and vice versa. So, you are, in a way, having sex with them. I know you’re curious, so, you should try this out. It’s crazy how realistic it is and though I’ve never personally used this, a couple of my friends do and they highly recommend it. So, why not give it a try, the worse thing that can happen is you don’t like it.

Guess the body part

People have lost their sense imagination. Well, now you can bring that back to them. Instead of sending a nude photo, just send them photos of body parts. They have to guess what it is. You can reward them if they get it right and if they get it wrong, you can make them do something. It’s cheeky and is a great way to make them turned on.  Teasing your partner is fun and helps build up sexual tension which is what you want. That way, when they masturbate, they’ll be thinking about that photo you sent them.

Switch up the way you dirty talk

Are you used to always dirty talking via text? If so, why not make voice messages instead? Or write a handwritten letter? You don’t have to stick to the conventional way of dirty talking. Plus, your partner will be surprised to see you it up, it’s something and new. If you have a sexy phone voice, the voice messages. You can moan, lower your voice, whisper – you have a variety of options on how to present what you want to say. And, if they’re at work, listening to your voice message will be thrill seeking since it’s gonna be dirty. want the whole office to hear it.

Let your partner control the vibration

Nowadays, you have endless options to make your sexual experience with your long-distance partner as authentic as possible. The problem with long-distance relationships is that you’re not able to lose control and give it to your partner. Instead, you control what you do and simply show them. You can now buy vibrators which are remotely controlled by the other person. So, if he or she is in class or sitting on the bus, you can remotely command the vibrator to go off. It’ll shock them and make them think of you. You have full control of the strength of the vibrations, so this can make for a lot of fun. In addition, you can even sync these toys to music, yeah, exactly, better start updating your playlist, my recommendation is to stay away from dubstep.

Strip tease

Get some raunchy music playing in the background and have a sexy outfit on. Then, to the music, slowly start to strip. Now, you don’t have to fully strip – you can treat this like a burlesque show. You can be sexy and provocative by just taking off a glove or a sock. Many people think that a strip tease has to end with you fully nude, but that’s completely up to you. But you can experiment and have fun with, in addition, you can also make your partner strip tease for you! Why should they get to sit back and relax? Make this a double strip tease and have a laugh.

Bring out the video phone

Oh, the good ole video phone. It’s normal for most of when we do a video call to be fully clothed. Which when to your partner, you can be. But throughout the you can slowly undress . Or you can be completely naked without your partner seeing and then slowly show them that you’ve been sitting there completely naked this whole time. You choose whether or not you want to show them the goods, either way, it’s going to massively turn them on.

See? Long-distance relationships can work out, you just need to make sure you put in the work to keep going. No doubt, trying out some of these games will help keep the flame alive while you two are separated. So, don’t waste time. Try out some of these games and see which one you and your partner like the best.