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15 Best Songs for Long Distance Relationships


Long distance relationships are no easy feat. You’re madly devoted to someone, and yet you can’t physically be with them. But thanks to today’s technology, long distance relationships are so much easier for people living apart.

You have phones and easy internet access to maintain communication. You can even see each other through video calls and through social media posts. And thanks to the wonder of digital music, you can even share music that perfectly captures the feeling of being in love while you’re apart.

For all of you in long distance relationships, don’t fret. We have a playlist for you that will make you feel just a little bit better when you’re missing your partner.

Simple Plan (feat. Natasha Bedingfield) – Jet Lag

Let’s start things off with an upbeat tune by this pop punk band. Jet lag is all about being jetlagged all the time just so you and your partner can match up your schedules and talk. One of the biggest challenges of being in a long distance relationship is finding the perfect time of the day when you can talk to each other.

LDR Lines: You say good morning when it’s midnight

Going out of my head alone in this bed

I wake up to your sunset, and It’s driving me mad, I miss you so bad

My heart, heart, heart is so jet-lagged


The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

When it’s work that has to drive you apart, you know you need a happy, fun song that can cheer you both up. This long distance relationship classic is all about assuring your partner that you’d do everything for them… And that includes walking all the way from where you are to where they are because where they are is home to you.

LDR Lines: But I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more

Just to be the man who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door


Tracy Chapman – The Promise

Let’s slow things down a bit with a soothing acoustic track from Tracy Chapman. The Promise Is a heartbreaking song about missing the one you love. You may be far apart, but despite the distance you know your heart belongs to your partner.

LDR Lines: If you think of me, if you miss me once in a while

Then I’ll return to you, I’ll return and fill that space in your heart

Remembering your touch, your kiss, your warm embrace

I’ll find my way back to you if you’ll be waiting


Bruno Mars – Long Distance

As the title suggests, this slow jam is perfect for when you’re missing your partner who’s miles away. Bruno Mars perfectly captures what it’s like to pine for someone while all you have are pictures and the memories you share. It’s a heartbreaking song that you might want to listen to whenever you feel like crying it all out.

LDR Lyrics” All I have is this picture in a frame that I hold close to see your face again

With you is where I’d rather be, but we’re stuck where we are

And it’s so hard, you’re so far

This long distance is killing me


Rihanna – California King Bed

As if to respond to Bruno Mars’ heart-wrenching ballad, here’s one from Rihanna. California King Bed is about nearly reaching the breaking point and giving up on your long distance love. But you hold on and remember all the good times, and that’s enough to make you want to hold on.

LDR Lyrics: In this California King bed, we’re ten thousand miles apart

I’ve been California wishing on these stars for your heart for me

My California King


Lifehouse – From Where You Are

The unifying theme of songs about long distance love is missing your partner. Despite such a common theme, Lifehouse still manages to create this beautiful, heartfelt song about all the things you miss about your partner – from the simplest things like the way the light hits their face to how long you’ve been like this, and all those little things in between.

LDR Lyrics: So far away from where you are

These miles have torn us worlds apart

And I miss you, yeah, I miss you

So far away from where you are

Standing underneath the stars

And I wish you were here


Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight

Your last night together before one of you has to fly off to some distant land is always the hardest. Goodbyes are never easy, but you both need to do what must be done. So in that last night together, play this Eagle Eye Cherry song as he commiserates with you. So go on, close the curtains, make the most of these moments because it’ll be a while before you’re with each other again.

LDR Lyrics: Go on and close the curtains ‘cause all we need is candlelight

You and me and a bottle of wine to hold you tonight

Well we know I’m going away, and how I wish, I wish it weren’t so

So take this wine and drink with me, and let’s delay our misery


The Corrs (feat. Alejandro Sanz) – The Hardest Day

While we’re on the topic of difficult goodbyes, let’s take a moment to appreciate this lesser known song about how hard it is to have to part ways with your lover. The Hardest Day describes those moments of bliss together and the intense pain of having to part ways again.

LDR Lyrics: Never wanna wake up from this night

Never wanna leave this moment

Waiting for you only, only you

Never gonna forget every single thing you do

When loving you is my finest hour

Leaving you, the hardest day of my life


Evan and Jaron – The Distance

Do you feel like the world is so bleak and miserable whenever you and your partner aren’t together? It feels like time is dragging on so slowly as you count the minutes, the days, the weeks before you’re together again. When you feel like you just want to cry it all out because you’re so far apart, give this song a listen and let the tears flow.

LDR Lyrics: I can’t take the distance, I can’t take the miles

I can’t take the time until I next see you smile

I can’t take the distance, and I’m not ashamed

That with every breath I take I’m calling your name


Snow Patrol (feat. Martha Wainwright) – Set Fire to the Third Bar

Slow, brooding, and tear-jerking – this song is perfect for those of you who prefer to drown their sorrows in a glass of ice-cold beer. This Snow Patrol song is about spending time drinking at bars, allowing the noise to distract you. But at the end of it all, when you’re just on the verge of getting drunk, you wish to somehow fall into the arms of the one you lve.

LDR Lyrics: I’m miles from where you are, I lay down on the cold ground

And I pray that something picks me up, and sets me down in your warm arms


Celine Dion – I Drove All Night

Are you the impulsive type? Do you sometimes want to hop onto a plane and just fly to wherever your partner is without them even knowing? Sometimes, all you need is an excuse to just drop everything and fly off to where your lover is. Celine Dion’s hit song is about exactly that – just wanting to do whatever it takes to be with your partner again… Even if it means driving all night.

LDR Lyrics: I had to escape, the city was sticky and cruel

Maybe I should have called you first

But I was dying to get to  you

I was dreaming while I drove

The long straight road ahead

Could taste your sweet kisses, your arms open wide

This fever for you was just burning me up inside


Bryan Greenberg – Someday

When you’re off traveling to some distant land, do you sometimes find yourself daydreaming about finally coming home and staying with the one you love? Someday is a sweet song about moving from place to place, and yet still having a place (and a person) to call home. And someday, he sings, he’ll come back.

LDR Lyrics: As the states rolled by, it’s all so clear

I’m everywhere but I’m never right here

It’s always the same, constant change

But I’ll come back to you someday


Joe Cocker – The Letter

Let’s take a step back from all these songs that would make anyone in a long distance relationship cry. The Letter is a lively, upbeat song about a man who’s finally coming home after his baby sends him a letter. You can just hear the elation in his voice when he declares that he has to go home ASAP because his baby tells him she can’t live without him anymore.

LDR Lyrics: Give me a ticket for an airplane, I ain’t got time to take no fast train

Oh, the lonely days are gone, I’ll be right home

My baby she wrote me a letter


Oleta Adams – Get Here

Now for a tune that’s known to nearly everyone who’s ever been a long distance relationship. Oleta Adams’ hit song Get Here captures the longing of a woman who just wants her man to come home no matter what. She sings about all the many ways her man can reach her, and she doesn’t care how he gets back to her as long as he does. And if your man does any of these things to get home to you, then you know you’ve got a keeper!

LDR Lyrics: You can reach me by railway, you can reach me by trailway

You can reach me on an airplane, you can reach me with your mind

You can reach me by caravan, cross the desert like a thirsty man

I don’t care how you get here, just here if you can


Richard Marx – Right Here Waiting

For the final entry on our list, here’s a song from Richard Marx that long distance lovers have been singing to each other for decades. Right Here Waiting is song promising your lover that you’ll be right there for them when they come home. Even though you might be going crazy missing them and wishing they’d come home, you’ll be right there faithfully waiting for the day when you can be together.

LDR Lyrics: Oceans apart day after day, and I slowly go insane

I hear your voice on the line, but it doesn’t stop the pain

On those days when you’re missing your lover so badly that you feel like you’re about to break down, allow these songs to tell you that it’s all going to be okay. So add these songs to a playlist and send it over to your partner so you can listen to them together the next time you talk to each other.


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