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12 Sweet Love Letters to Your Husband


When people get married, it can be easy to get carried away with the motions of daily life. In all this time doing what you normally do, it can be easy to forget to show appreciation for the one who makes the other half of your home.

love letter for husband examples

A husband is often seen as a pillar of strength in the home. He is the protector of the house, the provider. But of course, roles can be reversed, and a husband can also be the one who oversees the daily functions in the household. He can be the one who cares for the young ones. He can be the master of the kitchen, the procurer of snacks.

Whatever role your husband may take in the house, one thing’s for sure: it’s always a good idea to show him your appreciation for what he does. He may not be the perfect husband by a long shot, but showing him how much you appreciate what he does can nudge him in the right direction. After all, positive reinforcement works wonders, right?

So what better way to show your husband just how much you appreciate him than by writing him a simple little love letter? Reignite the passion of your youth by reminiscing about the budding relationship you nurtured when you were young. Remind him of how much you love him by listing down all the wonderful things he does. And lastly, boost his morale and stroke his ego by simply telling him you love him.

Below are some sample love letters you can choose to inspire your own letter for your husband. We hope you find the perfect one for your man!

To a Husband You Have Only Been Married to for a Short While

These letters are filled with the burning passion of a newly married couple paired with the excitement of embarking on a new journey together:

To my dear husband. Though we have only been married for a short time, you have since become the light of my life. I had only dreamed of being truly yours, and it’s now a reality. We have already said our vows when we wed, but I promise you that I will honor those vows for the years we spend together. As we build our future together, I hope we only become stronger and more faithful to each other. I love you with all my heart, forever and always.

I am proud to call you my husband. And because of that, I only hope to be the ideal wife to you. We may not always see eye to eye on everything, but that doesn’t mean we can’t work together to build a fruitful life together. You are my everything. You are my past and my present. You are what fills my dreams for the future. You are the shining light that never goes out in my heart. And my heart burns with passion for you and you alone.

I have always dreamed of meeting my prince charming. As a child, I used to daydream about what he would be like. Would he be tall and handsome? Would he be chivalrous and knightly? Will he save me from harm and protect me from the evils of the world. As I grew up, I became more realistic in my expectations. Instead of looking for knightly traits, I looked for stability and compassion, kindness and care. And I am proud to say that I have found my modern-day prince charming in you. You have fulfilled every wish I have as a woman. And from here on end, I hope to be the ideal princess for you.

You fill my world with such joy and wonder that I can’t imagine how dark my life has been until you came along. You have made my world a world of laughter and happiness. I can’t even begin to fathom how you’re able to do it as well as you do. My dear husband, I just want to tell you that you are the reason for my happiness. You are the reason behind my smile, behind my elation. You are the reason I wake up every morning with a huge smile on my face, and fall asleep wanting to wake up to another day with you by my side. I am so happy to be your wife, my love.

My dear sweetheart. You are my passionate infatuation. You are the reason for the hunger that burns deep within my soul. You are the one who calms the storm in my heart. You are the one who makes me feel like dancing at 2 in the morning in a wine-infused haze. You are the one who makes the cheapest wine taste like champagne. You are my partner in eternity, the one whom I want to share this adventure with for the rest of our lives.

Your smile is like a warm hug at the end of an exhausting day. Your laughter is like the music that makes my soul light up with joy. Your voice is like the gentle sound of pouring rain while I savor the cool breeze it brings in. Your eyes are like sparkling pools of crystal-clear water that I’d be happy to drown in. And I have been drowning ever since.

I want to take care of you for the rest of our lives. I know it’s not something we say on our vows, but it’s something I want you to know. You bring me strength in a world that seems to take pride in dragging us down. You hoist me up on days when I don’t feel like getting up and doing anything. You take over and do everything you can for me whenever I can’t find the strength to pick myself up. I don’t have the same strength as you, not even half. But what I do have is knowledge on how to care for you as you do all these wonderful things for me. I know how you like your coffee each morning. I know which of your shirts you want to wear on special days. I know what to say to comfort you at the end of a tiring day. As you go out into the world and do what you do best, I want to be the one you come home to so you can find comfort in this strange and tiring world.

To a Husband You Have Shared Many Years With

These letters are for a husband who has been with you for years and years. You have grown together as a couple and worked together as a team.

To my dear husband. I want to play a little game where we imagine our lives if we hadn’t met under the right circumstances. I want you to imagine how different things would have been. I have imagined this time and again, just to jog my memory of all the things that would not be in my life if you weren’t with me. I imagine a life of plainness and boredom. I imagine a life perhaps that could be smooth-sailing and easy, but ultimately fruitless. I imagine a life lacking passion, lacking the struggles that make a couple stronger. And most of all, I imagine a life that tapers off and dies out without my heart ever leaping with passion. I am telling you this because I want you to know just how much you have changed my life. You are the reason for so many wonderful things in my life that I feel that a life without you is a life not truly lived.

I am not the type to write long-winding love letters. I tell it as it is, as I see it, and you can either take it or leave it. But even without all the flowery words and poetic verses, there is one thing that I know to be true, unadorned and untouched since the day I met you. I love you, forever and always, through thick and thin and to the ends of the earth.

Did you know that my life was absolutely fine before I met you? I was doing my thing, and you were doing yours independently of me. But then something in the universe clicked and brought us together. And now what we have is mayhem, chaos, fights, and debates. But despite that, I knew that I could spend the rest of my life trying to prove my point as you tried to prove yours. People think that bickering shouldn’t become a habit in a husband and wife, but little do they know that it’s through these little fights that we are able to prove that no disagreement can be stronger than what we have.

love letter for husband examples

In our youth, I could have rambled on and on about how much I love you. I loved you for your strength and for your passion. I loved you for your sense of humor and your witty charm. I loved you for all the ways you could make my heart skip a beat. Don’t get me wrong because I still love you for all those things and so much more. I love you for your patience with me when I take forever to get ready. I love you for how well you are able to care for our children. I love you for the way you can sit silently beside me and still make me feel like a giddy young girl. It’s like the you of your youth and the you of today are blending into this one wonderful entity that I’m so happy I married.

Through all the years we have been together, have you ever stopped to think of how we have changed? We were once young and filled with so many hopes and dreams. We thought we could conquer the world and achieve the impossible. We had our moments, but we got sobered up by maturity. What was once zeal and zest became practicality. What was once a thirst for adventure became a yearning for what was stable. What was once unstoppable passion became genuine compassion, for ourselves as we have grown older and for others who look to us for strength. My have we grown together throughout all these years. But deep inside, I know that there’s still the young man I fancied in my youth in there somewhere, and deep within me is the young lady you fell in love with. May we both look fondly on the folly of our youth and look forward to fostering more youths who have the same zeal we did.

Make your husband’s day extra special by sending him a letter filled with love and appreciation. While it’s a small gesture of affection, you can be sure that your husband will remember it for the rest of his life!


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