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12 Sweet Love Letters to Send Your Wife


If there’s one surefire way to make your wife’s day, it’s writing her a sweet love letter that she can read over and over again. Face it; women love it when their otherwise laidback husbands actually take the time to pick up a pen and write her a love note. That is, unless she’s married to a poet, in which case what a lucky lady!

But for all you regular Joes out there who just want to perk up your wife’s day, there’s no way to fail with a love letter. Just pour out all your feelings onto paper and seal it with a kiss. And even if you’re not a wordsmith, worry not because below we’ve created some sample letters that might inspire you in your writing endeavor!

romantic letter to wife from husband

Looking back at all the years together, you’d have thought we could do anything. We’ve suffered through long stretches of time apart. We’ve endured days of bickering because of our pride. We’ve withstood each other’s foulest moods. And we’ve survived the first few years of our children’s lives, dubbed the most difficult years of a parent’s life. But through all the rough times, we have stood together, never wavering and never letting go. I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful wife if I tried. I am happy to be yours and you are to be mine. And together we can conquer more difficult days as a family that’s build to last.

Did you know that it’s the little things that make me love you more each day? Sometimes you wake up with such an adorably confused look on your face and I can’t help but smile at how silly you look. I love you for that. There are days when you tip over the coffee pot ever so slightly so you’d give me just a tad more because you know I’m in for a long day. I love you for that. There are days when we’re both caught up in the whirlwind of our daily routines that we’re out the door with barely a second glance; and yet you still manage to give ma kiss right before you head out. I love you for that. I love you for all those little things and so much more.

When we were younger, we’d save up all the money we had just to go on some fancy date. Now all we eat are our kids’ leftovers and the occasional “fancy” meal on special days. When we were young, our greatest joy was sneaking out in the dead of the night just so we could spend time together. Now we have all the time in the world to be together, but hardly enough energy. Back then, our biggest dream was to have a fancy wedding where we could invite all our friends. Now, our biggest dream is an undisturbed nap. We’ve changed so much in all the years we have been together. And yet, we still face challenges the way we used to – together and with a singular mind. I’m so proud of you, my wife, for growing and maturing with me through all these years together.

What’s my favorite thing about you? I can’t quite decide. Is it the way you still look gorgeous after popping out a couple of kids? Is it the way you still manage to make me laugh even though we’re way past toilet humor and slapstick comedy? Is it the way your eyes crinkle just a tiny bit when you smile? Or maybe it’s the way you always manage to say the right things to make me calm down and really think about what to do? I can’t really pinpoint the one thing I love most about you, so I guess I’ll just have to say that my favorite thing about you is how you’re so perfectly, awesomely you!

There are days when I can barely handle the weight on my shoulders. On these days I feel like I want to break down and cry and just give up. I feel like a failure of a husband, of a father, of a man. But on those days, miraculously, you always seem to know what’s going on in my mind. You sit beside me and just let me breathe. You don’t push or prod, you just wait patiently until I muster up the words to speak. And when I do speak, your response would soothe me. It’s as if you reached into the depths of my heart and soothed the pain I’ve been hiding there. Has anyone ever told you that you’re a miracle worker? Because you are. You are the miracle that brings me back to life on days when I feel like the world is caving in around me. You are the saving grace I need each day, and I couldn’t be any more thankful that you are the one I call my wife.

letters my beautiful wife

We are not perfect beings. We’ve made mistakes in the past that we wish we could take back. We have said things in anger that have strained our relationship nearly to its limits. We have fought and bickered like an old married couple, and we have hounded each other like jealous lovers. But despite all this, one thing remains – our love for each other. For those who say that love is not enough, they are right but they are also wrong. A marriage should be built on love, trust, teamwork, compassion, patience, and perseverance. But none of those other things would matter without love. And it’s through love that we’ve created our imperfect partnership. Through the sheer strength of our love for each other, we have held on and created the foundations of this marriage – this marriage that’s build to withstand anything.

We get old and used to each other. We have become so molded into each other that we start to think alike. We can read each other’s minds and finish each other’s sentences. We have become so used to being by each other’s side that sometimes we can take each other for granted. I can’t fault you for that because I sometimes do the same. But there are times when, instead of lashing out at irritation or ignoring you, I look to the bright side. I am truly a lucky man to share my life with you. You always continue to fascinate me with your wit and wisdom. You ignite the fires of desire in this old soul. You are still, the one true reason why I believe in love that lasts a lifetime.

Great love stories are all around us. They survive in the hearts and minds of people for generations. The great tragedies and great feats to prove one’s love have been told since time immemorial. But I have no hope to achieve that acclaim. I’m just a simple man whose life would be of no interest to anyone outside our sphere. My love is not remarkable, nor is it one borne out of tragedy or a desire to prove one’s worth. I love you, straightforwardly and honestly, and that is all. My love was never a struggle; in fact, it was the easiest, most natural thing for me to do. You are the love of my life, and only in my life. And while our love may not survive past our mortal lives, I know that our love is eternal and forever in my soul. And that is enough for me.

sweet love letter to my wife

I used to think it was absurd to stay so in love with a person through years and years of being together. I would often observe old married couples and see that their passion has become gentle affection. What was once burning desire has become the kind of companionate love that you have for a dear friend. And then I met you, the one whom I would call the love of my life. Through all the years we have shared together, I still marvel at how much I could love you. When I thought my heart was fit to burst with my love for you, it expands to accommodate more. Now I have become a believer in love eternal. Because even though we feel like we trudge on through life, my never-ending love for you keeps me carrying on.

Perhaps the truest saying about marriage I’ve ever heard is this: A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. Ask me in my youth if this is true, and I would have laughed. But being married to you have proven that there is truth to this saying. I fall in love with you when you open your eyes in the morning and sleepily stare at me. I fall in love with you when you nestle against me, reluctant to get up. I fall in love with you when you sip your morning coffee and mentally list the things you need to get done for the day. I fall in love with you when you give a gentle word or a stern warning to our children. I fall in love with you as you walk out the door and out into the world. And I fall in love with you when you ask me what time I’ll be home. So I guess it is true. I fall in love many times over in a day, and I keep coming up with reasons to keep falling in love over and over again.

There comes a time in a man’s life when he needs to make a decision regarding his future. And one of the biggest decisions he can make is in finding a suitable wife to spend the rest of his life with. If that task had been given to me when I was young and naïve, I’d have chosen the first girl who can somewhat hold a conversation and has a nice rack. But that goodness I waited until I had become more mature. Because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have chosen the woman whose firmness could mold me into a better man. I wouldn’t have chosen a woman who could push me to become the best version of myself. If I had been naïve when faced with this decision, I wouldn’t have met the most beautiful, most intelligent, most loving woman that a man like me doesn’t remotely deserve. So this is me giving myself a huge pat on the back for choosing the best wife a man could ask for.


All you need is some nice paper, a reliable pen, and all the loving feelings you can pour onto paper for your wife. Without a doubt, she’ll keep your letter and maybe even read them out to your grandkids when the time comes. That’s how you know how important a husband’s letter is to a wife!


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