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10 Love Letters For Him From The Heart


Love letters can be hard to write. You want to express how you feel but when you have a pen in your hand, it seems like you can’t get the words out just how you want them to. Sometimes you need some inspiration to get you going. Though it’s known that men are famous for writing love letters, many women, including famous ones have written extraordinary love letters to their partners. Don’t think you can’t write him a love letter because you’re a woman. I know that there’s this pressure to present yourself as a strong woman but writing a love letter is a courageous and honorable thing to give to someone. It’s your heart and soul written on paper and no one can tell you that it’s lame or weak looking. Love is a beautiful thing, so, however, you wish to express it, whether it’s through song or words, express it. Your partner will be truly touched and you have even inspire them to write a letter back to you.

short love letter for boyfriend

  • I love you. I want to yell it from the top of a building, I can’t contain it inside of me. I feel like I’m going to explode with everything that’s inside me. I haven’t felt this way before and now, I don’t know what to do with myself. My love for you is something that is out of my control. You have robbed my heart, my mind, and soul.


  • I woke up this morning with one thing in my head: you. Every morning, I check my phone and see your good morning message and it brightens my day. Whatever happens throughout the day doesn’t matter because I know I have you in my life. You’re literally the light in my life that keeps me going. And on those special days where I get to wake up next to you, it’s the best day of my life. It’s the dream that has replayed in my head over and over again come to life.


  • I can’t stand being at work anymore now that I have you in my life. I sit at my desk, watching the clock slowly tick and tock, the hours passing by like molasses. The spend each minute thinking about the moment I’ll get to see you and be in your arms. Work has now become a chore and you’ve occupied my entire mind with thoughts of us together. We both work so hard, spend so much time at the office but we both know we need to do this in order to build a future for us. I’ll continue watching the clock tick slowly if that means I’ll get the chance to be with you for the rest of my life. I love you and can’t wait to see you.


  • I don’t want to text you this. I know I could have but it’s so impersonal and I want you to have this letter with you for the rest of your life. I have a confession, I’m madly in love with you. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew I had to be with you. My heart beats a million miles a minute when I see you and when you touch me, I feel my body become hot with anticipation. Every second I’m awake, I’m thinking about the next time you’re going to look at me and touch me. My wish is to spend the rest of my life with your touch.

cute love letters for boyfriend

  • I’m not a good writer, it took me ten tries to find the right words to tell you how I feel. And I realized that there are no sufficient amount of words to tell you how I feel. I spent hours trying to choose the right words which describe my love for you, but none of them match up. My love for you is endless and eternal. I haven’t loved anyone like you, and I know I never will love again. Though I’m not a good writer, I want to tell you one thing. Please know that I love you and will continue to love you for as long as you let me. You’re my heart and soul.


  • You know how mushy I can get when I’m next to you, well, this is one of those times. I know that you know I love you, I mean, I tell you this all the time. But sometimes I wonder if you really know how much I love you. And if you were wondering how much, well, let me tell you. From the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I wanted to go through the good times and the bad times with you, through richer and poorer by your side. You’ve become the air I breathe and have shown what it’s like to give love.


  • Sometimes I ask myself, what have I done to have this man in my life? Was I a saint in my past life? What did I do to deserve someone like you? You’re kind, you’re funny, you’re passionate, you’re beautiful inside and out. Women dream of being with a man like you and I have this man as my partner. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we take each other for granted but I will tell you one thing, I appreciate everything you do for me. I love you and can’t wait to continue this journey with you by my side.


  • My mother told me to marry a man that is your best friend. Well, I can confidently tell you that you’re my best friend and the love of my life. I didn’t think I would be able to have both in my life but then I found you. I hear so many failed love stories, but ours keeps going. We push through everything, every obstacle and we keep each other close, next to each other the entire way. I’m so thankful to have you in my life and to have you as my rock. I know we’ll make it through anything.

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  • I have never met someone like you. And I know, whatever happens, I never will meet anyone like you. You’re rare beyond belief. You’ve taught me so much and have always been there through all my insecurities, moodiness and moments where I wasn’t feeling like myself. Most people would have left but you stayed, you stayed right next to me. Your energy, your drive, your support, it’s something I admire and look up too. You’re a fighter and have helped me become one as well. I will not give up on you, I will not give up on myself and I will not give up on this relationship. I’m so happy to say that you’re my partner, I’m so happy to call you my best friend. I love you.


  • Before I met you, I was insecure. I didn’t think I was pretty enough, I didn’t think I was smart enough or worthy enough of anyone. But then I met you. You showed me my worth, you showed me how to love myself when I couldn’t and you showed me how to laugh. You’re not only the love of my life but you’re the person who found me and who spent the time to help me find myself. Without you, I don’t know where I would have been or who I would have been. But with you by my side, I found myself and the love of my life. I love you.


Love is very emotional and sometimes we take it for granted when we shouldn’t. But this doesn’t mean you can’t remind your partner of how you feel and your love for them. Writing a love letter isn’t easy, sometimes, we know how we feel but we don’t know how to put it in words. Well, if that’s the case, don’t worry. The ten love letters above cover a wide range of emotions that you have probably felt for your partner. Feel free to use these letters in order to express yourself. Of course, you can add-on and if you feel inspired, go deeper with your emotions and feelings. This love letter will be something that he’ll have with him for years and years, whether you two are together or not. This something that he’ll be able to look back on and think about the good times you two had together and the love that you two shared.


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