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15 Love Letters for Him to Say I Love You


Love letters may seem old school in the age of online messaging, but that’s exactly what makes it feel all the more heartfelt. Reading something in someone’s handwriting gives it a personal feel that no amount of text messages can provide. And it hardly matters if your handwriting is neat or fancy. Reading your letter in the way you normally write will give the letter an even more personal feel!

a letter to my boyfriend about my feelings

So if your anniversary or your boyfriend/husband’s birthday is coming up and you’re on a bit of a tight budget, then perhaps writing a sweet, heartfelt message for your man would make for the perfect gift?

Below are some love letters that might inspire you to write your own. We don’t exactly suggest copying these letters word for word. What we do suggest is allowing these letters guide you as you create your own letter that will make your man feel extra special.


  • When you kissed me, you breathed a seed of love into my lungs. You filled them with flowers that grew around my heart, my lungs, my soul. Those flowers grew upwards towards my mind and filled them with thoughts of you. And when my body could no longer contain you love, it grew outwards. People could see the love you planted in me and they marveled at how a single kiss could create a love that flourished into what we have become. Oh, what have we become but two entangled souls growing in our own garden of love?

passion love letter

  • We’re going to go on adventures. We will explore the city and get lost in the side streets. We will dive into rivers and swim against the current. We will hike up mountains, climb higher and higher until the air is so thin and we’re so lightheaded that we think we’re dancing the clouds. We will stare at the stars at midnight and let our mind wander in the moon-bathed glow of night. We will stand on the edge of cliffs and profess our love to each other. We will travel the seas, traverse the air, and speed through the land, ever searching for more adventure. Take my hand, kiss me, and let our adventures begin.


  • Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve dreamed of the day when my prince will come. He will come riding into our home on his noble steed as he flashes his charming smile. He’ll whisk me off to some palace and shower me with jewels and gold and everything my heart could desire. But as I grew older, the image of the prince slowly faded from my memory. Gone was his noble steed, his charming smile, and his castle of riches. I grew up and learned to love street smarts more than a fancy ride, a dry wit more than a charming smile, and a treasure trove of knowledge and ideas more than a chest filled with trinkets. I grew up learning that my dream of finding my prince didn’t vanish from my memory. Instead, he grew up too and became the man reading this letter.


  • Before I met you, I was afraid to love. I’ve had my share of heartbreak from years of dating the wrong men at the wrong time with the wrong intentions. My idealistic idea of love was shattered piece by piece by people taking a piece of my heart and throwing it away once they were done with it. I had lost hope that I could find love that’s as true and as pure as the first. And I was right… but I was also wrong. You see, finding first love a second time is logistically impossible. The pieces of my heart had been laid to waste, never to come together again to form into its original, pure form. But I never thought I’d find someone who would be willing to touch the broken pieces of my shattered heart and mold it together with the shattered pieces of his. I never thought I’d find someone whose heartbreak was so similar to mine that we both knew what to expect from falling in love. I never knew that I’d find someone like you who accepted all of me, through heartache and heartbreak and everything in between.


  • I remember the first time I saw you. You were sitting with your friends, and I was sitting with mine. And because of some inexplicable twist of fate, we looked towards the space that separated us. As we gazed at each other from across the room, I could feel the space between us growing smaller and smaller until we could no longer bear the distance. You were a little shy and awkward, and I was trying so hard to be coquettish. As the days, weeks, months, and years passed, we’re become much more than two people closing the gap between us. We’re now a combination of our hopes and dreams for the future, a single entity bound by love.

i love you letters for him from the heart

  • With all the movies I’ve seen, I’ve become convinced that the passionate, exciting, dramatic love you see on the silver screen simply cannot exist. No one could possibly be that romantic and idealistic. It’s as if the people in these movies have lost their minds and just jump headlong into any direction love points at. Fools rush in, Elvis said. But this skeptic turned into a believer overnight. When I met you, I was caught off guard by how I felt. How could this charming man possibly change the view of love I’ve held on to for years? How is it possible that a single smile, a silly joke, and fleeting moments of flirtation could change what I had firmly believed in for so long? I’m still at a loss for how you did it, but every day with you make me believe in love even more.


  • We’re no longer who we used to be when were younger. We used to be such idealists with wild, fanciful ideas of love. We were caught up in passion, fueled by excitement, victims to thrills. As we grew older, we became more somber, calmer, more serious. We were no longer the hedonistic lovers of our youth, but we are instead the pragmatic old souls. And through this journey of learning and maturing, I would never in a million years for someone else to share it with me but you.


  • I’ve always found it hard to express what I really feel. Most women are good at saying exactly how they feel and exactly how they want their boyfriends to act. But that’s not me. I feel like the words get caught up in my throat each time I try. So I drop little hints, I try to make my gestures speak for themselves, I try to be less disappointed when someone can’t fathom what I’m feeling. But then I met you. We had a connection so strong that we didn’t let words get in the way. We talk and converse and discuss like most couples do. But there’s something about the way you just understand me that baffles and excites me at the same time. At long last, I’ve found the man who knows me almost as well as I know myself. I’ve found the man who doesn’t try to pry the words out of me, but instead acts based on how he knows I feel. And for understanding me as well as you do, I can’t thank you enough.


  • You make me feel something I thought was never possible. You make me feel safe and terrified at the same time. There’s a safety in your arms that no other place in the world can give. You give me such a sense of contentment that all I want at the end of the long day is to crawl into your arms, just so you can tell me that everything is okay as long as you’re here. On the flip side, you scare the hell out of me. I’ve never felt this terrified of losing someone before. I love you so much that the very idea of losing you is enough to make me fly into a panic. So please, please, please, don’t ever let me go.


  • I had a dream last night. It was a dream the sped by so fast that I could barely understand what was happening. It started off with just you and me talking the way we usually do, and then it speeds up to when we’re married. Then we have a kid. First there was only one and we were adjusting to it all. And before you know it another kid’s there, and another. You say our daughters have your looks but all of my fierceness. I say they have your wits and also your stubbornness. And then they’re older – teens, adults, married and with their own kids. And then we’re grandparents enjoying the twilight of our lives. And then poof it was gone. It was all just a dream that made me realize what people mean when they say you should chase your dreams to make them a reality.

a letter to my boyfriend that will make him cry

  • Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if I hadn’t met you. My view of love would probably be the same – bleak, pessimistic, though maybe just a tinge hopeful still. Who would I be without you? I’d probably be dating some other guy. Someone who gives me security, and a few cheap thrills, but nothing to write home about. I’d probably end up falling in and out of love, still somehow looking for the right one while resigning to the fact that the “right one” doesn’t exist. Maybe I’ll be married with kids, looking back longingly at the time when I probably should have met someone who’d change my life. But I did meet you, and you did change my life. You showed me how excitement and passion go hand-in-hand with contentment and security. You showed me that love isn’t all thrills and grand gestures, but also silent moments of enjoying each other’s company. I met you, and I swear I knew that from the moment I saw you you would change my life forever.


  • I want to plan the perfect vacation with you where we’d probably argue half the time and enjoy the sights for the other half. I want to whisk you off into an adventure where we have no maps or plans and yet we find ourselves long before we find our destination. I want to give you a kiss so passionate the thought of it will make you blush for days. I want to fulfill your fantasies so well that you’ll be to embarrassed to talk about it again. I want to do all these things with you and more. I can’t wait to start our adventures together.


  • When I first met you, I knew that I had met the man that would change my life forever. That first glance was filled with so much raw electricity that I couldn’t help but flinch. The way your hand gently touched mine made tiny tingles of pleasure go up and down my spine; and mind you, that was just the touch of your hand on mine. You were like a shock of electricity that jolted me out of my dream world and made me excited to live each waking day with you by my side.


  • I want your love to consume me, to completely engulf me in warmth. I want your love to fill me with such fiery passion that I’ll feel your warmth long after we’ve kissed goodbye. I want your love to drown me in a safe embrace of contentment, the same way you do when you hold me in your arms after a bad day. I want your love to knock the wind right out of me until I’m left gasping for more. I want your love to completely whisk me off into a whirlwind of desire that I never want to get down from. I want you, all of you. I want your madness, your joy, your sadness, your lust, all of you, now and always.

passion love letter

  • Your strength makes me feel like I can do anything with you by my side. Your mind makes me crave for new knowledge just so I can keep up with what you’re thinking in that beautiful brain of yours. Your smile makes me want to burn the image of you in my mind that I can look back to long after old age has taken my wits. Your gentleness reminds me of the kindness in the world, and that I have that kindness in me to give back. And finally, your love gives me everything I could ever want in life and more. I love you more than you’ll ever know.


Make your man’s day feel extra special by taking these letters and allowing them to inspire you to create a letter of your own. We hope this quick guide is able to help you come up with lots of sweet and romantic ways to express just how much you love your man. After all, who can resist the charm of a personalized, handwritten letter that’s made especially for him?


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