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40 Love Notes for Her and Why They Work


Show your girlfriend or wife how much you care with these love notes. While it would be nice to have time for a romantic dinner or a weekend getaway, you do not always have time to actually sweep her off her feet. If you are busy at work or school and need some way to show her that you care, try using these messages to make her feel loved. These 40 short and cute love notes for her are designed to leave her smiling and thinking loving thoughts about you, so pick your favorite and give it a try.

1. Can I borrow your heart? Because it seems that you have stolen mine.

If you are not yet in a relationship, this is a good way to flirt. Plus, it shows that you are starting to have feelings for her without having to say “I love you” quite yet.

2. You are the only person that brightens my soul.

This is a wonderful way to show your girlfriend that she makes you smile in even the darkest of days.

3. A minute in your warm embrace is eternal bliss for me.

This love note can easily be blended with other picturesque or poetic quotes on this list to make a longer, more romantic letter.

4. There are two reasons why I get out of bed each day: my alarm clock and you. I only love one of these reasons.

No one likes to hear their alarm clock, but it is a lot easier to wake up when you know that you will get to have your girlfriend at your side at some point during the day.

5. When I look into your eyes, I remember just how lucky I am.

This is a simple way of showing her that you care for her and feel blessed that she chose to be with you. Some partners begin to feel taken for granted for over the course of a relationship, so this type of message is a good thing to send from time to time.

6. I spent my life looking for a woman that I adore, and I am so lucky to have found you.

If you want her to know that you love her, there are few love notes that are clearer or more blunt than this one.

7. When I dream, I dream of you. One day, perhaps that wish will come true.

If you are not dating her yet, this is a good way to flirt with your crush and show her clearly that you are interested in being with her. Hopefully, she will take the hint.

8. I have never been so certain about anything as I have been about our relationship together.

Your girlfriend may want to know where the relationship is ultimately headed or how committed you are. This is a good message to show that you feel certain about your relationship.

9. Even when the day is dull, you are the sunshine that lights up my world.

If you really want to make her smile, draw a cute sunshine next to your note. The worse your drawing is, the more it will make her smile.

10. Words begin with A, B, C. Numbers start with 1, 2, 3. Music starts with do, re, mi. And love begins with you and me.

This is an adorable love note to send her if you don’t mind being a little cheesy.

11. Despite the distance between us, I feel closer to you every day.

When you are in a long distance relationship, it can seem unbearable. All you can do is thing about your girlfriend and count down the days until you can be close to her again. If this is how you feel, make sure that you let her know that.

12. Throughout the good and bad, I will always be here for you.

If your girlfriend is having problems in her life, it will really help her to know that you are always there for her. Alternatively, you can send this message if you recently had an argument and you want her to know that you still care.

13. I was just wondering . . . could I have a kiss from you today?

Your love notes do not have to be that long or in-depth to make her smile, as this one shows.

14. All I can do is keep listening to hear your knock at the door or your ringtone.

When you first start dating someone, it seems like all you can think about is them. She will probably feel relieved to realize that you are feeling the same way that she does right now.

15. During every day of my life, you are the sunshine that brightens everything.

If you wanted something more poetic or just like the nature imagery, this is a great love note to send her.

16. Loving you is what makes my life complete.

This is a simple, beautiful way to show your love for your girlfriend.

17. Time seems to stand still whenever you are in my arms.

After a good date or a night spent together, you can send this message to her as a follow-up text the following day.

18. If I did not spend every day adoring you and loving you, then I would not deserve you.

This is a great message to send. It shows that you love her, and it shows that you do not feel like you deserve someone as amazing as she does. Your girlfriend will smile and feel well loved when she receives this love note.

19. Sweetheart, I was thinking we could make our own workout today . . .

If you were thinking of spending a sexually charged evening with your girlfriend this evening, this is an excellent way to hint at that plan.

20. You have the most beautiful smile that I have ever seen.

If you have just started dating, complimenting her smile is one of the safest compliments to give her without offending her.

21. Perfect pairs are rare to find, but I have found mine in you.

This message sounds like it would pair well with matching jewelry or a pair of tickets to a movie.

22. Whatever you do, I’ll be with you making your dreams come true. Anytime, anywhere and I’ll be there wishing you happiness because I care.

If you want something longer and more in depth, you can try this message.

23. You must be an angel because you are too wonderful to be anything but a gift from God.

It might be a bit of corny, but it should do the trick.

24. If loving you is a mistake, I want to fill my life with mistakes.

Bring on more mistakes!

25. If you were a library book, I would never return you.

If you are struggling to find a pick up line or a good way to flirt with your crush, this message would work well.

26. I can’t promise that I’ll be perfect, but I can promise that I will always try to make you smile and be there when you need me.

This message works because it shows your commitment and your honesty. No one can promise perfection, but you can promise to do your best.

27. I will count down the seconds until we meet again.

Send this message immediately after you have left.

28. My heart is calling out to you—will you answer it?

If she did not answer your phone call, this is an adorable way to see if she is free to talk or can call you later.

29. Why don’t you turn me on?

This is a bit more obvious and sexually explicit, but you could always give it a shot. Obviously, the joke aspect would work better if she just turned something on like a computer or a phone.

30. When you get this note, you should come over and give me the longest kiss we have ever had.

If you are wanting a kiss, this is a good way to hint at it.

31. What is love? It is the smile I get whenever the phone rings, and I realize that it is a text from you.

This is a good definition of love. 🙂

32. My prayers are that you will always be at my side, and I hope that my prayers are always answered.

If you are starting to feel more committed to the relationship, this message hints at your growing commitment.

33. If someone asked what my goal was in life, it would be to spend every moment in your arms.

This quote is bound to make her smile.

34. You should tell me what I did to deserve you, so I can keep doing it.

If you want to flirt while implying that you are lucky to have her, this text works.

35. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with you.

Send this after a date so that she knows how the date went and can expect a follow-up date.

36. Your love has turned my entire world upside down.

If you do not have time to text a longer message, this short one will do.

37. When everything seems to go wrong, remember that I am always here for you.

When she is going through a difficult time, messages like this will remind her that you are there for her.

38. I only smile out of true happiness when I am smiling back at you.

This is bound to make her smile, blush and fall even more in love with you.

39. When I think of you, I realize how complete you make my world.

This is a sweet message to send.

40. The sun is there so that we appreciate the day. The moon is there so that we appreciate the nighttime. You exist so that I can truly appreciate what it is to be in love.

I love the poetic imagery of the sun and moon in this cute love note!

If your girlfriend has been going through a particularly difficult time, sending her these messages can make everything seem a little better. Plus, she will know that you are always there to love and support her.


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