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30 Love Paragraphs For Her



Using simple words to describe that magnificent creature that holds your life, I can say that a Girlfriend is the woman who makes sense to you. She will make more sense to you than most people would ever do out there. You like her interests, thinking, and even her mindset.

As for you, I will dare to write that your girlfriend means something else, something more poetic… Epic I think. What you feel can translate into a mix of quantum, legend, romance, drama, myth, heroic, and monumental. You have started living for her, thinking at every second on how you would make the best for her. You feel powerful, important, with a purpose, and you know why? It is because of her.

I encourage you to seek her heart every single day. Reach her mind and soul; don’t be afraid to touch them with your hand. Here you will find 30 paragraphs to let her know what you feel for her! She needs to read and hear what you think of her! Feel free to use any of the examples below to admit her posture.

Please remember that communication is very important.


  • I am honored to have found my purpose in life. The whole purpose of my existence is to flame your feelings whenever you feel falling, and I am proud of it. It is intolerable to see your smile disappear. It doesn’t matter the event, you will always have my shoulders by your side. Do not worry sweetheart, everything will be alright.
  • When endeavoring, I remember what a monumental creature you are and instantly I become stronger. You are a gift from God, and I am honored for every word you have spoken for me. When I am defeated, you have always come to me and help me rise encouraging me to keep walking.
  • You are my reason to wake up every morning and face the new day. I pray to God to maintain you safely and to give us the opportunity to spend the rest of our lives as one. There in our palace, I will knee to my Queen.
  • My love. I dream that you are right next to me. I wake up with my fingers bent towards my palm held there tightly as if I’m holding your hand. I am starving to see the day that I will smell you every morning right there, just, next to me.
  • I am far away to be the King you need. As a prince, I lack of the experience. However, every second that we both are, I feel that you are all I need. I love you firmly, and I admit this is the most important decision that I will ever make. Your love makes me stronger and also a better person.
  • I can see how the Sun illuminates you thru the dust that surrounds me when I’m collapsed. I regain power as I see your eyes, as I see your smile, yes indeed you rise me up. You flame my spirit with a simple hello. Every time I read a message from you, my heart beats faster.
  • I am surely the luckiest person in history. My family represents good. My education makes me admit that I hold the hand of the greatest lady the universe will ever meet. I compete with no one about this. I will always be for you darling. You can collect my imperfections if you want, but I will give you the very best love a man will ever give.
  • I vow my soul to give you the best things in the world, to spend eternity by your side, and share my whole existence with you. In return, I ask your love.
  • I cannot live without your love anymore, my body somehow needs you. I strongly love you, and I want to be with you no matter the situation. Is there more glory for men than being in a relationship with the finest lady in the world?
  • As the Sun rises, I know I’m alive. As the breeze touches me, I know I can breathe. Birds will sing to bring joy towards my heart. However, I cannot express how it makes me feel to see your beautiful face, it makes me feel complete.
  • My arms assures you protection every time you in need of guard. Even when you are worst weak, my eyes will find charm in you. Even when you are the most vulnerable, my heart will still love you. I don’t care people deciding to walk away from you, I still remain for you.
  • There can be up to 8 billion people in the planet. Among them, I have only chosen one person to give my entire love, protection and to even stand up for her. The only reason is that you are the only person among the millions. I will always love you sweetie.
  • I started flirting with you because you are the most beautiful creature I would ever see. Now I admit that I love you and that is because you heart is the most charming of them all! You have become the one and only I will ever love!
  • Love has conquered my entire being. The relationship I hold with you is the key to my craziness. I suffer from addiction to you; I am proudly your slave. Your pretty face satisfies my core, but your inner beauty will make me perish. I need you!
  • I hold most dear to your smiles, I also miss your touch as the day goes by. I wait for your tender and loving care. I’m always crawling to see your beautiful face. I sure cannot longer wait for the evening to see you.
  • I cannot imagine life without you. You are the only creature who can fill the emptiness within my heart. I’m so blessed with you around; I have you as part of my life. I definitely love you baby.
  • To the most beautiful girl on history. I wish I could find the right words to explain how much I do love you. To love you, it is the greatest honor a man will ever have, and it happened to me. I may not be at your side at the moment, but my heart and soul
  • I adore every second and every minute I share with you. I treasure these lovely moments inside my mind and heart. I feel the promise that you are the one and only I will ever love and adore.
  • I want you to know everything, but let me start with this: You are always in my thoughts, I keep thinking on how much I care about you. You mean the world to me! You are everything to me! Your beauty fascinates me, your charisma tears me off and your love is so magnificent that it enchants me. That is why you have my heart and mind.
  • My whole being is at your service my Queen. For you did not kiss my ears but my heart. You did not talk to my lips, but you whispered to my soul. I will always love you my Queen.
  • Hold this if you are not with me: There is a part of my heart that is missing, you kindly asked for my heart and I gave it to you bravely. It is for you to keep it.
  • It is easy to get to know you; I think the hardest part will be to leave your side and getting separated for you. The greatest part is when I’m close to you, I wish to be close to you for eternity.
  • There are certain moment in life were I don’t feel like smiling. This is not a major concern anymore now that I have found a solution. I just need to think about your smile, and hair… No one makes me as happy as you do.
  • The time I realized I was truly in love, is when I couldn’t get to sleep thinking on you. Reality turns better than dreams as I hold your hands. No more sleeping for me, I do want to stay awake and have reality with you. I need you next to me; I will sleep again until the night I sleep with you.
  • I love that you acknowledge me. I love your face as your eyes see me. You give lots of expressions! And it’s truly amazing to watch them all. I love our conversations as you defeat my knowledge. Indeed you have changed my world, my ideas, and my dreams. I am because of you! I love you so much.
  • You are such a special person for me. I have you because of your love. Every time I’m next to you, I’m always daydreaming. You are everything I ever needed in this life and I cannot imagine life without you.
  • I love to see you happy; the greatest reward in history is to watch your smile. I’m always thinking on how lost I would be without you. I used to think of love, but now I know I live within love thanks to you. I love you so much dear; I will do anything you ask.
  • I know it is ok to take your time. I know it is ok to take your smile, but what I don’t know is why I am the luckiest guy that can reach such a star and even caress her. Thank you for being with me sweetie! Thank you for loving me! I will follow you until the end! I will pull your hair every time you need!
  • Your lips are red, they are soft. They are within my mind now; I can’t stop thinking about them. I keep remembering you over and over again. I just want to see you again and kiss you without saying anything! Your beauty is so bright and warm that I would clash as storm.
  • I can’t live without you my love. Let this be true, that I love how you smile at me; I love your eyes watching at me, I love your thoughts thinking about me, I love your hands moving for me. I love when you hang yourself from my neck; I love when you touch my head and call me silly. Because you are always taking care of me. Every time we walk, every time we talk, I’m always falling in love with you. As the time passes, I’m always acknowledging a new definition of love. It is because of you. You are the truth, you are the only one I will ever need. I love you.


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