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200 Magazine Names and Ideas


Whether you want to start a magazine or just want to find a magazine name for your novel, the following magazine names and ideas can get you started. While some of these names may already be taken, you can use them to brainstorm your own ideas.  catchy names for magazines

1. America’s History: This is a great name for history magazines that focus on American history.

2. Astronomy Times: There are a number of astronomy buffs out there.

3. Nature & Health: Green living and natural eating have become popular trends in recent years.

4. Parents Today: Figuring out how to raise children is not as easy as it looks.

5. Psychology Now: This could be a magazine or a website.

6. Romantic Times: This is for romance readers or writers.

7. Sound and Vision: Nice!

8. Jack of All Trades: This would be a great magazine name for a handyman magazine.

9. Whole Living: This is for a holistic or organic focused magazine.

10. Woman’s Journal: This is for a women’s interest journal.

11. Yogi Times: Yoga is another popular magazine topic now.

12. Threads: This could be anything to do with fabric, fashion or sewing.

13. Southern Living: This is a great name for a magazine focused in the south.

14. Runner’s Day: This could be for joggers, marathon runners or Ironmen.

15. Computer World: This would be a great option for a tech journal.

nature magazine

16. Nature & History: Nice!

17. Men’s Health Topics: There is already a Men’s Health magazine, so you have to add something to the name to change it up.

18. (Name)’s Personal Finance: You can insert your own name or the name of your company.

19. Home Education and Cooking : This is an easy option.

20. Fitness Daily: This would be for fitness and strength training options.

21. Entertainment Now: This would be for anything related to television, movies and Hollywood.

22. Dance Magazine: This is a good option.

23. Birds & Flowers: This is for nature lovers.

24. Architectural Magazine: If you love architecture, use a name like this to show it.

25. Light on Cooking: This magazine would focus entirely on cooking.

26. Dialogue and Debate: Use this to show both sides of any topic.

27. Money Talks: You could use this as the name of a financial magazine.

28. Entrepreneur Now: This is another option for a business or finance magazine.

29. Sports Magazine: This could include anything that you would find on ESPN.

30. Beautiful Home Decor: Sometimes, people need extra ideas and inspiration for decorating their home.

fashion magazine

31. Ladies’ Journal: Easy, but it works.

32. Mental Catalyst: Use this for a magazine that focuses on big ideas.

33. Enlightenment: This could be a magazine about Buddhism, meditation or yoga.

34. New World Order: This could be about idealistic ideas or conspiracy theories.

35. World Traveler: You could write about traveling topics and different locales.

36. Guide to New Car Costs: This would be a magazine designed to help car buyers.

37. Gardening the Organic Way: If you want your food and garden to be healthy, you need to garden organically.

38. School and Family Reunions: Nice!

39. Backpacker’s Guide to the Earth: This is based around the book title, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

40. Science Now: This is an easy option.

41. Telescope in the Sky: Cute!

42. Home Cooking: Who doesn’t love home cooking?

43. Traditional Home: Include home decor ideas, traditional recipes and similar topics.

44. Trailer Living: You could also create a magazine called Tiny Home Living.

45. Conspiracy Minds: For all of the conspiracy theorists out there.

46. This Old Home: For home remodeling projects.

47. Smart Computers: And smart phones, of course.

48. Scientific Minds: Nice!

49. Track and Field: For any track-related topics.

50. Prevention, Not Cures: Prevention is always healthier than a cure.

51. Big Brother: For topics related to the surveillance state or big government.

52. Outdoor Living: Nice!

travel magazine

53. New World: This could apply to many different topics.

54. National Park Guide: Fun.

55. Mother Earth Living: This would be a great option.

56. Traveling Light: For backpackers.

57. Lucky: This sounds like a gambling magazine.

58. Buddhist Times: For Buddhist meditation and topics.

59. Camper’s Crossing: Camping world would be a good name, too.

60. Family Living: This would be an easy magazine name.

61. The Intellectual: This is one of my favorite magazine names and ideas.

62. Country Life: Cute!

63. Crochet World: For craters.

64. Teach a Man to Fish: This fishing name is based on the saying, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

65. Climber’s Life: For any type of climbing activity.

66. Cyclist’s Weekly: For bicyclists.

67. Beautiful Homes and Gardens: Beautiful!

68. Film Fans: For film lovers.

69. Hunting in America: This is for hunting aficionados.

70. The Heritage of the States: This sounds like a magazine from the American South.

71. Martial Arts Now: Awesome!

women magazine

72. Beautiful Bridal: This name wins bonus points for alliteration.

73. Cycle Earth: For long-distance cycling.

74. Green Planet: Cute!

75. Diet Direct: For dieters and exercise lovers.

76. Eating Right: You have to start your diet the right way.

77. Literati Literature: This sounds awesome.

78. The Thinker: This is an intellectual magazine name.

79. Roman History: Simple, but accurate.

80. Live Right: Nice!

81. Geeky Gazette: For any video games, coding or other geek-related activities.

82. Yogi Life: Fun!

83. Meditation Monthly: This one wins bonus points for alliteration.

84. Living History: For natural history.

85. Dive Into Politics: For an in-depth look at politics.

86. Namaste: This sounds like the name of a yoga magazine.

87. Swimmer’s Weekly: Eat our bubbles!

88. Bump, Set, Spike: For volleyball topics.

89. Dunk Shot: A basketball magazine.

90. Home Run Hitters: This would work well for baseball players and fans.

91. The Sporting Man: This sounds like a magazine focused on outdoor sports.

92. Mystery Writers: This is one of my favorite magazine names and ideas for mystery books and mystery writing.

93. Sherlock This: For all topics related to Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

94. Romance Readers: Romantic, right?

95. History of the Far East: This would be an interesting magazine to read.

96. Art of the West: Nice one.

97. History Magazine: This is self-explanatory.

98. Food & Wine: Delicious!

99. Popular Art: For lovers of pop art.

100. News Day: For any news-related topics.

101. World Wildlife: Awesome!

102. Food Magazine: Scrumptious!

103. Best You: For fitness, diet and lifestyle articles.

104. Retirement Living: Retire the right way.

105. Magic of Flight: For spaceships or airplanes. Basically, use this for anything to do with flight.

106. Babies ‘R’ Here: Start parenting the right way.

107. Artistic Designs: For art or graphic design.

108. Backpacker Life: Start seeing the world on a shoestring budget.

109. Industrial Design: Self-explanatory.

110. Architect’s Daily: For anything related to architecture.

111. Good Eating: For clean, healthy eating.

112. Wedding Planner: Get ready to plan your wedding.

113. Quest (Kids): This would probably include science and geography articles that help children to explore the world.

114. Mechanics Magazine: Nice!

115. Business Daily: Find out the latest business information.

116. Universal Compassion: This sounds like a magazine name for a Buddhist or meditation journal.

117. Christianity Now: Self-explanatory.

118. Cooking Illustrated: Delicious!

119. Crafter’s Country: For crafting topics.

120. Metropolitan Lady: For busy city lifestyles.

121. Books ‘n’ Things: Who doesn’t love books?

122. Discovery Kids: Awesome.

123. Light on Finance: Lighting the darkness to bring you the latest financial information.

family magazine

124. Family Loving: Lovely.

125. Woodworking Weekly: For woodworking.

126. Gardening the Organic Way: Organic gardening is popular in the modern age.

127. Woods and Waters: For hunting and the great outdoors.

128. Sailing Stuff: Nice!

129. The Mentalist: This sounds cool, but I’m not sure what the magazine would actually be about.

130. The Video Gamer: Good one!

131. Golfer’s Paradise: For people who find paradise on the golf course.

132. Glamour Girls: Excellent.

133. The Fashionista: For anything related to fashion and style.

134. Portal to the World: This could be a political or travel-related magazine.

fitness magazine

135. Energy Healers: Excellent.

136. Reiki Masters: Nice one!

137. CrossStitch Queens: Self-explanatory.

138. Journal of American Culture: You could basically add “journal of” in front of any topic to make it sound professional.

139. Insects and Bugs: Nice!

140. La Vida Latina: This means, “The Latina Life.”

141. The World of Western Civilization: Awesome.

142. American History Review: For anything related to American history.

143. Money Matters: This one wins bonus points for alliteration.

144. Running a Non-Profit: Simple, but sufficient.

145. Scribblers: For a writing magazine.

146. Motor Heads: Cute.

147. Classic Car Guide: For anyone who loves classic cars.

148. National News: This wins bonus points for alliteration.

149. Runner’s Review: Another option that is easy to remember because of the alliteration.

150. Home Caregivers Haven: Home caregivers need extra support because they have one of the most stressful jobs.

151. (City Name) Times Magazine: This is based on the magazine, the New York Times Magazine.

152. Holistic Healing: This wins bonus points for alliteration.

153. Holistic Home: Another holistic sounding option.

154. Outdoor Photography: Lovely.

155. Stampers Review: For people who want to think of new ways to use their stamp sets.

156. People Watch: For an entertainment-focused magazine.

157. Adventure: Simple, yet accurate.

158. World Cooking: For a magazine that includes recipes from global cuisine.

159. Kingmakers: A political magazine.

160. Quilting Queens: Cute!

161. Reader’s Review: For all of the latest information on new books and authors.

162. Wrestling Review: Nice.

163. Art Illustrated: This is self-explanatory.

164. Best Shape: For fitness and diet topics.

165. Garage Band: You could write about garage bands or how to make a garage band.

166. Francophile: For anything related to France.

167. Literature Lovers: This one is easier to remember because of the alliteration.

168. Family History: Use this for a magazine that focus on DNA and genealogy research.

169. Double Helix: This could be for genealogy topics, or it could be used as the name of a science magazine.

170. Wars, Warriors and Warmongers: Awesome!

171. History’s Greats: This explores the past and the world’s most famous figures.

172. Unearthed: This would be a great magazine name for all of the latest history and archaeological finds that are unearthed every year.

173. American Heroes: Use this to showcase everyday heroes or amazing stories.

174. Spies and Lies: This covers any spy-related topic from the past or present.

175. Rumor: This would be an excellent name for a magazine that focuses on entertainment topics and Hollywood celebrities.

travel magazine

176. Pleasure Travels: Are you traveling for business or pleasure?

177. TV Times: Nice.

178. American Weekly: This would cover anything that happens in the United States or the Americas.

179. Weight Warriors: Fight that fat the right way!

180. Vegan Today: There are more and more people becoming vegetarian or vegan every day.

181. Wildlife Weekly: This one is easy to remember because of the alliteration.

182. Write Right: Clever!

183. Wine Taster: Delicious!

184. Microbrewers: Microbreweries are becoming increasingly popular.

185. 4/20 Daily: Obviously, you probably want to live in a 4/20 friendly state if you choose this magazine topic.

186. Revolution: Fight the power!

187. Unions United: For anything related to unions and united workers.

188. Hippie Heaven: Clever.

189. Aging Gracefully: For the older folks out there.

190. Alternative Wellness: Use this for alternative treatments and therapies.

191. Diplomatic Times: For anything related to foreign policy and diplomacy.

192. World Peace: That sounds like a nice idea. It is too bad it hasn’t worked in practice.

193. Reality Shows United: A magazine that caters entirely to people who love reality television shows.

194. Code Breakers: Awesome.

195. Hypnotic Hypnotists: For a magazine that focuses on topics like hypnosis.

196. Tinkering Times: For people who love inventing, making and building things.

197. Simple Cooking: For fast recipes you can make after a long day at work.

198. Save the Planet: This sounds like a magazine that includes topics on green living and eco-friendly lifestyles.

199. Mathematical Minds: This is probably the only magazine name or idea on this list that is entirely focused on math topics.

200. Chess Champions: This wins bonus points for alliteration, although I don’t know how big your potential audience will be.


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