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80 Cool Male Pitbull Names


Pitbulls are portrayed as tough, reckless and mean. But most of them are big gigantic teddy bears. But that doesn’t mean they are deserving of cool and badass names, right? Give them the name that fits them perfectly by rifling through this extensive list of 80 cool male pitbull names we have specially laid out for you. We guarantee by the end of the article you will have the perfect name for your pup!

pitbull puppy names

  • Arnie

Like Arnold Palmer! We love this cute shortened name for a pitbull.

  • Asher

Asher is a great, tough sounding name for a dog!

  • Angus

We don’t know why we find this one so charming, but we certainly do! Don’t you?

  • Antoine

Antoine is a sophisticated name, perfect for any dog lover to use on their pup!

  • Angelo

Think of it as a male way of calling your little bay an angel!

  • Biggie

A lot of pitbulls have a very big build. This is why Biggie would be the perfect name for one.

  • Bam Bam

Come on… What’s not to love about this awesome sounding name?

  • Birch

Birch may be a type of tree, but we think it makes for a great strong sounding name.

  • Blaze

For a puppy with a fierce attitude. Or a really fast one!

  • Bear

Again, we love pitbulls because they get to be so big! Play on that and name your male pitbull something like Bear.

  • Benji

A great name for a dog! Especially your dog!

  • Blade

Blade is such a badass name. What’s not to like about it?

  • Bullet

Another tough sounding name perfect for a tough looking dog. Even though we know your dog is probably sweeter than peach pie.

  • Beau

Because dogs truly are your soulmates. Why not make it known he is yours?

cool pitbull dog names

  • Colonel

For a dog who is large and in charge.

  • Colt

We love how manly this name is. It’s perfect for a very cute little pitbull.

  • Cub

Cub is a cute name for a cute little doggie to wear proudly.

  • Carter

Looking for something a little more human sounding? Carter might be the perfect name for you to use on your pup.

  • Charles

Another human sounding name. We love how elegant this one is. It would certainly be fitting for such a good boy.

  • Casanova

This is such an old timey name for a gentleman. Perfect for a dog with good manners.

  • Caviar

Or you could just be fancy and name him Caviar.

  • Dijon

Another food related name that would be good on a brown colored pitbull.

  • Dale

Simple, cute and it starts with D? What’s not to love if you are looking for a D starting name!

  • Deputy

Think of him as the deputy and you are the sheriff! How adorable!

  • Devon

We just think this one is super cute. Try it out. You might actually like the way it works on your dog.

  • Eddie

Pitbulls just strike us as a dog who would work well with this name.

  • Edgar

This one is even better than Eddie! It is so handsome sounding. Made for a very handsome dog.

  • Elias

Biblical names are never out of style. That is why we love Elias. Also it is really fun to say. It is pleasant to the ears.

  • Fletcher

This is a great name for any dog, but especially for a pitbull.

  • Fynn

A very heroic sounding name if you ask us.

  • Felix

Felix is a name meaning lucky. So if you feel lucky to have your dog then this is the perfect name for you to try out.

  • Fish

A funny name, because he is a dog not a fish. And it will certainly make people laugh.

  • Georgio

Like the sophisticated Georgio Armani. Perfect for you stylish dog owners out there.

  • Gregory

Or if you are looking for a simple name that starts with G try out Gregory.

  • Giagantic

You can usually tell how big your dog is going to be by looking at its paws. If he has big paws as a pup then you can safely name him Gigantic. Because he will probably be gigantic as he grows.

  • Gideon

Gideon means destroyer. So you know if he keeps chewing up your couch then this is a great name for him to have.

pitbull dog names

  • Hippie

We love this name for a dog!

  • Happy

Pitbulls are known for having involuntary smiles. We think if yours always has this smile then it’d be a good idea to name him Happy. Because he always looks happy.

  • Hangry

Does your dog get a little grumpy when he is hungry? Call him Hangry. Because he gets angry when hungry.

  • Harry

For all of you Harry Potter fans out there. We threw this one on the list to remind you this is a great name!

  • Handsome

Because your dog is obviously a very handsome boy!

  • Isaiah

Another great biblical name perfect for a pooch.

  • Jasper

Jasper is just a nice sounding name for a dog. We love it.

  • Jack

Jack is a great name for your pitbull to possess.

  • Jackal

For a dog with a crazy personality.

  • Jimma

A unique name for your doggo. It’s a Hebrew name meaning Dove. So if you’re dog is graceful it’s perfect!

  • Kale

We love this tough sounding name for a tough looking little guy.

  • Kelly

Kelly is a great name meaning warrior.

  • Kiddo

For those of you who never want to call your dog anything more than a puppy. Because he will always be young at heart.

  • Killer

We like this name because of the irony. Pitbulls are known as tough guys, but they are really sweet at heart. Play into the irony and name him something like Killer.

  • Kip

Like the alien from Futurama. Short and sweet sounding.

  • Leo

We love this name for any dog!

  • Lynard

Because who doesn’t love this old fashioned sounding name. Or if you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory then you might like this name.

  • Max

A simple and short name that is perfect for a sweet pitbull.

  • Messy

Dogs are messy, we know that, but we also love that it could make for a good name!

  • Manny

A manly name like Manny is great for a dog with a tough attitude.

  • Neil

Neil translates into champion. What’s not to love?

  • Nyx

A futuristic sounding name is never a bad idea!

  • Nevel

Another one for our Harry Potter lovers out there. If you didn’t like Harry, you will sure love this!

boy dog names pitbull

  • Odie

Odie is just such a cute name. Perfect for your pet to wear proudly.

  • Odysseus

Like the man from the epic poem The Odyessy.

  • Panther

A great name for a pitbull with a black coat that has stealth skills.

  • Pibble

Pibble is actually a nickname for pitbulls and that’s why we love it as a name for your baby!

  • Pax

There aren’t many awesome sounding P names, but we sure do think this one is great!

  • Ryder

A badass name altogether. Ryder is perfect for a cute little pitbull.

  • Rex

Rex or Rexxie is a great sounding name for you doggo. We think you’ll love it!

  • Ray

Think of him as a ray of sunshine in your life? This is a great name for you then!

  • Rev

This is a great name for a dog with a loud bark or growl. As if he is always revving up his engines.

  • Regan

A chic male pup name we think you will like.

  • Stu

We just love this name. It’s perfect for a dog that seems to have an old soul in him.

  • Stevo

Is your puppy overactive and hyper? If so, Stevo is a great fit!

  • Sal

Sal is a handsome sounding name for a handsome looking boy.

  • Saint

Because we all know most pitbulls are very sweet and saint like. Even though people assume otherwise.

  • Sargent

Another name for a dog who is large and in charge.

  • Samson

A tough sounding name all around.

 pitbull male names

  • Tad

Tad is a great pitbull name. What’s not to like about it?

  • Tipsy

Is your dog clumsier than ever? Maybe call him Tipsy because he acts like he is drunk all the time!

  • Terrance

Terrance is a name that means heart. So if your dog stole your heart from day one this is a perfect name for him.

  • Zeke

A great Z starting name for your dog.

  • Zeus

Like Greek god!



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