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12 Things to Remember if You’re Married and Flirting (If You’re a Guy)


It’s so easy for men to see a pretty woman and feel the need to talk to her. It’s normal, you see a good looking woman and you want to get to know her, to flirt with her. When you’re married, there’s this societal notion that you can’t flirt anymore with anyone. Or if you do, you’re cheating on your spouse. But that isn’t the case. In fact, you can still flirt with other women if you’re married. We’re going to show you the things you need to know before you engage in conversation with another woman who isn’t your wife. You just need to remember these things if you do.

#1 Flirting is natural.

Flirting is completely natural. We all flirt when we find someone attractive. However, there’s a line when it’s playful and then there is the place where it becomes more than flirting. That is when you’re actively trying to obtain that person. And that usually ends up with the man cheating on his wife. So, flirting is natural since it’s a part of the mating game, however, if you’re already married, you don’t need to take it that far.

#2 If you wouldn’t like your wife doing it, then don’t do it.

It’s very simple if your wife wouldn’t like you doing it, then don’t do it. Most women are fine with their husband’s innocently flirting, however, when they start to amp up their flirtatious behavior, their wives don’t like it. Makes sense, right? You wouldn’t like it either. So, you have to think about other people and those that you affect when you’re flirting. If it’s innocent, it’s okay but if you’re crossing the line, your wife is going to notice right away.

#3 Know where the line is.

If your flirting results in you ending up in some uncomfortable situation where you have to explain to a woman that you’re married, you need to know where the boundaries are. Making a woman believe that you’re interested and available is no longer flirting. That’s called leading someone on. Also, you don’t want to end up in a situation where you could be accused of cheating. So make the line and don’t cross it.

#4 Why are you flirting?

Is it just that you’re naturally flirtatious and you flirt with anyone? That’s completely fine. Are you flirting for validation? That’s also okay, however, you need to make sure that this doesn’t become your only way to gain self-esteem. So, you need to sit down with yourself and think about why you’re flirting. If you don’t even notice you’re flirting, well, then you probably have nothing to worry about. So, as long as you’re aware of what you’re doing, then you should have no problems controling the situation.

#5 Are you hiding it from your wife.

If you’re hiding texts and emails that you have with another woman from your wife, then you already know what you’re doing is wrong. If you have to hide information from someone then you know that what you’re doing would hurt that person. If it’s already at that point, then you need to stop doing what you’re doing and remember that you’re already committed to someone else and that’s your wife. So, if you’re at this point, then you need to stop the flirting you’re engaging in with this woman before the waters become muddy.

#6 You spend more time talking to her than your wife.

If you’re spending your free time talking to the woman you flirt with than your wife, that’s an issue. Flirting is fine if you’re doing it in a conversation and once that conversation is over, it’s over. But if you’re taking this conversation and stringing through emails and texts, you’re entering a grey area. This is no longer flirting, now, some women would consider this to be cheating. Remember the line you made? It’s getting now.

#7 Don’t use it to solve your marital issues.

If you’re having a fight with your wife and you go to the bar and flirt with another woman, that’s fine. As long as you keep it to only flirting. But if you’re having serious marital problems and using other women to ease the stress, then this isn’t productive. Instead of flirting, you need to focus on your wife and your marriage, flirting isn’t going to solve anything unless it’s flirting with your wife. Flirting will only make you think the grass is greener on the other side, and trust us, it’s not. So, if you’re having marital problems seek professional help as opposed to another woman.

#8 Does flirting satisfy your needs?

If flirting with other women who aren’t your wife is satisfying your needs, then you need to take a look at your marriage. If this is why you’re flirting, then you need to sit down and talk about this with your wife before things get worse. Maybe you two simply need to make more time to have sex or communicate more. This can be easily solvable if you take the time to recognise what’s happening. If you’re using flirting to distract you from your marriage, then things can only go downhill from there.

#9 If your friends are telling you to stop, stop.

Your friends are going to be the best indicator of your behavior. If you’re married, they obviously know and they’ll let you know if you’re pushing the limits. Sometimes, we get wrapped up into the moment and we lose sight of where the line is. Friends are great because since they care about you and your marriage, they’ll be honest and tell you when enough is enough. So, no matter what state you’re in, listen to your friends – they know what’s best for you.

#10 Don’t mix flirting with alcohol.

We all know that alcohol and flirting go hand-in-hand, however, you need to make sure that you’re not completely wasted and flirting. This is usually a recipe for something completely inappropriate to happen. We’ve all watched the romantic comedies, so, we all know what happens when there’s a mix of alcohol, a good looking woman and flirting. It’s okay to drink, it’s okay to flirt but you have to know what you’re like when both of these things are combined. Can you control yourself? If not, ease up on the alcohol when you’re out with your friends on a Friday night.

#11 Your wife doesn’t like it.

If your wife doesn’t appreciate you flirting in front of her, you have to respect that. Yes, flirting is natural, but of course, it’s normal for your spouse to become jealous when you’re flirting with other women. You need to know what behavior is appropriate in front of her and what behavior isn’t. You don’t want your flirting to become an issue in your marriage.

#12 It’s not cheating.

Cheating is cheating. If you find yourself flirting with the cashier at the grocery store, no, you’re not cheating. It’s normal to be attracted to other women, so you have to realize that flirting is appropriate behavior. It only becomes inappropriate when you cross the line from flirting to cheating. If your words are turning into physical touches, then that’s where the line you made is getting crossed.

If you’re already married then you have experience the whole flirting game and what comes after you successfully get the girl. However, if you’re already married, you don’t need to get another woman, you already have one. So, as long as you remember these 12 things the next time you’re flirting, you won’t get yourself in an unfortunate position. Remember, flirting is fun and harmless, all you need to know is where the line is and know when you’re crossing it.


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