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10 Memorial Announcement Wording Examples


When you lose a loved one, it is impossible to deal with the anger and grief that you feel. Worse still, you have to figure out a way to tell the rest of the world that they have passed on and that a memorial will be held for them. If you are struggling to find the right memorial announcement wording examples, we can help. The following ideas can help you tell fellow family members and friends about the upcoming memorial service.

Funeral Announcement Wording Examples

1. Death leaves behind a hole and a heartache that nothing can heal. The only brightness is that love leaves a lasting memory that no one can steal. On (Date) at (Time), we will gather together to live a life well-lived and full of love. Please join us at (location).

2. The only consolation in our loss is that he/she had a life well-lived. In her/his memory, we are gathering together on (time and date) at (location) to celebrate a full life of love, laughter and kindness. Please join us for a memory in honor of a truly beautiful person.

3. In remembrance of (Name), we will hold a celebration of life for her/him. After the celebration in her/his honor, we will be serving lunch in the reception hall for everyone to gather and share their memories together.

4. We will be hosting a memorial service in memory of (Name). Please join us on (date and time). We would love to hear all of your memories of our dear ____. Help us celebrate a life well-lived.

5. It is with deep sorrow that we must inform you about the passing of our beloved ____, (Name). She/he passed away on (date). In honor of her/his memory, we will be hosting a small memorial service on (date). Join us at (location) to remember her/him life and all of our special memories of her/him.

6. Your life was truly a blessing to us all. We treasure each moment that we spent with you and miss you beyond measure. For everyone who misses (Name), there will be a memorial service to honor his/her memory. Please join us at (Time and Date) at (Location).

Perfect Funeral Announcement Wording Samples

7. She/He will be held forever in our hearts. We will be hosting a memorial service at (location) on (Date) at (Time). Gather with us to celebrate her/his memory and a life well-lived.

8. We will be celebrating the life of (Name) at (Date and Time). Gather with us for a luncheon and a chance to share all of your favorite stories of (Name). We want to remember and celebrate a life lived to the fullest together, so please join us.

9. The (Name) family cordially invites you to celebrate the life of (Name). The memorial service will be held at (Date and Time). We ask that you bring your prayers, thoughts and fondest memories of (Name). The reception will follow the memorial service and be held at (Location).

10. If we do not laugh, we cry. While we feel deep sorrow at (Name’s) passing, we want to celebrate all of our happy, joyous memories of her/him. We were all touched by (Name’s) life, and we want to share our memories of her/him. Please gather with us at (Date and Time) at (location) to share your favorite memories as well.


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