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100 Military Dog Names


Whether you are in the military or just want a tough name for your dog, these military dog names are a good bet. For thousands of years, dogs have helped with military purposes. From protecting humans to scouting the enemy, dogs have been an integral part of military forces. They have sniffed out bombs, scouted the field and saved their handlers. To get you started on your search, we have made a list of 100 military dog names that you can use.

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100 Military Dog Names

1. Gunner: Gunner was a Kelpie who served during World War II. Because of his excellent hearing, he could warn soldiers whenever the Japanese aircraft approached. Gunner gave the troops extra time to prepare for battle. It was said he could hear the enemy aircraft 20 minutes before the radar could pick up the planes. Plus, he could tell the difference between the enemy and the Allies.

2. Oscar: This military code word would be a great dog name.

3. Kevlar: This military dog name comes from the Kevlar vests.

4. Andrew: This name comes from an Air Force base.

5. Blackhawk: This comes from a popular type of military helicopter.

6. Smoky: Smoky was a famous Yorkshire terrier. In World War II, this dog went along during 12 combat missions.

7. Yankee: If you want a great dog name, use a military code word.

8. Colt: Ammunition and gun brands are fun dog names.

9. Lejuene: This name comes from a Marines base.

10. Sherman: In addition to being a famous military leader, Sherman is a type of tank that was used in the World War II.

11. Rags: This Cairn Terrier served with the United States 1st Infantry Division during World War I. During the Meuse-Argonne Campaign, this puppy ran messages through lines while bombs fell around him.

12. Sierra: This pretty name is also a military code word.

13. Archer: This would be a top military dog name.

14. Diego: This cute name is actually a Navy base.

15. Bradly: There are two types of Bradley tank models used by the military.

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16. Chips: Chips was a true World War II hero. He was the tank guard and in charge of notifying the soldiers about potential ambushes. In one notable experience, he even launched himself at a shooting bunker so that his handler could take cover from the enemy fire.

17. Alpha: Military code words like this are great dog names.

18. Missile: Why not name your puppy after military weapons like this?

19. Maxwell: This name comes from an Air Force base.

20. Panzer: This name was famous because of Germany’s Panzer Army.

21. Lava: This breed was a rescue dog from Iraq. The 1st Battalion 3rd Marines Unit rescued this famous pooch.

22. Echo: This military code word would also be a great name.

23. Grenade: Your dog will be a real firecracker with a name like this.

24. Campbell: This is an Army base.

25. Sheridan: This type of tank was popular during the Vietnam War.

26. Sergeant Studdy: This was an American pit bull terrier who served during World War I. He holds the distinction of being the most decorated American dog in military history. He rescued his regimen from surprise mustard gas attacks and was even promoted to sergeant.

27. Charlie: Military code words are fun names.

28. Carbine: This would be a fun option.

29. Jackson: This name is from a Navy base.

30. Merkava: This is actually a kind of Israeli tank that is known for having very little downtime during repairs.

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31. Gander: This was a Newfoundland dog. He served with Canada’s army in 1941. While he was originally a pet, he served with distinction during the Battle of Hong Kong during World War II. After a live grenade was tossed at his side, he grabbed it and carried it to the enemy’s side.

32. Whiskey: This military code word works even better if you also like whiskey.

33. Striker: Military weapons and ammunition are fun inspirations for dog names.

34. Travis: You can use this Air Force base as a dog name.

35. Humvee: This is a type of tough, military vehicle.

36. Chesty: This dog is the official mascot of the Marines. New bulldogs are given the same name, but the original one was rumored to be called a “devil dog” by the Germans.

37. Foxtrot: This military code word would be an adorable dog name.

38. Magnum: Gun brands and manufacturers are fun dog names.

39. Hampton: This name is from a Navy base.

40. Hunter: This would be an awesome name.

41. Rin Tin Tin: This German Shepherd served during World War I. He was so famous that he ended up starring in movies after he returned home.

42. Bravo: If you want military dog names, try using military code names.

43. Remington: This gun manufacturer name could also be shortened to just Remmy.

44. Cannon: This dog name is also an Air Force base.

45. Sarge: This name would be a fun choice.

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46. Sinbad: This Coast Guard dog was adopted by the Coast Guard during World War II. He served in combat and spent 11 years with the Coast Guard.

47. Tango: Military code words are top dog names.

48. Ammo: This would be a clever, easy military dog name.

49. Luke: This name is actually an Air Force base.

50. Skipper: Names like this are a fun option.

51. Lex: This dog served in Iraq. In 2007, Lex’s handler was mortally wounded and Lex was also wounded. No matter what, he would not leave his handler’s side. Ultimately, the medics had to drag him away to treat his handler. Lex was given early retirement and was adopted by the parents of his deceased handler.

52. Juliet: This might make you think of Romeo and Juliet, but it is also a military code word.

53. Pistol: Name your dog after this popular weapon.

54. Benning: This comes from an Army base.

55. Major: Military titles are great dog names.

56. Rip: This terrier was adopted by London’s Air Raid Warden. During World War II, he was used as a search and rescue dog. He was said to save more than 100 people during the war.

57. Quebec: Military code words are great names.

58. Bullet: Names like this are an obvious choice for your puppy.

59. Gordon: This name is also an Army base.

60. Admiral: Your dog will be a natural leader with a name like this.

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61. Judy: This English Pointer served with the Royal Navy. She ended up getting captured by the Japanese and was the only animal to be a prisoner of war. Even as a prisoner of war, she would bite and snarl at the Japanese if they tried to beat her soldiers. Her fighting spirit gave the prisoners a reason to live.

62. Delta: Military code names like this are excellent dog names.

63. Caliber: Names that relate to weaponry are a fun choice.

64. Stewart: This name is also an Army base.

65. G.I.: This would be an easy, fun dog name.

66. Sarbi: This puppy served with the Australian special forces as an explosive detection dog. She served in Afghanistan for 14 months before she went missing in action. An American soldier found her, and she was sent back to Australian.

67. Mike: Military codes like this would be great dog names.

68. Musket: While this might be an old-fashioned military weapon, it would still be a fun name.

69. Knox: This is a famous Army base.

70. Captain: Military titles are awesome dog names.

71. Romeo: A military code word like this would work well as a dog name.

72. Bomber: This is a popular military dog name.

73. Apache: These warriors were known for being fearsome.

74. Ricochet: This would be an awesome option.

75. Pilot: This is an adorable option.

76. Recoil: Nice one!

77. Carson: This cute dog name is also an Army base.

78. Shooter: This is a strong-sounding name.

79. Beretta: This type of gun would be a fun name.

80. Sailor: This is an easy option.

Military Dog Names

81. Gunner: Cute!

82. Dagger: This would be a cool name.

83. Victor: Try using military code words like Victor as dog names.

84. Private: Military titles are fun names.

85. Taser: This sounds pretty awesome.

86. Bazooka: Weapons like this would be great military dog names.

87. Marine: This is an obvious option.

88. Ace: Your dog does not have to be an ace pilot to have this name.

89. Bayonet: This old-fashioned weapon would be a fun name.

90. Lewis: This name comes from an Army base.

91. Rifle: This is an easy choice.

92. Scout: This would be an adorable military dog name.

93. General: Military titles are also fun dog names.

94. Nuke: This sounds like an intense, ferocious choice.

95. Colonel: This title would be a great name.

96. Uzi: This would be an adorable option.

97. Ranger: Why not name your dog after Army Rangers?

98. Wesson: This manufacturer would be a top name.

99. Chief: This is a popular, easy option.

100. Winchester: This gun brand would also make for a great dog name.


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