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Mind Games Women Play On Men


Women are known for their amazing abilities to do many things in life, but one of those things abilities they seem to have is playing mind games on men. Relationships are tricky for both sexes, but they get even trickier when one party starts playing these kinds of games with the other party. This can really make things more difficult, but more importantly they make things confusing. When women do this they make things confusing for the men. This can lead to frustration from the male side. This leaves men struggling to find answers. Which is probably the exact reasoning for you being here reading this article right now! You are probably curious as to why women play mind games with men and why they do so in the very first place.

It’s good to be asking these kinds of questions, because once you get the answers you can grip a better understanding for when it happens to you again.

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Why Women Play Mind Games

Before we dive into the different types of mind games that women like to play on men, we must first talk about why they play these games at all. Is it because women hate men? We might think so at first, but the opposite is actually true.

Women don’t always realize that they are even playing mind games with someone. Sometimes they just come naturally.

There are also times that a women likes to play games with a guy to test the waters. She is just trying to feel you out as a person and decide if you are compatible with her. This could mean one of two things or both of them. These two things are: Sexual compatibility and emotional compatibility. So you might think that she is playing games with you, but in reality she is simply taking your for a spin before committing to you intimately in either form.

Or she could be playing games with you because she doesn’t like you at all. Maybe you were slightly offensive to her and now she has her heart set on getting you back for doing so. That may be her cue to be cruel with a mind game. However, this is very rare and is usually not the case.

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We can sometimes misconstrue a woman and say that she is playing mind games, but she might actually be flirting with you. Occasionally it can appear that way.

The last reason that a woman might be doing this to you is because she herself is insecure. She might not know how to handle what is happening between the two of you and finds herself automatically resorting to playing games in regard to your relationship.

Mind Games Women Play

Now that we have discussed some of the reasons that women play these games, we can move on into talking about what kind of games they prefer to play!

  • Hard To Get

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This is the number one mind game that women like to play on men. It’s actually a favorite! But try not to get utterly offended if she plays this game on you. This game actually implies that she has feelings for you. Just because she plays hard to get doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to eventually get her. This game is played to test how far you will go to be with her. It is also a small way of her making sure you know she isn’t easy in any way, shape or form! She’s a girl you have to work for and she wants the world to know it.

  • Bait And Switch

The bait and switch game is more of a torture than a fun game. However, some women like to do it on a daily basis. She’ll ask you things like “do you think my friend is cute?” and wait for you to answer. She’ll make it seem like you can be honest with her by putting up a bubbly facade. However, if you answer “yes” she then switches to a negative attitude and really gets on your case. This is also something they do about how they look, the work they do and things they said! They will bait and switch in a second. So be weary of that too bubbly persona they put on at times.

  • The Jealousy Game

The jealousy game is definitely a least favorite for men. But women like to play it! Women like to think this game is harmless, but men beg to differ. How is this game played? A woman will go out of her way to purposely make you jealous just to get a rise out of you. They don’t actually like the person they are flirting with, but they just want a reaction for you. This can put a strain on your side of the relationship. But it doesn’t strengthen her faith in you when you act jealous.

  • Playing Stupid

A woman will do this when she needs you to do something for her. She might act like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. This cute approach usually gets a man to do it for her!

These are just some of the games that women love to play on men! Messing with their minds has never been easier than with these. Now you have some answers to why they do this and what to be on the lookout for. Good luck!