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60 Heroic Mongolian Names for Boys


If you are a big fan of ancient history, then you must know a thing or two about the Mongol Empire. The Mongol Empire was established in 1206 from the unification of several nomadic tribes under the leadership of one of Mongolia’s greatest military leaders, Ghengis Khan. Based on this, you can already tell that many of the Mongolian names for boys will be centered around bravery and heroic deeds. However, there are also a handful of Mongolian names that are about nature and natural forces. This is because Mongolia’s founding tribes were nomadic, and thus the names they gave to people were about the things around them.

Below are some Mongolian names that you may want to pick out for your baby boy.

Altan means “golden” or “red dawn”

Arban means “a fluent man”

Bat Erdene means “strong jewel”

Bataar means “hero” or “a heroic figure”

Batbayar means “strong joy”

Batsaikhan means “he who is strong yet pleasant”

Batu means “loyal, faithful, and devoted individual”

Batuhan means “firm, hard, or strong”

Batukhan means “a firm ruler”

Batzorig means “courageous” and “strong”

Chaghatai is a term of endearment. It’s the Mongolian word for “baby.”

Chenghiz means “he who is greatest and wise” or “universal.” This can also be spelled as Ghengis, as is the name of Ghengis Khan, the founder of the Mongol Empire in 12th century.

Chingis is a variant of Chenghiz, which means “greatest” and wise”

Chinua means “blessings from God”

Chuluun means “stone” or “he who is strong as stone”

Chuluunbold means “stone and steel”

Dzhambul means “fortress”

Erden means “treasure”

Gan means “the bold one”

Ganbaatar means “steel hero”

Gansukh means “steel axe”

Gantulga means “steel hearth”

Ganzorig means “steel, courage, bravery”

Genghis is the spelling most scholars agree on in terms of how to spell the name of Ghengis Khan. It can also be spelled as Chenghiz or Chingis. It means “he who is great and wise.”

Jochi is the name of Ghengis Khan’s eldest son by his first principal Borte. He was an accomplished military leader like his father. He was one of the generals who participated in Ghengis Khan’s conquest of Central Asia.

Khan means “king, ruler.” Rulers like Ghengis Khan and Kublai Khan attach the word “khan” to their name to denote their leadership.

Khenbish means “nobody”

Khunbish means “not a human being”

Kublai has an unknown meaning in the Mongol language. However, Kublai Khan is the name of one of Mongolia’s greatest military leaders. He was the first Mongol to rule all of China. He decared the new Yuan dynasty, wherein he was the first and most successful ruler.

Mongolekhorniiugluu means “Mongol country’s morning”

Monkh Erdene means “eternal family”

Monkhbat means “eternal firmness”

Muunokhoi means “a vicious dog”

Naimanzuunnadintsetseg means “eight hundred precious flowers”

Naranbaatar means “blessing from the pioneer, the female deity of the moon”

Nekhii means “sheepskin”

Nergüi means “no name.” In Mongol legend, it is the name given to bad spirits.

Nugai means “dog”

Och means “sparkle”

Od means “star”

Odgerel means “starlight”

Ogtbish means “not at all”

Oktai means “he who understands”

Otgonbayar means “youngest joy”

Qadan means “a cliff, an edge of the mountain”

Qara means “a small cloud”

Sukh means “one with an axe”

Sukhbataar means “hero of the axe, axe hero”

Taban means “splendid or glittering”

Taimoorkhan means “he who is the king and the ruler”

Tarkhan means “he who is skillful”

Temujin means “iron or strong, he who is strong as iron.” Temujin was the birth name of Ghengis Khan. He eventually changed his name to Ghengis when he embarked on his conquests. The meaning of Temujin is very fitting as he was known to have ruled his people with an iron fist.

Terbish means “not that one”

Timicin means “one who is of iron, a strong person”

Timur means “iron, a person who is as strong as iron”

Tomorbaatar means “iron, hero or strong”

Turgen means “fast”

Ulagan means “a worldly man”

Xanadu is the name of a place in China. This is where Kublai Khan established the Yuan Dynasty.

Yul means “from the far horizon”

Which of these names for Mongolian baby boys do you like the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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