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60 Beautiful Mongolian Names for Your Baby Girl


If you’re on the hunt for a beautiful yet uncommon name for your baby girl, this is the list you should check out.

Mongolian names for girls are often related to nature. Naturally, Mongolians would choose pleasant names for their daughters, and thus would often choose names of flowers for them. You’ll also find some names related to other things found in nature like the rays of the sun, jewels, the moon, or clouds. You’ll also find names that describe pleasant traits like bringing joy to others, being loyal to one’s family, or being noble. Naturally, parents would also want these traits for their baby girl.

Mongolian names are most often centered around connotations of luck to bring fortune to the person bearing these names. Often these are desirable character traits, but you may be surprised that some names actually sound like insults! This is often the case when a child is born after the death of a previous one. The name that sounds like an insult is the parents’ way of trying to ward off evil spirits who might want to take this child as well. These so-called taboo names are actually Mongolian parents’ way of showing their love for their daughter, as they don’t want evil spirits to take her!

Throughout Mongolia’s history, trends in names have been influenced by Chinese, Tibetan, and Sanskrit names. That’s why you might find names from these cultures in this list as well.

We hope you’re able to find the perfect Mongolian name for your baby girl in this list!

Altansarnai means “golden rose”

Altantsetseg means “golden flower”

Arban means “the fluent one”

Badma means “lotus.” This name is of Sanskrit origin. Names related to Buddhism had become popular in the Middle Ages.

Bayarmaa means “mother of joy”

Bolormaa means “crystal mother”

Borte the meaning of this name is unknown, though a famous bearer of this name is Borte, the principal wife of Ghengis Khan. She was known to be his only real wife as Ghengis’ other marriages were morganatic.

Chagha’an means “white”

Chimeg means “ornament”

Chinua means “blessings from god”

Enkhjargal means “peaceful happiness” or “peace blessing”

Enkhtuya means “ray of peace”

Erdenechimeg means “jewel ornament”

Erdenetungalag means “as clear as a jewel”

Erhi means “a musical instrument”

Esen means “good health”

Gan means “the bold one”

Gerel means “light”

Geriel means “a light” or “a bright light”

Khenbish means “nobody.” This is one of those taboo names.

Khongordzol means “thistle”

Khulan means “onager” or “wild donkey.” Abika Khulan is the name of Ghengis’ second wife. She was the empress and head of the second Court of Ghengis Khan. Her status in the Mongol Empire was outranked only by Ghengis’ principal wife, Borte.

Khunbish means “not a human being.” This is one of those taboo names.

Medekhgui means “i don’t know.” This is one of those taboo names.

Mongolekhorniiugluu means “Mongol country’s morning”

Monkh Erdene means “eternal family”

Munkhtsetseg means “eternal flower”

Naimanzuunnadintsetseg means “eight hundred precious flowers”

Naran means “sun.” The name Naran is often attached to other words to change its meaning.

Narangerel means “sun light”

Narantsetseg means “sunflower”

Narantuyaa means “the sun’s beams”

Nekhii means “sheepskin”

Och means “sparkle”

Od means “star”

Odgerel means “starlight”

Odtsetseg means “star flower”

Odval means “chrysanthemum flower”

Ogtbish means “not at all.” This is one of those taboo names.

Oyunchimeg means “wisdom ornament”

Oyuunchimeg means “decorated or noble mind”

Qacha means “flank”

Qadan means “a cliff, an edge of the mountain”

Qara means “small cloud or black”

Saran means “moon.” The name Saran is often attached to other words to change its meaning.

Sarangerel means “moonlight”

Sarantsatsral means “moon beam”

Sarnai means “rose”

Sorqaqtani means “girl with the pox.” This is one of those taboo names.

Taban means “splendid or glittering”

Terbish means “not that one”

Toqto’a means “stability”

Tsetseg means “flower”

Tsetsegmaa means “flower”

Tsolmon means “Venus” or “star of the morning.” The name Tsolmon is often attached to other words to change its meaning.

Tuya means “ray of light”

Uranchimeg means “artistic decoration”

Uuliinyagaantsetseg means “pink flower of mountain”

Xanadu means “a place in china, which was once kublai khan’s yuan dynasty.”

Yisu means “nine”

Which of these beautiful Mongolian names do you like the best? Share your thought with us below!


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