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MONSTA X Members Profile


MONSTA X (몬스타 엑스) is a boy group consisting 7 members under the label called ‘Starship Entertainment’ in South Korea. The members are: Shownu (손현우), Wonho (이호석), Minhyuk (이민혁), Kihyun (유기현), Hyungwon (채형원), Joohoen (이주헌) and I.M (임창균). Monsta X debuted in May 14th, 2015 on Mnet Mcountdown. Monsta X was created through the survival program called ‘No Mercy’, and the final 7 members of 13 male trainee were selected to be a final member through audiences’ votes. Monsta X is also under the US label called ‘Marverick Agency’ from Feb 26th, 2019. All the members are Korean, and they live in the same dormitory. Monsta X has earned many awards including ‘Mnet Asian Music Award for Style in Music’ and ‘Mnet Asian Music Award for Worldwide Fans’ Choice’ in 2018.


MONSTA X’s Official Fandom Name: Monbebe (몬베베)
MONSTA X Official Accounts: (Monsta X members share one official accounts!)
Official Website: Monsta X
Instagram: @official_monsta_x
Twitter: @officialmonstax
Youtube: MONSTA X
Facebook: OfficialMonstaX
V LIVE: MONSTA X (Monsta X is most active on V Live.)
Daum Café: monsta-x

MONSTA X Members Profile:


Given Stage Name: Shownu (셔누)
Name Given at birth : Sohn Hyunwoo (손현우)
Nationality: Korean
Position in Monsta X: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer,
Date of Birth: June 18, 1992
Birth Place: Changdong, Donbonggu, Seoul, South Korea.
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Family Member: Mother, Father (Shownu is the only child)
Favourite Color: Black
Favourite Food: Meat
Hobbies: Watching Movies, Listening to Music
Height: 181 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 74 kg (162 lbs)
Nick Name: Robot, Turtle Shownu, Grandpa
Blood Type: O


  • Shownu used to be a trainee in JYP Entertainment for 2 years (JYP Entertainment is one of the top 3 entertainment label company in South Korea.) Apparently Shownu was supposed to be considered for final members for GOT7, however, Shownu was left out of decision due to his frequent absences during the training program.
  • GOT7 said they are still close friends with Shownu since they had trained together for 2 years and gone through many challenges and hardship together.
  • After leaving JYP, Shownu became a backstage dancer for few years before joining Starship Entertainment to become a member of Monsta X. Shownu used to be a back up dancer for Lee Hyori (K-Pop legendary queen) along with Eric from Shinwha. You can find Shownu dancing in the back for Lee Hyori’s songs called ‘Bad Girls’, ‘U-Go-Girl’, and ‘Going Crazy’. Go to Youtube and find ShownuJ !
  • Surprisingly, Shownu said that he actually enjoyed being a back up dancer. In fact, Shownu said he probably would not have mind being a back up dancer for life. However, a friend of Shownu heard about Starship Entertainment audition, and forced Shownu to go try it out because he believed Shownu’s talents were overqualified for just a back up dancer. So Shownu went to the audition, and of course he made it through. 😉
  • Shownu says he likes eating meat and he likes hitting the gym. This explains his jacked body 😉
  • Shownu has also started building careers as an a actor, and Shownu was casted in Korean dramas called ‘High-end Crush(고품격 짝사랑)’ and ‘Dae Jang Geum is Watching(대장금이 보고있다)’.
  • Shownu is a talented dancer, and he had shown his ability in creating choreography as well throughout the years. In fact, Shownu had participated in making choreographies for Monsta X, and other Monsta X members acknowledges how much efforts Shownu has put in their choreography.
  • Monsta X members live in the same dormitory. In Korea, it is very common for idol groups to live together for many years ever since their training begins, because teamwork is essential in order to be successful in the entertainment industry. In the Monsta X dorm, Shownu shares room with Hyungwon and Jooheon. Shownu used to share his room with Hyungwon and Wonho, but Monsta X moved to a new dormitory (due to their success they moved to a bigger place) and now his roommates are changed! J
  • Shownu said his ideal type is someone who is innocent and pure. Shownu had pointed out that the Korean actress ‘Gong Hyojin(공효진)’ is his perfect ideal type.
  • Shownu was the second member to be finalized for Monsta X group in MNet Survival TV program called ‘No Mercy’. This means Shownu had the second most votes from the audiences. Go shownu!
  • Shownu said popular Korean singer named ‘Rain(비)’ (Also under JYP Entertainment) is the person who inspired Shownu to become a K-Pop star. Shownu said Rain looked so great on stages, Shownu wanted to be just like him and shines on the stages.
  • When Shownu auditioned for JYP, Shownu won the 2nd And the JYP Entertainment staffs had named him the ‘Rain 2.0’ because Shownu’s singing and dancing skills were very outstanding, and also very similar to Rain. Shownu said his dancing and singing skills may be similar to Rain because he had practiced all these years watching Rain’s performance videos.
  • Other Monsta X members confirmed that Shownu is probably the most hard working member among Monsta X, most dedicated to spending time in the practice room.
  • In one of the interviews, the interviewer asked Shownu how he would describe himself in one word, and he said “Cow”. We have no idea why.
  • Shownu said he loves eating all types of meat, but his favourites are beef and then pork.
  • Shownu is a former member of boy group called ‘NUBOYZ’, it is also under Starship Entertainment.
  • Shownu said he would like to collaborate with SoYou(소유) (Former member of ‘SISTA(씨스타)’ ) in the future. In fact, SoYou is the only female artist Shownu has expressed interests in.
  • Shownu said his favourite Monsta X member is Jooheon.
  • Shownu said one of his secret talent is picking objects with his toes. Monsta X members had confirmed that Shownu is very skilled at picking everything on the floor just using his toes. Shownu said his laziness got his toes to become very skilful. In fact, Shownu said his bed is very messy and usually has many things laying around near the bottom, but it is no problem since he can pick up anything with his toes XD
  • Shownu said he only wears boxers when he sleeps and nothing else.
  • Among Monsta X members, there are 2 members who are very confident of their looks, and that is Shownu and Kihyun. Shownu acknowledges that he is outstandingly good looking.
  • Shownu said he thinks his best part of the body is his muscular arms. In fact, Shownu has a very wide shoulder and strong arms, compared to other Monsta X members, and even in Korean standards. Shownu said he focuses on training his arm muscles a lot when he hits the gym.
  • Other Monsta X members confirmed that Shownu is good at swimming also. However, Shownu said he is only good at swimming, and pretty much sucks at every other sports.
  • Shownu said he loves cereal and he can eat endless cereals for life.
  • Shownu has a big appetite for food, and he can eat a lot. Other Monsta X members confirmed that they once saw Shownu eating three bowls of ramyun (Korean Spicy noodles) and two bowls of rice, which is A LOT. Other Monsta X members said that they wonder how Shownu never gets fat.
  • Among Monsta X members, Shownu said he finds it hard to control Minhyuk the most. Shownu said Minhyuk is too lousy most of the times. However, Minhyuk is also Shownu’s favourite member because Minhyuk has great sense of humour and he always makes other people laugh.
  • Shownu said he had already picked his name for his future children. Shownu said he would name his son 손장군(Son Jang-Gun) which means Captain/General/Warrior in Korean. Shownu said he would name his daughter 손장미(Son Jang-Mi) which means Rose in Korean. Let’s see if Shownu’s future wife would agree tho ;P
  • Shownu was casted as an actor in Korean drama called “Lipstick Prince” which starred many other K-Pop idols.
  • Shownu was featured in SISTAR(씨스타)’s Music Video called “Shake It” along with Wonho. Maybe this is when Shownu developed his artist-crush over SoYou!
  • Shownu was also featured in BESTie’s Music Video called “Pitapat”. Because of his good looks, Shownu is featured in many female artists’ Music Videos.
  • Shownu was also featured in Yebin (Member of DIA(다이아)). Other Monsta X members said that Shownu had shared his paycheck with other Monsta X members because he felt bad that he got the job over other members. So sweet.
  • Other Monsta X members said that Shownu has no cuteness in him, and Shownu said he sucks at Aegyo(doing cutesy stuff) and he does not know how to be cute.
  • Shownu said he sucks at giving long answers to question. Other Monsta X members had also confirmed that Shownu replies in short sentences, usually yes or no. In fact, Monbebe(몬베베) confirmed that Shownu usually gives out short answers to fans during his fan meeting or fan sign events. XD So the fans had given up, and only ask simple question or ask to take pictures together because they know Shownu is not much of a talker. This is both sad and funny.
  • Shownu’s nickname is Robot and Turtle because he is very awkward at making conversations with other people. Awkward turtle much. However, Shownu said he is just afraid of talking because he thinks he brings the atmosphere down. So Shownu likes to let others talk and enjoy the bright mood instead.
  • Shownu said he has a habbit of playing video games on his iPad before he goes to sleep, every single night.
  • Shownu said he spends most of his leisure time listening to music.
  • Other Monsta X members said that Shownu is both shy and humble, and this is why Shownu never introduces himself as ‘leader of Monsta X’ in front of other people.
  • When the interviewer asked Shownu who he would date among Monsta X members if Shownu were a girl, Shownu said he would probably date Hyungwon since he is very funny and caring.
  • Interestingly, Shownu once said that he does not mind dating an older woman as long as she is younger than Shownu’s mother. XD



Given Stage Name: Wonho (원호)
Name Given at Birth: Lee Ho-seok (이호석)
Nationality: Korean
Position in Monsta X: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Date of Birth: March 1, 1993
Birth Place: Sanbon-dong, Gunpo, South Korea
Family Member: Father, Mother, Younger Brother
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Favourite Season: Summer, Winter
Favourite Food: Ramyun(Korean Spicy Noodle)
Favourite Drink: Milk
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs)
Favourite Color: Red
Blood Type: B


  • Wonho said he likes consuming healthy stuff, whatever it may be. For example, other Monsta X members had confirmed that they had seen Wonho eating lots of vitamin tablets, or protein shakes, or other herbs or healthy drinks. And part of the reason is because Wonho gets sick very easily, so Wonho is big on taking care of his health and strengthening his immune system.
  • Wonho said he enjoys learning and studying about music production. Wonho said he would like to expand his career into a producer and produces music for other K-Pop idols.
  • Wonho used to be one of the most famous Ulzzang in Korean. ‘Ulzzang’ means ‘Best Face’ in literal translation, and good looking Koreans post their selfies on their SNS and becomes Ulzzang when they are recognized by the public. Wonho’s Ulzzang name was ‘Shin Ho Seok (신호석)’. If you google him on Naver or Daum, you will see his fresh young pictures from his Ulzzang years!
  • In fact, there was a TV show called “얼짱세대(Generation of Ulzzang)” where it featured all the famous Ulzzangs in Korea, and Wonho was one of the main members in their season 3 in 2011!
  • Wonho had shown his talented in acting as well, and Wonho was featured as an actor in Korean drama called “High-end Crush(고품격 짝사랑)” along with Shownu in 2015.
  • Wonho used to share his room with Hyungwon and Shownu in Monsta X dorm, however, after they became more successful and moved into new place, he got his own nice private room without any roommates! Lucky Wonho!
  • Wonho said his hobbies are either playing Video Games on his phone or going out with his friends in Seoul.
  • Monbebe (Monsta X’s Official Fandom) calls Wonho ‘Rabbit’ because Wonho is so cute and he resembles rabbit somehow. When Wonho heard his fans calling him rabbit, he bought bunny toys and dolls and little bunny candies and gave it to the staff members and fans as a gift XD.
  • Wonho’s ideal type of girl is someone who cooks great ramyun (Korean Spicy Noodle). This is funny because ramyun is an instant noodle which takes no talent, and which only takes 3 minutes to cook. XD
  • Wonho said he is not interested in getting married (sorry to break your heart ladies!) and he is also not interested in having children. Wonho said his younger brother got married and he will carry the last name so there would not be any problems in his family. This is also interesting because in Korean culture, the males are responsible to carry their last name onto their offspring so that family tree can keep on expanding without being gone.
  • Wonho was the fifth member to be finalized for Monsta X in the MNet survival show called ‘No Mercy’.
  • Wonho trained for 3 years before becoming a member of Monsta X. And Wonho is the one who had trained for the longest time with Starship Entertainment.
  • Wonho said he has Acrophobia which is fearing heights. Wonho said taking planes for concerts is sometimes challenging because he is scared of heights. In fact, when shooting one of Monsta X’s Music Video called ‘Hero’, Wonho had to go get his prescription because he had to shoot a scene on the rooftop. Wonho got his medication to fight Acrophobia on the scene. Applause for his commitment and professionalism and passion towards Monsta X!
  • Wonho said he likes hitting the gym, and Wonho and Shownu hits the gym together sometimes. Wonho said working out releases his stress. Wonho said one of his friends is a bodybuilder, and he had motivated Wonho to exercise a lot. Monsta X members had confirmed that even when Wonho has no schedules, he does 300 push ups in the dorm.
  • Wonho said he is good at Taekwondo(태권도- Korean martial art) and swimming. Wonho said he finds that he has a lot of things in common with Shownu.
  • Wonho said his childhood dream was to become a Taekwondo champion, however, he could not pursue his career in Taewondo because he got injured when he was young and it was dangerous for him to go on competition so he had to give up his dream of becoming a Taekwondo champion L
  • Wonho has tattoos! Which is very rare for Korean K-Pop idols because in Korean culture, having tattoo is stigmatized and perceived as negative rebellious behaviour. However, Wonho has one tattoo on his left thigh and the other one of his right foot. It’s very hidden so most fans do not recognize them.
  • Wonho was supposed to be a leader of Monsta X, but the company has given the leader role to Shownu instead. Monsta X members said they were all very shocked because they acknowledge Wonho’s leadership. Even Shownu said he was surprised. And this is one of the reasons why Shownu does not introduce himself as ‘leader of Monsta X’ in TV shows, because he knows how much it might hurt Wonho. What a caring friendship they have.
  • Other Monsta X members had confirmed that Wonho has short temper and he gets easily irritated and frustrated.
  • Other Monsta X members had confirmed that Wonho takes the best selfies among the members, and Wonho sometimes gives how-to-take-selfie-101 lesson to others. XD
  • Wonho said he loves wearing lots of accessories. Other Monsta X members had confirmed that Wonho brings lots of bags full of accessories whenever they go on a trip or to a concert abroad.
  • Wonho said he hates pickled radish and he will never eat it even if someone points a gun to his head.
  • Wonho said he hates it when he needs to eat alone. Wonho said he enjoys the company when he eats.
  • Wonho said he does not like Korean spicy rice cake, and he does not like the crust of Pizza.
  • Wonho said he has a habit of drinking soup before eating the main meal because he was taught by his grandparents and parents that eating soup before meal is a healthy eating habit. And it’s funny because Wonho’s favourite food is Ramyun, and it is a very unhealthy food frown upon by the elders. Haha.
  • Monsta X members said that Wonho eats the most among Monsta X members. Wonho confirmed that he can eat up to eight bowls of rice non-stop and he still barely feels full. Wonho said he likes eating with Shownu because Shownu also eats a lot. And then they hit the gym together so they never get fat. XD
  • Wonho said he loves it when he dips his gorgonzola pizza in honey, but other Monsta X members think that it is a very weird combination for pizza.
  • According to other Monsta X members, Wonho is very sensitive and you can easily make him cry.
  • Minhyuk and I.M always complain that Wonho comes into their room too often.
  • Wonho said one item that he never forgets to bring with him anywhere, anytime is his protein shakes.
  • Wonho said he always eats tangerine after eating the main meal.
  • Wonho said he enjoys wearing oversized t-shirts and bagg pants. In fact, Monbebe always spot him wearing casual clothing.
  • Wonho was casted in one of SISTAR’s Music Video called ‘Shake It’ because of his good looks.
  • Wonho thinks Minhyuk is the most handsome member of Monsta X, Wonho finds Minhyuk to be charming because Minhyuk always shows his beautiful smile and light up the room anywhere he goes.



Given Stage Name: Minhyuk (민혁)
Given Name at Birth: Lee Min-hyuk (이민혁)
Nationality: Korean
Position in Monsta X: Vocalist, Visual
Date of Birth: November 3, 1993
Birth Place: Gwangju, South Korea.
Family Member: Father, Mother, Younger Brother
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Favourite Food: Sweet Potato, Pizza
Favourite Drink: Coke Cola
Favourite Song: “Trivial Things” by Lee Sora
Height: 179 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Favourite Number: 1
Blood Type: A


  • Minhyuk said his most confident body part is his lips.
  • Other Monsta X members had said that Minhyuk is the member who lightens up the atmosphere wherever he goes. Minhyuk is funny and Minhyuk’s jokes always make others laugh. Monsta X members calls Minhyuk the ‘Mood Maker’ because of this reason.
  • Minhyuk was also featured in Korean drama called “High-End Crush(고품격 짝사랑)” in 2015 along with Shownu and Wonho.
  • Minhyuk was also featured in one of the Korean reality TV show called “Law of the Jungle(정글의 법칙)” and went to Chile for a week, surviving in the jungle.
  • Minhyuk said he wants to start learning how to play acoustic guitar.
  • Minhyuk said he likes his husky voice because he thinks it sounds very manly and sexy.
  • Minhyuk’s fan call him puppy.
  • Minhyuk used to share his room with Kihyun, I.M and Jooheon in Monsta X dormitory. However, Minhyuk complained that there were too little privacy, and after they moved to the new dorm, Minhyuk now shares his room with I.M only.
  • Minhyuk said his ideal type of girl is a chubby girl. And the reasoning is funny, Minhyuk said he likes chubby girl because he wants to try dating someone who is the opposite of him.
  • Minhyuk can speak with Korean rural accents because his parents are not from Seoul and speaks with accents.
  • Minhyuk said the reason why he is so tall is because he got the good genes from his mother. In fact, Minhyuk’s mother used to be a volleyball player, and she is very tall.
  • Minhyuk’s younger brother is serving his times in Army (In Korea, all men needs to go serve in army for 2 years) and Minhyuk misses his younger brother L
  • Othes Monta X members often say that Minhyuk is like the soul of the group, because without Minhyuk, the atmosphere and the mood just is not the same. And it’s funny because in the survival TV show called ‘No Mercy’, lots of audience believed Minhyuk would not fit in Monsta X because he was considered as an outsider. However, Minhyuk is proving them all wrong now!
  • Minhyuk said he would love to be casted in Korean variety shows, and he also wants to pursue his career as MC one day.
  • Minhyuk always carries his iPad around everywhere he goes.
  • Minhyuk said he sucks at swimming. Minhyuk said he tried to learn how to swim from Shownu and Wonho, but he just could not.
  • Minhyuk said he is lazy. In fact, other Monsta X members had confirmed that Minhyuk is the one who is most reluctant at taking showers for some reason, and they cannot convince him to take shower ever.
  • Minhyuk said he does not like it when his fans call him cute because he wants to project himself as a sexy manly man, not a cute boy. XD
  • Minhyuk said that the female artist who he admires is SoYou from SISTAR(씨스타). It sounds like Minhyuk and Shown might have love triangle with SoYou.
  • Minhyuk’s closest friends are Korean actor Park Bo Gum, and Mark from GOT7 (JYP Entertainment) and Jeonghan from Seventeen (JYP Entertainment). Park Bo Gum only becomes friends with pure, scandal-free, kind people, so that speaks a lot about Minhyuk’s personality.
  • Minhyuk said he had always liked girls with curves, and Minhyuk said all the girls he had a crush on had very beautiful skin.
  • When the interviewer asked Minhyuk who he would take to an island without any other human being, Minhyuk said he would bring Shownu because Minhyuk believes Shownu will go hunting by himself and cook foods for Minhyuk XD
  • Minhyuk said he used to love going to Garosu-Gil(가로수길)in Seoul and explore the cafes with Kihyun and Hyungwon. But now it’s difficult thing to do since fans recognize him in public places and he can’t enjoy café time in peace.
  • Minhyuk said his favourite Monsta X member is Shownu because they are polar opposite to each other. Minhyuk said he talks a lot and Shownu appreciates silence, so it balances each other. In fact, Minhyuk said if he had a sister, he would probably make her marry Shownu. XD
  • Minhyuk said his favourite hair color is red on himself.
  • Minhyuk said his alcohol tolerance is low, but other Monsta X members had confirmed that Minhyuk can drink up to 2 bottles of soju by himself. (Soju is a Korean vodka! Very strong)
  • Minhyuk said he always order café latte whenever he goes to a coffee shop.
  • Minhyuk said his favourite flavours for ice cream are Green Tea and Mango.
  • Minhyuk said he wanted to make Yeha(예하) his stage name instead of ‘Minhyuk’. But Starship Entertainment staff preferred Minhyuk because Yeha was too feminine sounding.
  • Minhyuk said one thing he never forgets to do is charging his phone to 100% because he chats a lot on the phone and he cannot live without his phone.
  • Minhyuk said he removed his tattoos because his fans did not like it and complained about it a lot and demanded him to remove them. It’s impressive how far Minhyuk would go for his fans’ satisfaction.
  • Minhyuk said if he was a girl he would date either Shownu or Wonho among Monsta X members because they are both funny and manly and their personalities go well along with each other.


Given Stage Name: Kihyun (기현)
Given name at Birth: Yoo Ki-hyun (유기현)
Nationality: Korean
Position in Monsta X: Main Vocalist
Education: Dong’Ah Institute of Media and Arts High School.
Date of Birth: November 22, 1993
Birth Place: Goyang, South Korea.
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp
Hobbies: Composing Songs, Writing Lyrics
Favourite Artist: Michael Jackson, Kim Gunmo
Favourite Song: Joe Hisaishi – “Merry-Go-Round” (Howl’s Moving Castle soundtrack.)
Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)
Family Member: Father, Mother, Older Brother
Favourite Food: Korean Fried Chicken
Favourite Color: Blue
Language Ability: Korean, Chinese(Mandarin), English
Blood Type: B


  • Kihyun is a talented piano player.
  • Kihyun collaborated with SoYou from SISTAR and Giri Boy in a song called “Pillow”. Minhyuk and Shownu were very jealous because SoYou is their dream female artist to collaborate with.
  • Kihyun was also casted as an actor in Korean drama called “High-End Crush(고품격 짝사랑)” along with Shownu, Wonho and Minhyuk in 2015.
  • Other Monsta X members said that Kihyun cooks very good ramyun. And it’s funny because Minhyuk’s ideal type of girl is someone who cooks amazing ramyun.
  • Kihyun said his hobby is going to the practice room and dancing for hours.
  • Kihyun’s fans call him a hamster because he is cute and adorable.
  • Kihyun’s roommates used to be I.M, Minhyuk and Jooheon but after moving in to a new place, he now has a nice private room without any roommates and Kihyun said he is very happy about it.
  • Kihyun said his ideal type of girl is someone who is adorable and has a lot of aegyo and does a lot of cute things.
  • Kihyun’s older brother lives in Japan.
  • Kihyun was the 3rd member to be confirmed as Monsta X final member from Korean survival TV show called ‘No Mercy’.
  • Other Monsta X members said that Kihyun is the best singer of the group.
  • Kihyun said he wants to expand his career into composing and producing music for other K-Pop idols.
  • Kihyun said he would like to sing a duet with Hyungwon.
  • Kihyun said he loves babies, and you can easily spot Kihyun posing pictures with his baby niece.
  • Monsta X members confirmed that Kihyun keeps peach water in the fridge at all times because Kihyun’s grandmother gives him peach water.
  • Other Monsta X members confirmed that Kihyun is the cleanest member in the dorm. Apparently Kihyun cleans and makes everything neat and organized. Kihyun said he got the habit of tidying things up from his father because he was also a very clean man.
  • Kihyun thinks rest of the Monsta X members are horrible at cooking. Kihyun said he would never eat anything cooked by the other members XD
  • Kihyun was casted on “Masked Singer”
  • Kihyun said his role model is Korean male singer named “Kim Gunmo(김건모)”
  • Kihyun said his favourite artist at all times is Michael Jackson.
  • Kihyun’s fans love his cute dimples.
  • Kihyun can speak a bit of English as well.
  • Kihyun said he appreciates Shownu a lot because Shownu takes good care of his members even though he does not show it off or talk about it a lot.
  • Kihyun said he hates cranberries.
  • Kihyun said his favourite type of compliments is when someone says ‘Your stage performance was awesome’.
  • Kihyun said if he had a magical power for one day, he would like to turn himself into a president and experience a life as a president for one day.
  • One of Kihyun’s close friends is Suga from BTS (Legendary K-Pop sensation!)
  • Kihyun said he will never eat fish because he cannot tolerate its strong smell.
  • Kihyun said he hates waking up Hyungwon because he never wakes up. Kihyun said he never understands people who cannot wake up because Kihyun himself is a very light sleeper. And for this reason, Kihyun said he would only like sharing his room with I.M because I.M is also a very light sleeper who does not make any sound when he sleeps. Haha.
  • On VLive, Kihyun likes hosting cooking show for his fans.
  • Kihyun had sang several OST for various Korean Dramas including “She was Pretty(그녀는 예뻣다)”, “Love Virus”, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” Which were all very top-rated Korean drama at times.



Given Stage Name: Hyungwon (형원)
Give Name at Birth : Chae Hyung-won (채형원)
Nationality: Korean
Position at Monsta X: Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual
Date of Birth: January 15, 1994
Birth Place: Gwangju, South Korea.
Family Member: Father, Mother, Younger Brother
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Hobby: Shopping.
Favourite Artist: John Legend.
Favourite Color: Black
Favourite Snack: Sun Chip (Korean snack)
Favourite Fruit: Soft Peach
Height: 181 cm (5’11”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Language Ability: Korean, Chinese
Favourite Food: Korean Pork, Sushi, Fried Shrimp
Blood Type: O


  • Hyungwon is famous or his thick juicy lips. And no, he did not get any lip injections.
  • Other Monsta X members confirmed that Hyungwon is the one who sleeps the most in the dorm, in the car, in the waiting room, basically anywhere anytime. And Hyungwon is also the one who takes the most effort be woken up, and other Monsta X members do not like it when they are responsible for waking Hyungwon Simply because he never wakes up. 😛
  • Hyungwon used to be one of the very well known models in Korea. Hyungwon was shown in many fashion shows. But Hyungwon stopped modeling after joining Monsta X, due to contract conflicts.
  • Hyungwon was casted as an actor in Korean drama called “Please Find Her(그녀를 찾아주세요)” and “High-End Crush(고품격 짝사랑)”.
  • Hyungwon said he loves travelling. Hyungwon’s parents run a travel agency, and Hyungwon and his younger brother used to work for their parents in the travel industry as guides and attraction research and such.
  • Hyungwon said his spirit animal is turtle.
  • Hyungwon used to share his room with Wonho and Shownu in their previous dorm, but in the new dorm he lives in the same room with Jooheon and Shownu.
  • Hyungwon had pursued his career as a music DJ as well, and his DJ name is ‘H.One’. Go look him up!
  • Hyungwon said his ideal type of woman is someone who is intelligent, who makes wise decision, and who has a kind and caring heart. Hyungwon said he hates people without manners or appropriate etiquette.
  • Monsta X members claimed that Hyungwon is the worst cook ever, and they will never eat anything Hyungwon XD
  • Other Monsta X members said that Hyungwon looks like he is a dead corpse when he sleeps, because he does not move at all, and it sometimes freak the members.
  • Hyungwon’s personality is calm, and he never gets loud or lousy about anything.
  • Hyungwon complains that his birthday is on January 15th, because he feels like he is older than other people born in 1994 but the people who were born in 1993 calls him ‘dongsaeng (Younger borther)’. Hyungwon once said he feels like he has age crisis because he does not know which age group he belongs to.
  • Hyungwon gives out Peppero (Korean pocky sticks snack) to his fans on November 11th, Ppeppero Day(빼빼로 데이)
  • Hyungwon was picked as the most handsome guy in Monsta X by Shownu.
  • Hyungwon said he is very proud of his long eyelashes and thick lips.
  • Hyungwon is known as one of the best looking guy in Monsta X.
  • Hyungwon said he hates insects, and especially spiders.
  • Hyungwon said he only wears black underwear.
  • Hyungwon said his role models are Jack Johnson and John Legend.
  • Other Monsta X members said that Hyungwon is very picky when it comes to food, and he has very small appetite because he takes few bites and gets full and leaves the table. XD
  • Apparently Hyungwon is one of the worst cooks among Monsta X members.
  • Hyungwon also has ugly handwriting that most people cannot even read properly.
  • Hyungwon is the best actor among Monsta X members.
  • Other Monsta X members said Hyungwon’s personality is unique and it stands out among the crowd. They said Hyungwon thinks differently than most normal people.
  • Hyungwon said he wants to sing a duet with Kihyun one day.
  • Hyungwon said one of his pet peeves is when people are rude and displays no manners.
  • Hyungwon said when he first met Shownu, he believed Shownu was in silent treatment or something because no sane person can be that silent and talk-less for a long time.
  • Hyungwon said he has a habit of listening to Adele’s songs before going to sleep every night.
  • Hyungwon speaks Chinese, and he likes to fool other people into thinking that he is Chinese. Other Monsta X members had confirmed that they were all fooled when they first meet Hyungwon as well.
  • Hyungwon has a weird talent of making his arm veins wave.
  • Hyungwon used to live in Germany for 3 months with his family when he was a little child. Hyungwon said he wishes he would have learned German and stayed in German for longer period of time.
  • Other Monsta X members said that they all know when Hyungwon wakes up because the first thing Hyungwon does when he wakes up is coughing.



Given Stage Name: Joohoney (his stage name used to be Jooheon (주헌))
Given Name at Birth: Lee Ho-joon (이호준)
Nationality: Korean
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Place raised: Daegu, South Korea
Position in Monsta X: Vocalist, Main Rapper
Nickname: Honey, Honeybee, Joohoney
Date of Birth: October 6, 1994
Language Ability: English, Korean
Family Member: Father, Mother, Younger Brother
Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)
Height: 177 cm (5’10″)
Language Ability: Korean, English
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Libra


  • Monsta X members pick Jooheon as the best rapper.
  • Jooheon says his forever role model is Michael Jackson.
  • Jooheon said he enjoys writing lyrics and producing music for Monsta X. Jooheon also participated in album jacket production, and also in music video production. Jooheon said he would like to expand his career in producing direction.
  • Jooheon was casted as an actor in Korean drama called “High-End Crush(고품격 짝사랑)” along with other Monsta X members in 2015.
  • Jooheon used to share his room with Minhyuk, I.M and Kihyun. But ever since they moved into a new dorm, Jooheon now lives in the same room as Hyungwon and Shownu.
  • Jooheon has released his first official mixtape in 2015, and his mixtape is called ‘STOP(정지)’.
  • Jooheon’s spirit animal is Bee.
  • Jooheon said his ideal type of girl is anyone who looks good with blue jeans.
  • Jooheon was the first member to be finalized to Monsta X, because he got the most votes from the audience in the survival TV show called ‘No Mercy’.
  • Jooheon was raised in Daegu, so Jooheon speaks Korean with this cute rural accent.
  • Jooheon collaborated with Hyorin from SISTAR and San E in a single album.
  • Jooheon was a former member of ‘NUBOYZ’ which was a K-Pop boy group under Starship Entertainment label. But Jooheon was put into Monsta X instead.
  • Jooheon said he prefers wearing a perfume that smells like baby powder. Jooheon said he even went to the perfume shops and personalized his perfumes so that it smells like babies.
  • Other Monsta X members confirmed that Jooheon might look innocent on the outside, and he is innocent in the inside as well because he never seems to get dirty jokes.
  • Jooheon and other Monsta X boys were not allowed to have their personal phones until they scored number 1 in MusicBank. Because the Starship CEO wanted to motivate them to become better, he banned the use of personal cell phone and SNS until they proved their worth. Harsh, but worked I guess? And therefore Jooheon used e-mail as a mean of communication with other people XD.
  • Jooheon said he has hat obsession because he just cannot seem to stop buying hats even though he already has millions of hats. You can find Jooheon always wearing hats in his photos.
  • Jooheon said he likes his mono-lid eyes, even though Korean beauty standards prefer double eyelid eyes. Jooheon said he will never even consider doing the surgery because there is nothing that he wishes to change on his body. Jooheon truly loves himself as who he is.
  • Other Monsta X members confirmed that Jooheon might seem cold on the outside, but he deeply cares and worry about other people behind the scene. Jooheon is apparently the guy who shows love and care through small actions.
  • Jooheon has two cats, and their names are Gucci(구찌) and Yoshi(요시).
  • Jooheon is close friends with Jackson from GOT7 (JYP Entertainment) and Chanyeol from EXO (SM Entertainment).
  • Jooheon says he loves kissing. I mean, who doesn’t?
  • Jooheon said he never got to try coffee until he was 21 years old. Jooheon said his first coffee tasted so bitter that he did not understand why there were so many cafes selling coffee.
  • Jooheon appeared on MNet rapper survival program called ‘Show Me The Money’ season 4, and made his way up until the round 3.
  • Other Monsta X members said that if your phone ever runs out of battery, you should look for Jooheon because he always carries extra batteries and phone charger with him.
  • Jooheon said if he were to describe himself in one word, it would be ‘dumpling’.



Given Stage Name: I.M (아이엠)
Given Name at Birth: Im Chang-kyun (임창균)
Nationality: Korean
English Name: Danny Im/Daniel Im
Position in Monsta X: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
Date of Birth: January 26, 1996
Place of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea.
Family Member: Father, Mother, Older Brother
Favourite Song: ‘Lucia’ – Daman
Favourite Quote: ‘Do what you love and love what you do’
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Language Ability: Korean, English
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
Favourite Color: White
Nickname: Kookang
Blood Type: O


  • I.M used to travel a lot since he was a little child, and I.M moved around and lived in many different countries hecause I.M’s father is a scientist and his job required him to travel a lot.
  • But thanks to I.M’s father, travelling around the world has made I.M become very fluent in English. I.M’s English name is Daniel/Danny.
  • I.M’s father’s job had inspired I.M and I.M’s dream was to become a scientist or a science teacher like his father. I.M said his father is his all time role model.
  • I.M said he once dissected a rat in his father’s science lab when he was a little child.
  • I.M lived 3 years in Boston, United States and 4 years in Israel.
  • I.M was also casted as an actor in Korean drama called “High-End Crush(고품격 짝사랑)” in 2015 along with other Monsta X members.
  • I.M said he is the most happy person when he gets to hang out with Monsta X members. How cute.
  • I.M said he enjoys writing songs, and he would like to pursue a career as a songwriter one day in the future.
  • I.M used to share his room with Minhyuk, Jooheon and Kihyun in the previous Monsta dorm, but ever since they moved into a new place, now he shares his room with Minhyuk only.
  • I.M said he does not have an ideal type when it comes to dating, I.M said it all depends on the personality and whenever he finds good personality he feels attracted to that girl.
  • I.M was the sixth member to be confirmed as final Monsta X member among 13 trainees attended the ‘No Mercy’ show which was a survival TV show hosted by Starship Entertainment. However, when I.M first showed the show, other trainee were not too happy with him. However, it does not matter because he made it through and proved his worth by collecting the most votes from the audience!
  • I.M trained in Starship Entertainment for 2 years, and he was supposed to be part of the group called ‘Nu’Bility’ and debut in 2014 but he decided to leave the group and auditioned for Monsta X instead.
  • I.M said his favourite place to travel is Osaka in Japan. I.M said he loves travelling, and he thinks it is because his father took him to places when he was a child and he loves seeing the world and different cultures.
  • Other Monsta X members said that I.M is probably the most quiet member, even more so than Shownu who does not talk a lot.
  • I.M said he enjoys looking at the mirror for some reason.
  • Other Monsta X members confirmed that I.M’s phone is always on vibration mode, never on ringtone.
  • I.M said it took him a long time to get close to Wonho because their personality is very different.
  • I.M said it was easiest to get closer to Jooheon because they are both rappers and they shared lots of things in common as a rapper.
  • I.M said he thinks he resembles Dol-Harubang (Stoned grandpa status in Jeju island in South Korea) because I.M does not talk, and he is like a rock, and also because Dol-Harubang has big nose.
  • I.M said he does not have any phobias.
  • I.M said among Monsta X members, Shownu had the best first impression when I.M joined the team.
  • I.M is left handed.
  • I.M said he does not get jealous easily.
  • I.M said he prefers outdoor activities as opposed to indoor activities. I.M said he does not like staying inside for too loke.
  • I.M said that the first thing he does every morning is checking his schedule for the day before doing anything else.
  • I.M has a weird habit of biting Shownu’s arms. When people asked him why, I.M said it is because Shownu’s muscular arms are tasty. XD
  • I.M said he is proud of his long tongue, and he said one of his weird talents is being able to touch his nose and elbow with with his longue tongue.
  • Other Monsta X members said that I.M always keeps his moisturizer in the refrigerator.
  • I.M said he loves playing video games with Kihyun during their downtown.
  • I.M writes lots of lyrics for Monsta X’s songs, along with Jooheon.
  • I.M says he always pray before eating. I.M and Jooheon are the only ones who always pray before eating the meal.
  • I.M is a Christian, and he donated 10% of his salary to church, and sent most of them to their parents. What a good Christian and a son!
  • I.M said he hates spicy food because his taste buds are just not equipped for tolerating the spiciness.
  • I.M said that the saddest thing happened to him during his World Tour is losing his wallet XD.
  • I.M says he has the closest relationship with Jooheon among Monsta X members, and it’s because when I.M first joined Monsta X trainee group everybody hated him and tried to isolate him but Jooheon was the only one who stick with I.M and helped him a lot to go through it all. I.M said he would only share his deepest secret to Jooheon.
  • I.M says he loves lighting the candles because of the mood that it sets.
  • I.M said if he had a sister he would introduce her to Shownu, and if he was a girl himself, he would go date Shounu.


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