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20 Most Interesting Jobs


Never work a boring day in your life with jobs like these:


When the refrigerator was born, so were flavorists. Flavorists are technically called ‘flavor chemists’. These are the geniuses that create artificial and natural flavors by using the science of chemistry. They use almost the same type of equipment as perfumists and have a very similar job. Unfortunately, the processes used to manufacture food kind of get rid of a lot of the flavor in the food itself. We need chemists to keep things tasting interesting and their job is interesting, too!

Underwater Welder

Underwater welding is also called hyperbaric welding and it’s the process of welding at elevated pressures submerged in water! Underwater welder’s have to wear special equipment, almost resembling a scuba diver and they have to work underwater to help build and repair structures, ships, pipelines and even oil platforms. Doesn’t seem like there’d ever be a boring day doing that, does it? As long as you don’t mind getting wet that is.

Wildlife Animal Veterinarian

Wildlife animal vets are one of the best types of vets. They work with animals that range much farther outside of your typical house cat. They get the pleasure of treating crazy awesome animals such as cougars, bears and foxes… Well, they treat mostly any animal that is considered wild! It’s a great job, because they usually work in national parks and wildlife conservatories. The only way you wouldn’t like that, is if you don’t like animals or nature.  Although this job is fun, it is a bit more risky than being a normal veterinarian. This is because wildlife animals are a lot more difficult to deal with and can be aggressive.


Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, chocolatier may be the title for you. Chocolatiers are employed to craft chocolate into so much more than just a food! They make it into art. They should not be confused with chocolate makers, because they don’t actually create the chocolate from the cacao tree. The requirements? Being creative and studying everything chocolate! That doesn’t sound too difficult, right? Sign us up!

Veterinary Acupuncturist

Acupuncture is an ancient medical practice that originates from China. Surely you’ve heard of acupuncture, but were you aware that it’s also practiced on animals!? Acupuncture for animals has been around for thousands of years and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! Not only does this special job allow you to work with animals everyday, but you get to help them heal in a lot of different ways! Be warned, this is not a job for those who are terrified of needles.

Video Game Tester

Can you imagine anything better than getting paid to sit around and play video games all day? We can’t. The catch? There isn’t one. Besides being really good at playing the games, you may need to know a little bit when it comes to computer science and video game design. However, most of these jobs only require a minimum of a high school diploma. The only thing these lucky ducks have to do is give feedback on the games to help make them just a little better!


Archaeologists study human activity. They do this by recovering and examining materials. Fossils and artifacts are discovered through this type of work. If you are an archaeologist, you get a first hand look at history. What’s more interesting than being up close and person with a set of dinosaur bones? The answer: Not much.

International Journalist/Reporter

Getting to cover stories across the world sounds like a dream. Not only do international journalists get the luxury of traveling (all expenses paid), they also get to research some of the worlds top stories and they learn so much while doing it! They are allowed to go behind the scenes and get right in the middle of all of the action. They also get the cool privilege of meeting some of the most important people in the world!

Treasure Hunter

Treasure hunters have similar jobs to archaeologists, but they deal with much cooler materials! Golden treasures, artifacts that were lost in the sea and recovered jewels are among some of the things that treasure hunters seek out! Not only do they get to go to some of the coolest locations, but they get paid pretty heftily for their finds.

Luxury Bed Tester

Luxury bed testers get the glory of literally lying around all day and receiving compensation for it. The only thing you need to be careful of is falling asleep because the beds are just that darn good. Sounds peaceful, doesn’t it?

Paragliding Instructor

Paragliding is the sport of flying para-gliders in the sky! It’s exhilarating and truly gets the blood in you pumping. Paragliding instructors legitimately get paid to fly para-gliders all day every day. They also work in beautiful locations that allow for paragliding, usually along the ocean.  As long as you’re not scared of heights, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Professional Cosplayers

Picture getting to play dress up whenever you want and getting paid for it! Professional cosplayers usually work conventions, parties or festivals. Most participate in cosplay in their spare time as a hobby. It’s truly a job that allows your inner kid to run wild at all times.

Private Island Caretaker

This is a job that takes house sitting to a whole new level. Private island caretakers no longer have to worry about all of the horrendous fees that come with vacationing on a beautiful, tropical island. They can live there for free and enjoy all of the amazing wonders of island life under the employment of, what we presume, would be a millionaire. There’s not a care in the world when you have a job as interesting as this, in a place as magical as that.

Henna Tattoo Artist

Henna is a dye that is made of out shrub leaves. Artists use the dye to color customer’s hair and it can also be used to give them tattoos. Henna artists have one of the most interesting jobs there are out there! They get to be wanderers of the land. They travel from festival to festival and set up a booth where they then get to do what they love all day- ART! There are some henna tattoo shops that are set up in one location, so not all artists wander and some even work out of their own homes and they often have the privilege of being their own bosses. The best part of all is that most seem to live carefree, happy lifestyles!

Fortune Cookie Writer

Do you like being creative? Do you like deciding the fates of millions of hungry people? Then fortune cookie writer is the job for you. Maybe they even let you eat the cookies on your breaks. That’d be fantastic.

Food Critic

Although you may need to have some background in food to pursue this career, it certainly sounds like a dream come true. Food critics get to eat at some of the most incredible restaurants there are. The food part of the deal is great as it is, but what makes it even better is having the restaurant staff practically fear you and bow down to you as if you are royalty.

Forensic Scientist

Have you ever watched Bones or even spent a little bit of time viewing the investigation discovery channel? If so, you may have an idea of what a forensic scientist is and what they do. They work to collect and analyze evidence during criminal investigations. You must have a strong stomach for this job, but it is a pretty interesting one to do!

Private Detective

Also known as a P.I or private investigator, they play a major role in discovering even the deepest and darkest of secrets there are out there. Not only do they see and hear some pretty weird, not to mention interesting, things, they take fact finding to the extreme. There is never a boring day doing a job like this one.

Foley Artist

Foley is the reproduction of common, everyday sound effects so that they can be used in film. A Foley artist is the person who recreates those sounds! You know that wind whistling in the background or when they knock over a garbage can in a chase scene? Those sounds are created by a foley artist! Pretty cool, huh?


Astronauts, or cosmonauts, are trained to pilot, command or serve on a spacecraft crew. Spacemen have one of the most amazing jobs! Not only do they get to immerse themselves in the field of science, they also get to play with zero gravity and sometimes even go to space! Although the training to become an astronaut is no easy task, it’s all worth it in the end. Imagine going to the moon or receiving the first images of Saturn! How cool would that be?



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