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Moth Symbolism


Whether you just want to understand the deeper meaning behind the moth or you want to understand why a moth would be your spirit guide, there is actually a lot of information about moth symbolism. If you are trying to work with an animal spirit guide, then you may wonder how to tell what your spirit guide will be and what you should do.

In general, you never have to seek out your spirit guide. If an animal is meant to be your guide, it will find you. The animal will make itself known to you. Like many spiritual things, your guide is aware that you might not think too much about seeing it once or twice. Because of this, your spirit guide will keep returning until you start to pay attention. You might keep seeing the same animal as you take your afternoon walk, or the same animal may keep reappearing in online advertisements and television shows. You might even hear someone talking about the animal in a conversation as you walk by. When an animal keeps returning to your life in some format, it is because your spirit guide is trying to reach out to you and help you progress on a spiritual level.

Moth Symbolism

Once you notice that your animal guide is present, the next step is to pay attention to them and learn more about them. Look at the mythology and stories behind the animal. Learn about where they live, what they eat, how they mate, how they hunt and how they move. Sometimes, the animal spirit guide will disappear once you understand their message, but another one will often appear afterward.

The Mythology Behind the Moth

Over thousands of years, the moth has been variously feared and admired depending on the culture. Often, people think of the moth as a hairier, less attractive version of the beautiful butterfly. While butterflies may steal all the glory, moths have a number of unique qualities.

One of the most beautiful moths in the entire world is the hummingbird moth. Found in many different countries, this moth is known for being exceptionally large. It can flap its wings so fast that they can sometimes be confused with the hummingbird.

These humming bird moths are sometimes known as the Spinx moth. While they can be found in the United States, they actually originated in Africa. They are able suck nectar from flowers using their long mouths. Like a hummingbird, they hover above the flowers as they eat.

There are other moth myths and stories throughout the world. In Appalachia, there are a number of folktales and superstitions about moths. According to one superstition, seeing a group of white moths was a sign that your ancestors were watching over you. These moths were thought to bring messages about love and protection.

In Mexico, there is another mythology around black moths. There is a type of moth that is commonly known as the Black Witch. When someone sees this moth, it is said to be a harbinger of death. When someone sees the moth, they may become overcome by fear as its bat-like body flits across the skyline.

Over the years, a number of myths about moths have developed among Native American tribes. In one California-based tribe, moth cocoons were said to be used as rattles. Many Native American tribes viewed the moth as a powerful, sacred being. One particular mouth twas thought to be a harbinger of death. This harbinger was the death’s head hawk moth. If you are looking at the moth closely, it looks like it is painted with a skull pattern. It looks so dangerous and ominous that it was even featured in the popular horror film, Silence of the Lambs. Now, the death’s head hawk moth is said to be a sign that your old life is coming to an end. Your old life is metaphorically dying to make way for a fresh start and a new beginning in the near future.

A Guide to Using a Moth as Your Animal Guide

If you keep seeing moths everywhere, then it might be a sign that the moth is trying to teach you a lesson. Animal spirit guides often reappear when they want to teach you some valuable lesson or help you grow as a person. With so many confusing, conflicting myths about moths, it can obviously be quite a struggle to figure out what the moth is actually trying to tell you.

Typically, a moth will represent one of three things. By looking at your life, you can figure out which of these things your moth guide is trying to tell you.

1. Transformation

A moth goes through a metamorphosis like a butterfly. Over time, it gradually transforms from a tiny caterpillar into a beautiful moth. This transformation is symbolic for the type of transformation that people go through. As a child, you spend your time learning and being guided by your parents. Over time, you transform into an adult who is able to take flight and be free.

Right now, you may be navigating an importation transition in your life. You may be going away to college, ending a relationship or starting a new career. Seeing the moth could be a sign that you have to let some aspects of your old self go so that you can accept the new sides of your being and a fresh start. Growth can only happen if you are willing to let go of the past.

2. Darkness and Light

Moths are intricately connected to the light and dark. At night, a moth uses the moon to guide its flight. When you light a candle or a lamp, the moth flies in circles and into the candle because it thinks that it is revolving around the moon.

This balance of darkness and light may represent something in your life. You may be misguided or ignoring something in your life. Seeing your moth guide may be a sign that you have to reveal the secrets concealed in your life and draw your soul into the light.

3. Mystery

Another common interpretation of the moth is mystery. Your spirit guide may trying to reveal the mysteries of the spiritual world or the occult. It may be a sign that some of the mysteries of life will be revealed, but you have to keep your mind open if you want to see them.


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