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Mother of the Bride Speeches


With the wedding approaching quickly, you need just the right mother of the bride speeches to give on the occasion. While the father of the bride normally does the speech, the mother of the bride may have to do the speech if the father is not present for some reason. If you are like most people, giving a speech can feel extremely intimidating. Luckily, we have some mother of the bride speech examples that you can use to get started. You will probably want to incorporate some specific examples or stories from your own relationship to your daughter as you write this speech. To get you started though, we have a number of different examples that you can use.

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1. Like many mothers, I have always hoped that my daughter would have the best things in life. She never gave me any reason to worry, but still I prayed that her life would work out the way that she wanted to. When you have a child, you only want the best things for their lives. One of the most important pieces to happiness is who you marry. The person that you spend your life with determines how happy you are and how supported you are through difficult times. When (Bride) met (Groom), I knew that my prayers were answered. While she was happy before, she was suddenly incandescent after meeting him. It seemed like her life was suddenly complete. I thank God every day that these two lovebirds managed to find each other.

2. Hello, everyone. I am (Bride’s) mother. Some of you know how I met her father, but I will save the details for a later story. The main thing that matters is how it felt. In that one moment, I knew that I had found the right person. It was like a new seed of love was planted in my heart, and I was just watching it grow into an enormous tree. That kind of love is special and unique. When you are lucky enough to find that type of love in this life, it is important to nurture it and let it grow.

This was how I knew that (Groom) was the right man for (Bride). The moment that we were introduced to him, we saw a love that was blooming like a brilliant flower. It was a love that knew no limits and shined brightly in the darkness. I think that I speak for everyone here when I saw how blessed I am to see this love. I hope for many years of love and happiness for the both of you.

3. As the mother of the most amazing girl in the world, I know just how deserving she is. It seemed like no one would ever meet the standard I have for her suitors. I wanted the best for my daughter, and I was amazed when I met (Groom). Suddenly, it seemed like there was finally someone who was good enough for my daughter. Seeing them together today, I know just how right they are together.

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4. My daughter was the best thing that ever happened to me. Of course, it has never been perfect all the time. Like any mother and daughter, we have had our disagreements, ups and downs. No matter what, we have loved each other through everything. While I was always hoping that she would remain my little girl forever, she eventually grew up. Now that she is an adult, she may not need me to hold her hand, but she will always be in my heart. She is now marrying a loving, wonderful husband, but she will remain a little girl in my heart forever.

5. Hello, everyone. I am (Bride’s) mother. My daughter has always been curious, even when she was just a little girl. When she was still small, she asked me how I knew that her father was the right man for me. The only thing I could say was that sometimes you just know. Marriages are like DNA or fingerprints. Each marriage is unique, different and beautiful in its own way. All good marriages share some common traits like commitment, love and respect. Because of these qualities, her father and I still have a healthy, strong marriage decades later.

While (Bride) and (Groom) have only known each other for a couple of years, you can already tell that this is a marriage that will last a lifetime. It is like they have known each other for their entire lives. Even after decades have passed, their love will still be there.

6. People say that your wedding day is the most memorable, happy day in your entire life. Our wedding day was what I thought would be the happiest day in my life, but I was wrong. The day my daughter was born was the happiest day of my life. Now that she is getting married, I have another day to add to the list. I have watched you grow into an amazing, talented woman. You are as smart as you are kind. I am proud to watch you grow into a woman and find a perfect partner. As you start on your life together, I wish you peace and happiness. May you always start each day of your marriage with an “I love you,” and may you never go to bed early.

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7. When you are are lucky enough to find your true love, you know that you have to hold on to them forever. (Bride) ended up being the product of that kind of love. Now, she has found the same special love in her life. Knowing that (Bride) and (Groom) will always have each other is a blessing that I am so happy to watch unfold.

8. Hello, everyone. I am (Bride’s) older sister. All jokes aside, I am her mother. Like most mothers and daughters, we have had our good times and our bad. I would not change any of our memories for anything in the world. I have been lucky enough to have such an amazing daughter, and even luckier to watch my lovely daughter marry an amazing man.

9. Hello, everybody. I am (Bride’s) mother. As the other parents out there know, we end up loving our children with our entire heart and being. Watching them grow up can be hard. You are proud to see who they become, but you miss the little girl who used to cry and ask you to kiss her boo-boos. Now that (Bride) is older, I am so proud to see who she has become. I thank God that she has found so much love with (Groom). May they have a happy, healthy life together.

10. (Bride), you are such an amazing person. I know that I am biased because I am your mother, but I think that you are the most amazing person in the world. I never thought that you would be able to find someone who deserved you, but (Groom) has changed my mind. He is so lucky to have you, and I am unbelievably thankful that you found each other. You two are truly perfect for each other. May you walk together in life and always find comfort in each other’s arms.


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