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150 Mud Run Team Names


If you are one of the crazy people who love mud runs, then we have you covered. We have 150 mud run team names that you can use to set your team apart. Before you get down and dirty, check out some of the best names for mud run teams.

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1. Lowered Expectations: This name does not bode well for your team’s chances of success.

2. Girls Gone Muddy: You’ve heard of Girls Gone Wild, right? This is the more fun and wild option.

3. I Paid To Do This?: After you start racing, you won’t believe that you actually paid to do this.

4. Dirty Divas: Cute!

5. Warrior Princesses: You are warriors, alright.

6. The Filthy Clams: This is a dirty team name.

7. Mudder Brudders: This is a great mud run team name for a group of guys.

8. Team Geriatric: Use this for an older team.

9. Mud Men: This is for a group of guys.

10. It’s a Mudderful World: With a name like this, you will not have to choose a theme song.

11. Mud Sharks: Because your team consists of born competitors.

12. The Filthy Femmes: This is an awesome name for a group of ladies.

13. Mudley Crew: This is a modification of the phrase, “motley crew.”

14. Rapid Thigh Movement: This is a variation on the phrase rapid eye movement.

15. Mudd Flaps: This is a cute option.

16. Word to Your Mudder!: Nice!

17. A La Mudd: This is a high-class sounding name.

18. Mud Pies: They might look like pies, but you probably should not eat them.

19. Mud-Wise-errs: This is a variation on a type of beer.

20. Mud Slinging Mamas: You aren’t the typical soccer moms.

21. Your Pace or Mine?: Go with whichever pace is fastest.

22. Dirty Half Dozen: Nice!

23. Team Speed Bump: Are you the speed bump or are you hitting speed bumps? You decide.

24. Mountain Slayers: That mountain never knew what hit it.

25. Girls Gone Muddy!: Adorable!

26. Mud Sistas: This is one of the cutest mud run team names for a group of girls.

27. Mudholes: The pun this comes from is probably best reserved for non-polite company.

28. Mud Flaps: Awesome!

29. Team Powers: Because your team brings all of the power to the course.

30. Keep Calm and Mudder on: This is a cute option, although it is a bit long.

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31. Dude… Where’s My Vans?: You don’t want to bring your best pair of shoes to the course because you might lose them.

32. Happy Feet: Adorable!

33. The Moustachios: This sounds like a great team name for a group of guys.

34. Call Me a Cab: At some point during your first mud run, you will probably wish that you could just get a cab.

35. Mudd Puppies: Cute!

36. Scrambled Legs: This is a variation on the morning meal, scrambled eggs.

37. Down With the Brown: Be ready to get muddy.

38. Mind Over Mudder: If you don’t mind, it won’t matter.

39. Got the Runs: Or you could shorten this to, “Got Runs?”

40. Dirty Dozen: Fun!

41. Make Mud Not War: This is a fun option to go with.

42. Muddy Moonshine Mamas: You might be a mother, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want a bit of moonshine after a muddy race.

43. Pretty Lil’ Mudders: Adorable!

44. Sole Train: This is a cute option.

45. Mud Slingers: This is a fun mud run team name to choose.

46. Something Wicked This Way Runs: It might be a bit long, but this is a rather cute team name.

47. From the Mudderland: Nice!

48. Run Like the Winded: Hopefully, this will not describe the way you race.

49. Sex Panthers: This is a bit ironic since no one is going to feel that sexy at the end of a mud run.

50. Bad Brother Muckers: Fun!

51. Mudpie Mamas: This is a cute option.

52. The Muddy Idiots: I think the word muddy is a play on “ruddy.”

53. Bad Mudders: This is better than the less PG word it sounds like.

54. Achilles Heals: You heal, so you don’t actually have an Achilles heel.

55. Fighting Like Girls: Why do people ever think that fighting like a girl is a bad thing?

56. Pretty Lil’ Mudders: Cute!

57. Muddy Minions: This is a fun option.

58. Agony of De Feet: Your feet will certainly be in agony.

59. Twisted Blisters: This is an apt description of what your feet will look like soon.

60. Run??? I Thought They Said RUM!: This would be such a sad realization.

mud run team names

61. Shrinkage: Fun.

62. Lager Ladies: This is a cute option that wins bonus points for alliteration.

63. Muddstaches: This would be a great mud run team name for a group of guys.

64. The Muddy Ducklings: Adorable!

65. Mud Bugs: This sounds cuter than it would actually look like in real life.

66. Mudder Fockers: Not appropriate for an all-age group run.

67. Team Mudslide: Nice—can we drink a mudslide after the run?

68. Mudd Militia: Cute!

69. Mudaholics: Because you can never seem to get enough of the mud.

70. The Mudbugs: This variation of Mud Bugs looks like a band name.

71. Not That Drunk: After the run, you might be!

72. The Sordid Ladies: Fun!

73. Nap Time at the Finish Line: I can’t wait for the finish line then!

74. Filthy Milfs: For mothers who love to compete and don’t mind a bit of dirty language.

75. Pass the Buck: Fun!

76. Baptized in Muddy Water: That’s for sure.

77. Band of Brudders: This is an adorable play on words.

78. Smells Like Team Spirit: Not really true.

79. Law and Odor: This is definitely closer to the truth.

80. Lucky Mud Charms: Perhaps the next race will be your good luck charm.

81. I Lost My Shoe!: Hopefully, this team name does not foretell the future.

82. Muddy Mamas: Nice!

83. Mud Crushers: Because you crush the competition.

84. Dirt Digglers: This sounds cute, but I am not quite sure what it actually means.

85. Primus Tough: Because your team is always the toughest.

86. How the West Was Run: So cute!

87. Mud Up Wit’ Dat?: Fun!

88. Scrambled Legs and Achin’: Later, you can actually get scrambled eggs and bacon.

89. Dirty Dolls: Cute.

90. Mud, Sweat and Beers: Can we skip to the last step, please?

91. Mudderella Slippers: Adorable.

92. Dirty Martinis: Do you like your martinis dirty?

93. Down and Dirty: That’s for sure.

94. Beer Me: Forget the run—did someone say beer?

95. Mind Over Mudder: Cute!

96. Pimp My Stride: This is a variation on the television show, Pimp My Ride.

97. Buns on the Run: This is a cute option.

98. How I Met Your Mudder: This is a variation on the television show, How I Met Your Mudder.

99. Dirty Patriots: Nice!

100. Dingy Dames: This is a cute option for a group of ladies.

mud runs team names

101. Hello, Mudders: Sweet.

102. Rub Some Dirt on It: Hopefully, not.

103. Chafing the Dream: Because you can’t always be chasing the dream.

104. Muddy Buddies: That’s true.

105. Run for Your Life: Hopefully, you will never have to actually do this.

106. Wicked Mudders: Fun!

107. Dreamy Mudders: For the dreamy mothers out there.

108. Our Name Is Mud: Hopefully, not.

109. Muddy Monks: For a group of single guys who compete together.

110. Brudders From Other Mudders: Nice!

111. Pigs Flying: This is how most people feel their chances of doing a mud run are before they actually do one.

112. Dashing Divas: Cute!

113. The Mudder Ship: For all of the sci-fi fans out there.

114. Purty Mudder Fudders: Nice.

115. Mud Buds: Because you become buds in the mud.

116. Poopy Pants: This is not actually the truth, but it sure does look like it after a mud run.

117. Mudder, May I?: Did you ever play this game as a kid?

118. Mudders Milk: This sounds like the name of a group of new moms.

119. Kings of the Mud: For the group of guys who plans on winning.

120. Run for Your Life: Hopefully, not.

121. Queens of the Mud: This is the ladies version of Kings of the Mud.

122. Full Muddy Jacket: Cute.

123. The Diggers: At least, this is what your mud run feels like.

124. Run for Fun: How many people are actually having fun and how many people just wish that everything was over?

125. I Made a Mistake: This is how most people feel for a bit of their first mud run.

126. Eat Our Dust: Other teams better watch out for you guys!

127. Dream Team: This is one of the most popular sports team names ever.

128. Dirty Dolls: For a group of girls.

129. Made for Mud: This is a fun mud run team name.

130. Four Score & Seven Blisters Ago: This is a play on the initial phrase in the Gettysburg Address.

mud run bad ass team names

131. Dusty Divas: This is one of the better mud run team names for a group of women.

132. Scrambled Legs: That is definitely how your legs are going to feel.

133. In Need of Showers: Showers will be possible soon enough.

134. Dirty Mugs: Your “mugs” are definitely going to get dirty.

135. The Dirt Skirts: Cute!

136. The Dugout: Why not?

137. Where’s the Beer?: Excellent question.

138. Dirty Laundry: This is not metaphorical.

139. Better Wetter: Because you will all eventually be wet and muddy by the end of the race.

140. Muddying the Waters: Yup.

141. Dusty Dolls: This is a cute team name for a bunch of girls.

143. 50 Shades of Mud: This was one of the more popular mud run team names a few years ago when the book was rising in popularity.

144. Free Muddstache Rides: This is a clever, silly name for a group of guys.

145. Mud Bloods: If you loved Harry Potter, you will love this reference.

146. All or Mudding: It truly is all or nothing in a mud run.

147. Mud Kings: For the kings of the mud.

148. Dusty Roses: This is a cute nae that would work well for a group of girls.

149. Mud Makers: This is a fun mud run team name.

150. This Won’t Dirt: Whoever said that this won’t hurt was probably lying.


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