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38 Mushroom Puns


There are so many mushroom puns and jokes out there. Whether you love eating mushrooms or forage in the wilderness for your favorite fungi, these mushroom puns are you. On your next foraging trip, bring these mushroom puns along to help brighten the mood and make everyone around you smile. You can also use them to inspire your own unique, creative mushroom puns and jokes.

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Mushroom Puns

1. Why was the mushroom always invited to the best parties? Because everyone thought that he was a really fun-guy.

2. What type of room can be eaten? A mush-room!

3. What do you get if you mix a full suitcase and a toadstool? I don’t know, but you won’t get mushroom for your vacation clothes!

4. What did one mushroom say to another? There really isn’t mush room in here, is there?

5. Why do toadstools always seem to grow so close to each other? Because they really don’t need mush room.

6. Why did the guy keep lugging around his book about mushrooms? He heard that it was really portabella.

7. What was it like eating a mushroom for the first time? Truly magical.

8. Did you hear that one joke about the funny mushroom? I would tell it to you, but it really needs time to grow on you.

9. Why wouldn’t the vegetarian girl eat the mushrooms? Someone told her that they were oyster mushrooms.

10. What do mushroom cars sound like? Shroom Shroom.

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11. Why did the mushroom hate going to school? Because he was always so spore-d.

12. What vegetable tastes best with jacket potatoes? Button mushrooms.

13. Why are mushroom puns the best? Because they are very portabella.

14. Why did the fungi always turn down seconds at dinner? Because he never had mushroom.

15. Why did the fungi have to leave the Halloween party? There just wasn’t mush room.

16. What did the writer call his encyclopedia about mushrooms? A Fungi-de to the Mushroom.

17. Why was the forager in such an amazing mood? He picked and ate the wrong mushrooms.

18. Why did Ms. Mushroom want to date Mr. Mushroom? Because she heard that he was a fungi (fun guy).

19. Where do fungi go to sleep? In a mushroom.

20. What are the most beautiful mushrooms in the world? The porta-bella mushroom.

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21. Why is the only type of room that you can’t live in? A mushroom.

22. What does a woman call a mushroom that has a foot-long penis? A fun-guy to date!

23. Why wouldn’t the Dursley family ever eat mushrooms? Because that heard that they were magic.

24. Why did the mushroom never have a lot of money? Because he was just too spore.

25. Where do mushrooms land their airplanes? At the air-portabella.

26. What type of room has no walls, doors or windows? A mushroom.

27. Why did the fairy sit down on the toadstool? Because she was tired of flying.

28. The Broccoli said that it looked like a tree. Walnut thought he looked like a brain. The Mushroom felt like an umbrella. Banana wanted to change the topic.

29. Why did the ex-girlfriend call the police on the mushroom? Because he just wouldn’t stop stalking her.

30. How do you tell poisonous mushrooms from edible ones? You give them to your little brother to eat first.

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31. What did the mushroom tell the doctor? Nothing because mushrooms can’t speak.

32. A mushroom walked into the bar. The bartender told him that they didn’t have much room. The mushroom said, “But, hey, I’m a fun guy!

33. A guy walks into the doctor’s office. He has a carrot in his ear, a mushroom in his nose and a cucumber ion his other ear. In a panic, he asks the doctor what is wrong with him. Before the doctor starts the exam, he says,”Well, first, you have to start eating more sensibly.”

34. How did the mushroom decorate his house? With a toadstool.

35. What type of fungi do you find at a seafood bar? Oyster mushrooms.

36. Why did the guy eat a poisonous mushroom? He thought that any morel would do.

37. Why did the girl hate eating mushrooms? She thought that they were too mushy.

38. How did the guy know that he had eaten magic mushrooms? The mushrooms started dancing.

Mushrooms are one of my favorite foods, and they make for some fairly decent mushroom puns and jokes. If you are a vegetarian, then learning to love mushrooms is a good choice. These fungi are jam-packed with the nutrients and protein you need. Whether you make yourself a delicious mushroom steak or sauteed them in butter, these fungi are a delectable part of any diet. If we missed any of your favorite mushroom puns or jokes, make sure to leave a comment with your favorite ones at the bottom of the article.


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