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My Boyfriend Doesn’t Listen to Me When I Talk


When you are in love with someone, you expect them to care about you and listen to you when you talk. When your boyfriend constantly ignores you, it hurts your self-confidence. You wonder why he does not care about you and why he is neglecting you. While this may be just a part of his personality, it could also be a potential sign that relationship trouble is in your future.

my boyfriend doesn't listen when i sayNothing hurts your relationship like not being able to talk to your partner. When you do not feel like you are being heard, you start to shut down. The best relationships are based on trust and open communication, so it is important to figure out why your boyfriend doesn’t listen to you when you talk and how to solve the problem.

1. Confirmation Bias

This is a psychological term that means people tend to listen to things that confirm what they already believe. If you say something that contradicts their beliefs, they are less likely to listen. While there might be other reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t listen to you when you talk, this is one of the reasons why he might be less inclined to believe what you say sometimes.

2. Cognitive Dissonance

This is another psychological term. When someone is angry or upset, they are less likely to listen. Their automatic reaction is to say that you are wrong or not important enough to hear. This type of response means that your boyfriend is less likely to listen to what you say if he is angry at you for some reason.

3. He Is Not a Good Listener

Many women complain because their boyfriends or husbands do not really listen to them. This is unfortunately a very common problem. People like to focus on themselves and what they did. If they view something as less important—like a hobby that you love and he is not interested in–, then they are less likely to listen to it. Listening skills take time, so talk to your boyfriend about the problem and be patient while he learns how to be a better listener.

husband doesn't listen to my needs

4. He Doesn’t Care

While this is rarely the case, it could be the potential reason why he does not listen. If your boyfriend views you as just a fling or a back up option, then he will not want to put a lot of time and effort into the relationship. Without even realizing it, he dismisses your views because he just doesn’t care that much about how you feel or think.

5. He Is Too Busy

In modern life, people are frequently too busy with work or school to sit down and have an honest conversation. Perhaps his mind is focused on a big project at work or an exam that is coming up. There might be a problem with his family or friends that is distracting him constantly. If you know that he is busy or stressed out, then just wait because this situation may change.

How to Decide If You have a Problem

Sometimes, a boyfriend who never listens is a sign of a problem in the relationship. In other relationships, it is just who he is or a sign he is busy. To decide if this is a problem, you should start by looking at if his behavior has changed. If he has never been a good listener, then it probably is not something you should worry about right away. You obviously need to get him to listen better to keep the relationship going, but his lack of listening is just who he is and how he normally responds.

If, on the other hand, he suddenly stops listening, then there is something that you need to worry about. When your boyfriend’s behavior suddenly changes, it could be a sign that he wants to break up with you or is not committed to the relationship anymore. His behavior could also change suddenly because of a new problem at work or school. You have to figure out why his behavior changed before you can decide if it is a serious problem.

If the reason why he is not listening is because he wants to break up with you, then that may be your only option. If he is just a bad listener or stressed out at work, your next step is to talk to him about it. Try to be open and kind so that he does not get defensive. Let him know that it hurts when he does not listen, and you want to work on communicating better as a couple. He should feel like this is something you can work on together and you are not trying to accuse him of anything. The goal is to get him to work on the relationship, so the last thing that you want is for him to be offended or upset.


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