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My Boyfriend Never Does Anything Romantic and Barely Even Kisses Me


When you are first dating someone, you expect a bit of awkwardness. You know that they may feel uncomfortable doing anything early on, but that awkwardness should go away over time. If your boyfriend never does anything romantic and barely kisses you after weeks or months of dating, you start to wonder if something is wrong. After all, it seems only logical that he would start to show how he really feels at this point in time, right?

how do i get my boyfriend to be more romantic

Perhaps your boyfriend has said that he is not the romantic type. Some people do not feel comfortable showing all of their emotions to anyone else, even if they are dating that person. While you understand that he does not plan amazing dates, it seems like a bunch of flowers would not be too much to ask for.

Worse still, he never engages in foreplay. You have come to terms with the fact that he is not particularly romantic, but you expect a bit of hand holding or kissing from someone you love. Is he just not that interested in you or is he really that clueless?

Why Your Boyfriend Never Does Anything Romantic

Before you jump to conclusions, you should look at the way he treats you in general. After all, someone shows how they really feel by how they act. He might not be romantic, but he could show how he really feels by what he does. When you are exhausted and arrive home late from work, does he do the dishes or make dinner to make your life easier? When you are stressed out at work, does he listen as you talk through your problems?

Your boyfriend might not be romantic or sentimental, but he can show his love by always being there when you need him and listening to you. If he shows you how he feels through other actions, then you do not have to keep reading this article. He just isn’t romantic. If he shows his love in other ways, then you know that he cares and nothing is going on. You might want to talk to him about how you like romantic gestures or kisses, but that is all that you really need to do.

what does it mean when your boyfriend won't kiss you

1. He Is Clueless

The worst thing that you can ever do is to expect your boyfriend to read your mind. Even when you think that something is obvious—like wanting to hold hands or kiss–, he might not realize that you want to be romanced. There is an excellent chance that your boyfriend is just completely clueless. Perhaps he has never had a serious relationship before, so he does not know what to do. Or, his last girlfriend did not like or expect romance, so he assumed that he should do the same thing. Whatever the case, your best bet is to just talk to him about how you feel. And if you want to show him how to be more romantic, start by being romantic yourself. There is no reason that you cannot initiate kisses or plan amazing dates. He might just need you to lead the way and set the example.

2. He Is Afraid

When you fall in love with someone, it is exciting. It can also be terrifying. You are afraid about what will happen if the relationship ends. You are terrified that you will make the wrong move, and this person that you care so deeply for will leave you. If he is deliberately not being romantic, it may be because he is afraid. He does not want to get more emotionally committed than he already is, so he holds back.

3. He Does Not Know How You Feel

When you care about someone, it seems impossible that they could feel the same way. If you have only been together for a short period f time, then he may be afraid that you do not feel the same way about him. He does not want to be romantic or to kiss you because he is afraid that you do not want him to. The only option in this situation is to either talk to him about it or wait until he is comfortable and confident in the relationship.

4. He Does Not See It as a Relationship

If you started off your relationship as a one-night stand or a fling, then he might not think of it as a relationship. He does not act romantically because he does not see a future in the relationship. The easiest way to find out is to just ask him how he feels and what he wants. There is nothing wrong with just having a sexual fling, but both partners need to be aware that that is all the relationship will be.


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