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My Boyfriend Never Has Time for Me


When you are in a relationship, it is because you want to spend time with your boyfriend. When he does not spend time with you, it makes you rethink the entire relationship. Is he just busy? Does he not actually see you as relationship potential? What is going on when your boyfriend never has time for you?

There are a number of reasons why your boyfriend might not make time for you. These range from him just lacking the time to not really being interested in having a relationship. To figure out what the real reason is, you have to look at his behavior and the entire situation. Don’t jump to conclusions to fast. If it bothers you, have an open and honest conversation with your boyfriend about it.

1. He Just Does Not Have Time

One obvious reason why your boyfriend never has time for you is that he just does not have the time. Between work, family, a social life and some “me” time, he has very little time left over. If he is always in a rush and is putting in overtime at work, you can be pretty certain that this is the reason for his behavior.

2. He Has Different Priorities

This is especially common for guys who have rarely been in relationships. If he spent the last few months or years as a single guy, he is used to having a certain schedule in his life. He is used to spending weekends and free time with his friends. It takes time to readjust your life, so don’t rush him. It is actually healthy for your partner to have friends and hobbies, so don’t push him too much. He obviously needs to make time for you more often, but give him time to gradually adjust to being in a relationship.

3. He Is Not Really Interested

While this is not always the reason, it is a possible cause for his behavior. If he only sees you as a fling, then he does not want to put a lot of effort into the relationship. When someone does not see the relationship as something that will last, they will naturally avoid putting too much effort into it.

Sometimes, guys will also stop spending time with their girlfriend when he is planning a break up. He doesn’t want to face you as he plans out the break up, so he avoids being around you. In addition, he may be hoping that spending less and less time will gradually give you the hint and get you to move on.

What Is the Real Reason?

Only you can determine the real reason why your boyfriend never has time for you. It might be a busy schedule or different priorities, but only you can look at the situation and figure out the right answer. Start by looking at his schedule. Is he just busy? If so, you just have to wait for things to calm down for the situation to change.

Is his behavior different now than it was in the past? If he used to spend a lot of time with you and his schedule hasn’t changed, then you have a reason to be worried. When a guy suddenly stops making time for you, then it is a sign that there is a problem in the relationship. While he might not be contemplating a break up yet, it is a sign that part of his mind is starting to check out. You have a chance to change things around, but you have to act quickly to start repairing the relationship and making things right again.

What Should You Do?

If you have been feeling neglected because your boyfriend never has time for you, just talk to your boyfriend. He may not realize how you feel, and the only way he will find out is if you tell him. You could also make a fun date that helps you guys reconnect. A go-kart racing trip, a fun hike or a romantic dinner are all great ways to have fun and spend time together. If your boyfriend loves you, he will want to make you happy. While you should understand that he might be busy with other things, he should also be willing to spend more time with his girlfriend to make her happy.

When you boyfriend does not have time for you because he is busy, your best bet is to focus on your own self-development. Sometimes, life gets in the way of everything else. Business, school and family matters can keep you busy and unable to spend time with your partner. You can try to make time to be together, but you also might need to understand if he just doesn’t have any extra time.


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