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My Girlfriend Said She Never Loved Me


We hear a lot of things in our lives that might make us sad or uncomfortable. Sometimes from our peers, sometimes our family and other times it can come from the people that we love. And these things might get us right where it hurts. Once we hear it, we can’t forget it. Which is sorrowful indeed, but hey- that’s life. Relationships are complex. They can be messy and hard to conquer. Especially when you hear something such as, “I never loved you.”


That one has to hurt.

And it definitely does. More than we might care to admit. Your girlfriend may have said those exact words to you. And now you’re struggling, because you simply don’t understand why.

Why would she say something so hurtful to you? Why would she say that, when she darn well knows that you did love her?

Women are confusing, but this can take them to a whole different level in that category.

Which is why we are here to help you out today. We want to run through all of the reasons that she might have told you she never loved you. Yes, there is more than one!  she never really loved me

So stick with us for just a little bit longer and get the answers you have been searching for below!

The Reasons

She Is Trying To Hurt You

Alright… So, this might make her sound bad, but it could be the reason as to why she said she never loved you. She is intentionally trying to get to you. She wants to hurt you. This might be due to the fact that things between you two have gotten a bit messy. Resentment could bring her to say nasty things like that, too. Or it could be a sign that she is a little bit of a sociopath. This is not a great way to deal with things when a relationship gets complicated. Trying to hurt your partner, even with words, is never healthy. This might the time for you to consider whether or not continuing your relationship is a smart idea.

She Cheated On You

She could be saying that she never loved you because her love was placed elsewhere. Meaning in another person. She might have been having an affair before she could have even developed a strong enough connection to you to love you. Or she might have fallen out of love with you pretty quickly because she started seeing someone else. However, there is really no way to know whether or not this is the reason unless she tells you. Or you hire a private investigator.

My Girlfriend Said She Never Loved Me

She Never Actually Loved You

We hate to write this but- She might actually just be trying to be honest with you. The truth often hurts. But she might feel as if it is time to come clean and be straightforward with you about how she feels. You may not be exactly thrilled to hear it, but it needs to be said. There is no point in proceeding with things between the two of you if the love is not there. Because if she hasn’t grown to love you by now, especially if you have been together for an extended period of time, she probably won’t grow to feel that way anytime soon. How can you fix this? It might be time to move on. Sorry, friend.

You Said Something Hurtful To Her

Sometimes we say mean things to people because we are reciprocating. So if you had said something that really hurt her, she might feel like she needs to say something in return to get back at you. This might just have been a knee jerk reaction as well. So think carefully. What did you say to her before she said that she never loved you? Did you say something as equally awful? If so, you have your answer.

She’s Lying

She might just be lying to you. We don’t really know why she would want to lie about it. There could be a number of things to motivate her to do so. But we cannot sit and go through all of them with you. There is simply too many. If you two were fighting, space is a good idea. Give her time to calm down  before asking her if she was lying or not.

she never liked me

She’s Trying To Instigate You

There are times when people say harsh things to get a rise out of you. Generally this is applied to bullies. However, people in stressful relationships can act this way as well. She may be trying to pick a fight with you or make you feel bad for some reason.

She Wants To End Things

She could be coming forward with this information, because she no longer wants to have a relationship with you at all. She could feel like telling you would be a good way of putting an end to things.


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