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100 Names for Blue, Gray, and Silver Dogs


Now that you found the perfect pup, what are you going to call him? If you are struggling to name your dog, then this list will help you get started. We have included 100 names for blue, gray, and silver dogs, but let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorites.

100 Names for Blue, Gray, and Silver Dogs

1. Slate: This gray stone is known for being a strong stone.

2. Misty: A wonderful name that evokes thoughts of the blue ocean.

3. Argent: This is the French word for silver.

4. Ash: The gray remnant of wood that has been burned.

5. Brock: A name of strength and power.

6. Gandalf: This wizard’s name and title is Gandalf the Grey.

7. Glacier: This icy blue geological formation is known for its endurance.

8. Shadow: Used for black and gray dogs to denote their dark coloration.

9. Cobalt: A blue element known for its thermal conductivity.

10. Memphis: A city known for the musical genre: the Blues.

11. Nickel: A metallic metal that is silver in color.

12. Silber: The word for silver in the German language.

13. Steel: Carbonized iron known for its strength and utility.

14. Tinsel: A shimmering material known for its dainty and celebratory nature.

15. Earl: Earl Grey is the tea consumed by Captain Picard in Star Trek.

16. Nyx: In Greek mythology, this is the name of the goddess of the night.

17. Slocan: A silver rush in British Columbia in the late 1800’s.

18. Seer: Gray eyes are often attributes of seers in fictional stories.

19. Lake: The color of lake water is often blue.

20. Athena: The Greek goddess of wisdom was known for her gray eyes.

21. Coal: Charred wood or or sedimentary rock used for heating.

22. Grigio: This is the Italian word for Gray.

23. Smokey: Smoke is gray and floats through the air.

24. Phantom: Often depicted as a spiritual being or an apparition.

25. Umbra: This is the darkest part of a shadow, the other two parts are the penumbra and antumbra.

26. Eclipse: The phenomenon of the Earth or Moon casting a shadow over the other.

27. Teal: A blue-green color that is often associated with the sea.

28. Blue: Often a nickname for an old, blue dog.

29. Dan: The name of the rock band known as Steely Dan.

30. Blade: The silver color of a sword is evoked by this word.

31. Glasebach: A German silver mine opened in the 1400’s, which is now a museum.

32. Samson: A Biblical name often associated with power and size.

33. Ryder: A durable style of jeans made by the company Lee.

34. Indigo: A blue dye made from the a species of beans.

35. Sterling: Sterling silver is often used to denote value or worth.

36. Plata: This is the word silver in the Spanish language.

37. Trivia: The Roman goddess of ghosts who is announced by the barking of dogs.

38. Comstock: A large silver node in Nevada, which was mined in the 1800’s/.

39. Sherlock: The color of the eyes of Sherlock Holmes and his brother, Mycroft.

40. Seven: The seventh Dr. Who is known to have gray eyes.

41. Nosey: Blusenose pit bulls are known for their distinctive blue or gray nose.

42. Ice: The hard, frozen phase of water, which often looks blue.

43. Yin: This is how silver is pronounced in Chinese.

44. Ella: A Blues singer known as the Queen of Jazz.

45. Kesef: The word silver in the Hebrew language.

46. Granite: An igneous rock that is known for its various colors.

47. Luna: The Roman goddess of the moon who is often associated with silver.

48. Rush: A word that is often associated with copper, silver, and gold mines.

49. Rayne: An unusual spelling of rain, which if often symbolized as a blue water droplet.

50. Katniss: The main character in the fictional series, “Hunger Games”, whose eyes are gray.

51. Pepper: A spice made of ground pepper seeds, which is often gray in color.

52. Stormy: Dark colors and water are associated with storms.

53. Azul: The Spanish word for the color blue.

54. Stone: A synonym for rock, which is often associated with the color gray.

55. Levi: A company that makes jeans, which are often dyed with indigo.

56. Han: The blue pigment used in Chinese pottery.

57. Gin: The pronunciation of the Japanese word for silver.

58. Mint: The location where coins are produced.

59. Selene: This is the name of the Greek goddess of the moon.

60. Belle: The main character in the movie, “Beauty and the Beast”, who has gray eyes.

61. Clay: The soil material known for containing metal oxides, such as silver oxide.

62. Chrome: An element known for its reflective, silver coloration.

63. Dusty: A name related to dust, which is often silver in appearance.

64. Flint: A crystal known for its ability to create sparks when struck against metal.

65. Zelda: A shortened form of the German name, Griselda, meaning dark battle.

66. Lilac: The blue-purple color made famous by the flower, lilac.

67. Mercury: The swiftest planet in the solar system and the element known by the same name.

68. Cenzio: This is the Spanish word for the color gray.

69. Comet: A stellar object made of ice and dust.

70. Dorian: The first name of the character, Dorian Gray, from the novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

71. Grau: The word for gray in the German language.

72. Pewter: A metal alloy that is gray in color.

73. Grover: A blue Muppet in the television show, “Sesame Street.”

74. Moody: The first part of the English rock band, The Moody Blues.

75. Neptune: The Roman god of the sea and the eighth planet in the solar system.

76. Sapphire: A rare gemstone known for its clue coloration.

77. Sonic: The name of a blue video game character known for his speed.

78. Capri: The bold blue of the sky during a bright, sunny day.

79. Smoke: Particulates of fuel that has undergone combustion.

80. Smudge: A word for a small discoloration.

81. Bullet: A swift-moving, metal projectile.

82. Rogue: A comic book character known for a gray streak in her hair.

83. Soot: Carbon particles resulting from incomplete combustion.

84. Winchester: A company which produces firearms.

85. Claymore: A Scottish sword of the late medieval period.

86. Greyjoy: The name of a family in the fictional series, “Game of Thrones.”

87. Marble: A metamorphic rock which is often silver or gray in color.

88. Titan: A shortened version of titanium, an element known for its durability.

89. Smurf: Fictional blue characters who live in mushrooms.

90. Baloo: A friendly, gray bear in the book and movie, “The Jungle Book.”

91. Arian: The Welsh word for silver.

92. Montana: A State known for producing sapphires.

93. Yahto: A Native American name meaning blue.

94. Harley: A brand of motorcycles, which are often gray.

95. Zinc: An element which is silver colored.

96. Colossus: A comic book character who is able to transform into a metallic form.

97. Onyx: A silicate mineral which is often black or gray.

98. Confederate: The color of the uniforms of the Confederate army were gray.

99. Navy: The dark blue color of the deep ocean.

100. Tank: A large military machine, which is often gray.


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