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60 Baby Names That Mean Angel


Angels have been a part of our artwork, culture and literature for thousands of years. Thought to be messengers of God, these angelic beings guide people and provide them with protection. The Archangels are the most popular angels, but a whole range of cherubs, seraphim and guardian angels also exist. These 60 baby names that mean angel include some of these options as well as names that translate to the word angel. If you are looking for the perfect baby name for your cherub, check out the following options.

30 Baby Names That Mean Angel for Boys

1. Gabriel

Gabriel is a popular name for baby boys. In the Bible, Gabriel is an archangel who gives the news that Jesus is born. He is considered the angel of life, dreams, joy, truth and judgment. He appears in all of the Abrahamic texts.

2. Raziel

Raziel is an archangel who is responsible for guarding the mysteries of the universe. Because of this, he is known as the angel of mysteries.

3. Neria

This name comes from Israel and can be used for boys of girls. It is said to mean lamp of God or angel.

4. Abaddon

This unusual name comes from the Greek name Apollyon. It means destroyer. In the New Testament, Abaddon is the name of the angelic prince of the infernal regions. He is the minister of death.

5. Orifiel

This is the name of an angel in the Old Testament. His name means my neck is God. He is said to be able to stretch his neck and gaze backward through time to see the past.

6. Hariel

This is an archangel who is said to rule the dawn, December and Capricorn. You can also shorten this name to Harry. He is considered the ruler of tame animals and science.

7. Malach

Malach is a Hebrew name that means angel. In the Bible, it is a word that signifies a messenger of God.

8. Castiel

Castiel is a popular angelic name. In the television show Supernatural, it is a name of one of the main characters. In Hebrew, this name means my cover is God.

9. Samuel

Samuel was known as one of the prophets in the Old Testament. He lived a holy life and established the Hebrew monarchy

10. Zerachiel

Zerachiel is one of the archangels who appears in the Book of Enoch. In Hebrew, this name means God’s command. Zerachiel is the archangel of the sun, children and healing. He leads souls to judgment and holds dominion over the earth.

11. Angel

This is a simple way to bring angelic purity into your boys life. In Spanish and in English, this name means angel.

12. Kafziel

Kafziel is the name of an angel in Jewish legends. He is a watcher who is known as the angel of solitude and tears. The Hebrew name means the speedy one of God, and Kafziel watches over the death of kings. He is connected to Saturn and the seventh heaven.

13. Yael

Yael is a cherub that attended to the throne of God. In Israel, this name means to ascend.

14. Uriel

Uriel is from a Hebrew name that means the light of the Lord or the flame of God. He is one of the seven archangels who was removed from the list of angels in 145 AD. To this day, he is considered one of the wisest of angels because of his inner light.

15. Haniel

Haniel is from a Hebrew name that means favored of God. In the Bible, he leads the Asher tribe. He is also typically associated with the planet Venus.

16. Raguel

Raguel is a Latin version of a Hebrew name for one of the seven archangels listed in the Book of Enoch. He is the archangel of fairness, justice and harmony. He watches over the other angels to root out corruption and ensure that they work in harmony. His name means a friend of God.

17. Aingeru

This angelic name comes from Spain’s Basque country. It is said to mean angel.

18. Zadkiel

This name was from the archangel of mercy, freedom ad benevolence. It is said that he was the one who stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son to God. His name means righteousness of God in Hebrew, and he is often connected to ritual magic.

19. Raphael

This angel is one of the seven archangels who attends to God. He is considered the angel of healing. As such, he is the patron of doctors, healing, science and travelers. This is presently one of the top 10 names in France.

20. Kemuel

This is a variation on the name Samuel. It is the name of the seraphim chief who is placed at the window of heaven. In Hebrew, the name means a helper of God.

21. Engel

This is a German word that means angel. A variation of it is the name of an Old Norse god.

22. Aaban

This is an Islamic name of an angel.

23. Michelangelo

This is an Italian blend of the names Michael and Angelo. These names mean one who is like God and messenger or angel.

24. Javan

Javan is the Biblical son of Noah. He is thought to be the guardian angel of Greece as well as the ancestor of all of the Greeks. In Hebrew, his name means Greece.

25. Ramiel

Ramiel is from an Arabic name that means thunder of God. He is one of the Book of Enoch’s seven angels. He is considered the angel of hope. As such, he guides faithful souls to heaven and provides divine visions.

26. Jibril

This is an Arabic name for an archangel.

27. Angelo

This is an Italian name that has remained popular for years. It is said to mean messenger or angel in Italian.

28. Michael

Michael is an archangel in the Bible who led the angelic war against Satan. He is one of just two archangels that are recognized by Jews, Christians and Muslims. This name means one who is like God.

29. Cael

This beautiful name comes from a warrior in Irish mythology. He is considered the angel who is connected to the zodiacal sign of Cancer.

30. Evangelos

Evangelos is a Greek word blended from smaller words that mean good and messenger. This means that the entire name stands for good messenger.

30 Baby Names That Mean Angel for Girls

1. Angelica

Angelica is one of the most common angel-related names for a baby girl. It moved from Italy to England in the 17th century and is the feminine form of the male’s name, Angel.

2. Micheangela

Michelangela is another female variation on a boy’s name.

3. Dina

Dina is considered the angel of wisdom and learning. While it used to be more common, this name is only slowly starting to come back in style.

4. Malayeka

This name comes from an Arabic name for an angel.

5. Erelah

Erelah is a Hebrew name that is said to mean angel.

6. Tien

If you want a unique angelic name, then head to Asia. This Vietnamese name means angel and would be a trendy, hip name for a beautiful baby girl.

7. Angela

This is another variation on the word angel. It has become increasingly popular over the last 100 years in many English speaking countries throughout the world. From 1965 to 1979, it was actually one of the top 10 names for a baby girl.

8. Rosangel

Rosangel is a beautiful name for a baby girl. It comes from the Italian words for rose and angel. Thus, it has the beautiful meaning of rose angel. If this name is too long, you can always give your daughter the nickname Rose.

9. Melek

This is one of the few Turkish names on this list. It means angel in Turkish. A popular Arabic variation, Malaika ,can also be used instead.

10. Karrae

This beautiful, angelic name comes from Ireland. This Irish name means God’s golden angel.

11. Evangelina

This is one of the prettiest names on this list, and it certainly has an old-fashioned sound to it. This is a variation on the name Evangeline and means angel.

12. Angelette

Angelette is one of our favorite angelic names on this list. It is basically a French variation for the name Angela, which means angel.

13. Rabia

Rabia is a name that comes to us from mythology. In Arabic, this beautiful name is said to mean springtime. It was the name of one of the ten angels who keeps the sun company as it makes its daily trek across the sky.

14. Dara

Dara is the name of a wise angel in the Bible. Although the angel was male, we think that this would be a great girl’s name. It is also a variation on the Irish name Darragh, but it is certainly easier to spell and sound out.

15. Aingeal

This lovely name comes from Ireland. While it might not be the easiest to spell, it means angel in Irish.

16. Laila

Laila is considered the angel of conception. This angel presides over childbirth. You can also use variations of the name like Leila and Layla. Muhammad Ali even named his own daughter Laila.

17. Aniela

Aniela comes from Poland, although the original variation of this name was from Latin. It is basically a Polish modification of the name Angela, which means angel.

18. Angel

This is a straightforward name to give your baby an angelic name. Angel comes from the Greek word angelos. In Greek, this word means an announcer or messenger.

19. Charmeine

Charmiene is such a lovely name. It is said to mean singer and is the name of the angel of harmony.

20. Angailla

This beautiful name comes from Hungary. Like many of the names on this list, it means angel.

21. Gotzone

This unique name is rarely heard today. In Basque, Gotzon is a word that means angel. This is a variation on this word that has a more feminine sound to it.

22. Seraphina

The six-winged archangel is called Seraphim, so Seraphina is a modification of that name.

23. Angelina

Angelina is another variation on the word angel, and it happens to be the name of the celebrity Angelina Jolie. In addition, Angelina Johnson was the name of a character in the Harry Potter series.

24. Madieke

In Sweden, this name means a little angel. It is a perfect name for your angelic baby girl.

25. Mariangela

This name is a combination of the names Maria and Angel. It is said to mean rebel angel.

26. Evangeline

This is a fairly old-fashioned name that first appeared in literature. It is a blend of Greek words that meant well angel. Thus, the name means good angel. While it was less popular in the last few decades, we think that Evangeline is going to make a comeback soon.

27. Parisa

Parisa has such an exotic ring to it. This name is Iranian and Persian. In its native land, this beautiful baby name means like an angel.

28. Ariel

Ariel was the name of a Hebrew name that meant lion of God. It can be technically used for girls or boys. In the Bible, Ariel was the name of the chief of the exiles as well as a city in Jerusalem. Today, it is also known as one of the moons of Uranus. You may also recognize this name from the popular children’s movie, the Little Mermaid.

29. Angelisa

Angelisa is one of the variations on the name Angelica. It is a good choice if you want something a little more unusual for your little girl that still has a poetic ring to it. It has a similar meaning to other popular names like Angelica, Angelina, Angel and Angela.

30. Angelique

This is another variation on names like Angelica and Angel. It is a French version of the name Angela, and it became popular because of a character in Dark Shadows. If you want your daughter to have a classy, chic name, choose Angelique.


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