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50 Baby Names That Mean Death


While it is decidedly not a traditional name for a baby, death-related names would certainly be unique. In Western culture, the topic of death is often avoided or treated with a depressing solemnity. In other cultures though, death is a celebration of life or a way of connecting to the spiritual realm. While some death names are unsurprisingly dark, others use names of gods of death or more celebratory meanings.



30 Baby Names That Mean Death for Boys

1. Anpu

Anpu is a name that hails from Egyptian myths. It was the name of the god of death.

2. Jair

This boys meant he who shines or who enlightens in Hebrew.

3. Nemanja

This Slavonic name means without possessions.

4. Thanatos

Thanatos is a name that comes from Old Greek. It once meant death.

5. Orion

Orion is from the Orion constellation. This name is often used to mean boundary or limit.

6. Markandeya

This name comes from India and means one who conquers over death.

7. Gordon

This rare boys name comes is Celtic in origin and means great hill.

8. Damon

In Greek mythology, Damon was a friend of Pythias. While Pythias is no longer popular in English countries, Damon remains a common name.

9. Agron

This name comes from Albania where it is still used today.

10. Seth

Seth is a name that means bridge, white or appointed depending on which language you translate it in.

11. Odin

Odin was an Old Norse name for a god and meant fury or inspiration.

12. Lilith

This name was common in Germany at one time and is the name of a planetary body in astrology.

13. Ernest

Ernest was a popular English name in the Victorian era and meant earnest.

14. Ah Puch

Ah Puch was known for being the Mayan god of death.

15. Om

Om is considered the essence of life. In India, it is a common mantra used in meditation. 

16. Lefu

Lefu was a name that meant death in an African language. It is not particularly common as a name today.

17. Nathan

Nathan was a name that meant Yahweh has given in Hebrew. It may also mean gift.

18. Edwin

Edwin was a name that meant friend of riches or blessed friend.

19. Oswin

Oswin was the name of a god or deity. It was more commonly used in Old English.

20. Menahem

Menahem is a name that stems from Hebrew. In its original language, it meant full of comfort or comforter.

21. Anubis

This name comes from Egypt. In ancient Egypt, it was one of the names of the god of death.

22. Hasan

Hasan is an Arabic name for a little boy that means beautiful or good.

23. Stephen

This name means crowned and is a popular baby boy name in English-speaking countries today.

24. Merripen

This name is of English gypsy origin and is said to mean death or life.

25. Khentimentiu

In Egyptian, this was another name that meant the god of death.

26. Enoch

Enoch was of Hebrew origin and was the name of the Book of Enoch. It means experienced or dedicated.

27. Aeron

Aeron is a Welsh and English name that means battle or enlightened.

28. Athanasios

This name means immortal. It is less common in English-speaking nations since it stems from the Greek language.

29. Marat

This is a Sanskrit name that refers to the life, death and rebirth cycle of reincarnation.

30. Omkara

This Sanskrit name means essence of life and is more commonly heard among Hindus.

20 Baby Names That Mean Death for Girls

1. Blanche

This name means white, bright or beautiful.

2. Ernesta

Ernesta is a variation on Ernest and is from Germany. It means serious or earnest.

3. Kritanta

This name means the God of death.

4. Khalida

This ancient name is said to mean deathless.

5. Agrona

This is an unusual name for a baby girl, but it has a pretty, unique ring to it.

6. Selima

Selima comes from Arabic and means peace or refuge.

7. Freya

Freya was common in England and Germany. It is said to mean mistress or lady.

8. Lefu

This African baby name means death.

9. Chiwa

Chiwa is another African name that means death, although it is a fairly uncommon name.

10. Ariadne

Adriadne is a name for a holy woman. v

11. Persephone

Persephone is a name that means bringer of death. It was a popular name in Greek mythology and Homeric tales.

12. Eleanor

Eleanor is a name that started in Old Greek and meant bright one.

13. Barbara

This name is Latin in origin and meant foreign woman, which is why it sounds like barbarian.

14. Angerona

This Latin name is fairly uncommon today, but it sounds very pretty.

15. Hala

This name comes from Arabic and means moon’s halo.

16. Shivani

This Indian name means life and death.

17. Eartha

This is a female baby name that is a modification of the word earth.

18. Libitina

This name was once the name of the Roman goddess of death and funerals.

19. Athanasia

This Old Greek name is said to mean immortal.

20. Loralie

In ancient legends, Loralie was a siren whose beautiful singing would lure men to their deaths.



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