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70 Baby Names That Mean Hope and Faith


Hope and faith are concepts that are a necessity for happiness. Hope in the future drives us forward and keeps us going when life seems the darkest. Many parents decide to choose baby names that mean hope and faith for this reason. To get you started, we have a list of 70 baby names that mean hope and faith.

30 Baby Names That Mean Hope and Faith for Boys

1. Makas

This is a Hebrew name that can be shortened into nicknames like Mak. It is also a more modern-sounding version of other names like Mark or Marcus.

2. Tumelo

Tumelo is such an unusual name to hear, but we think that it has a very musical, lyrical sound to it. This name comes to use from South Africa. In Tswana and Sotho, it means faith.

3. Phelipe

Phelipe is a lovely Spanish name that is a variation on the name Philip. It is said to mean origin of hope. For an absolutely adorable nickname, you could try Flip or Pip.

4. Mahaz

Mahaz is a unisex name that could work for boys or girls. This short Israeli name carries a lot of spunk and would be a unique name for a baby.

5. Daijon

This is an American name that you do not hear very often, although it is becoming more popular. This American name is said to mean, “meaning God’s gift of hope.”

6. Rutendo

This name comes from the Shona language in Africa means faith. It is one of the top 100 names in Africa right now.

7. Chislon

This popular Hebrew name means hope.

8. Amil

We love this Arabic name that means hope. It also happens to be the name of a female rapper in the United States who is called Amil Whitehead.

9. Dillon

This is a variation on the Irish name, Dylan. In Irish, this name means ray of hope. It is a fairly common name to hear in English speaking countries.

10. Umed

Umed is a popular Indian name. It is popular in areas like Rajasthan and means hope.

11. Jahleel

This is a name that is more common in Israel, but is still rarely heard anywhere. In Hebrew, this name means hope in God.

12. Nakia

We love this Arabic name. While it is not in the top 1,000 names yet, we think that it soon will be. This Arabic name is said to mean faithful.

13. Matthan

This is a more modern version of old-fashioned names like Mateas or Matthew. This Israeli name means hope.

14. Titus

Titus as the name of a companion of St. Paul the apostle. He was an early convert in Christianity who worked to collect money for the poor. In one of his letters, Paul referred to him as my true son of faith.

15. Thembalwethu

Thembalwethu is an African name that means our hope.

16. Day

Day means light and hope, but it also directly represents the daytime and all of the sunshine and brightness that comes with it. It would probably be a better middle name than a first name, but we still like it.

17. Fidel

Fidel comes from a Latin word that means faithful. Unfortunately, more people probably associated this name with Fidel Alejandro Castro, who was the 17th president of Cuba and a communist dictator.

18. Deene

Deene is such a simple French name, but it has a pretty ring to it. This beautiful name means hope.

19. Tumaini

The meaning of this Egyptian name is ‘hope’. This name is favored by parents who want a strong and classic name for their son.

20. Amanaki

Amanaki is an unusual name to hear in English speaking countries, but it was one of the top 50 baby names in Polynesia in the 1980s. This Polynesian baby boy name means hope.

21. Raza

This African name means hope, but it certainly has a spunky ring to it. We think that it is an adorable, hip sounding name.

22. Toivo

This is a Finnish name that was in the top 1,000 baby names in the United States during the 20th century. This name means hope in Finnish.

23. Moutaqad

Moutaqad is an Arabic name that is commonly heard in the Middle East. This name is said to mean belief and faith.

24. Umit

We love this unusual sounding name. It conveys a hip, strong ambiance. This Turkish name is said to mean hope. It is famously the name of the Turkish football coach, Umit Davala. It is also the name of the Austrian footballer of Turkish heritage, Umit Korkmaz.

25. Barloc

Barloc is a strong sounding name that is starting to rise in popularity. This American name is said to mean a strong warrior filled with hope.

26. Kit

Kit is such an adorable name. It was more popular in the 1800s, but we think it deserves to rise in popularity again. This name is said to mean hope and can be a nickname for Christopher.

27. Truman

This English name means faithful. Many people associate this name with a famous United States president, but it was also the name of the character played by Jim Carrey in the popular movie, the Truman Show.

28. Von

We love short names like Von. Once used as a suffix in a surname, this name is now making a comeback as a baby name. This baby name is said to mean hope.

29. Kibou

If you are looking for an inspired foreign name, this is the one to choose. In Japanese, this adorable name means hope. Plus, it gets extra points for being a Japanese name that is fairly easy to pronounce in English as well.

30. Emmanuel

In Hebrew, this beautiful name means God is with us. An alternative option is to name your son Emuna, which means just faith.

40 Baby Names That Mean Hope and Faith for Girls

1. Amaani

This lovely name comes from Arabic, but it is sometimes heard in the United States and Europe since it is similar to the name Amari. In Arabic, this name means hope.

2. Rajwa

Rajwa is a lovely baby name that means hope in Arabic. It is a more modern take on the formerly popular names Khadijia and Ayesha.

3. Taraji

This name comes from a Swahili word that means hope. It started to grow in popularity after the actress Taraji P. Henson hit the screens in 2009.

4. Natsuki

This is such an unusual sounding name, and we just love the way that it sounds. Natsuki is said to mean hope.

5. Hachilah

In Israel, Hachilah means my hope in her. This name is also the name of a hill on a long ridges of el-Kolah.

6. Espe

Esperanza is a beautiful name that means hope, but it is fairly long and becoming increasingly common. If you want a shorter, easier option, choose Espe.

7. Nadia

Nadia is an English variation on the French name, Nadya. It was also a pet version of the Russian name, Nadezhda. These names all mean hope. In the 20th century, Nadia Comanecim was a famous Romanian gymnast.

8. Minette

This lovely French name is rarely heard in France anymore, and it is certainly uncommon to hear in the United States as well. In French, this pretty name means a faithful defender.

9. Ashia

Ashia is a lovely Arabic name that has a very feminine sound to it. It was at its peak popularity in the 1980s and 1990s. This Arabic name is said to mean life and hope.

10. Nadine

Nadine sounds like an old-fashioned name, and that is probably because it is. During the 1920s and 1930s, many French names like Nadine rose in popularity. Later on, names like Nadia and Natasha replaced Nadine in popularity. This beautiful name is said to mean hope, which makes it a great option for a baby girl.

11. Asha

Asha is an Indian name that is occasionally heard outside of India. In Sanskrit, this name means hope. It means happy in Hebrew and alive in Swahili.

12. Nassandra

This is a rare name to hear in the United States, but it is actually pronounced like the more popular name, Cassandra. It hails from Africa where it is said to mean hope.

13. Saki

Saki is one of our favorites because it is so short and sweet. This Japanese name means blossom and hope. You can also use this name as a nickname for the Japanese name Sachiko.

14. Nadyenka

We love this Russian name. It is so exotic and beautiful that we think that it will rise in popularity again. While it is currently at its lowest level of popularity for two decades, it was fairly popular in the 1990s and 2000s.

15. Creda

Creda is a simple name that is actually English in origin. While it may be out of fashion today, this old-fashioned name means faith and is a beautiful name option.

16. Omeedeh

Omeedeh is a lovely name that comes from the Middle East. In Persian, it means hope. This is probably because there is an Urdu word called ummeed that means hope as well.

17. Tikvah

Tikvah is a name that is more common to hear in Israel, but it is not particularly common to hear in the United States. This Hebrew name means hope. It is also sounds like the name of the NFL football player, Tiki Barber.

18. Nozomi

Nozomi is an adorable Japanese name. You can also shorten this name into the easier option, Zomi.

19. Munia

Munia is a name that was quite popular in the 1960s. In Arabic, this name is said to mean hope and wish.

20. Hope

You don’t have to look far for a name that means hope or faith in English. You can actually just choose names like Hope, Faith or Charity for your baby girl. These names have been popular for centuries because they are considered the three theological virtues in Christianity.

21. Charity

This is another beautiful name that has remained common in English speaking cultures for years. In English, charity is a kindness or self-sacrificing love.

22. Brayleigh

You might not hear this name anytime soon, but we think that it will start to grow in popularity. This name means a ray of hope. The nickname Bray comes from an Irish name that means marsh.

23. Umniya

Umniya is a beautiful Arabic name that is said to mean hope. It is quite popular in Pakistan, but it is sometimes heard in immigrant communities in the United States as well.

24. Amala

Amala is such a pretty name that comes to us from India. The earlier variation, Amal, is said to mean hope. In Sanskrit, Amal is also known to mean pure.

25. Vera

Vera comes to us from Russia where it means faith. Over the centuries, it has also been popular in the Netherlands, England and Holland. In Latin, a variation on this name is the word for truth.

26. Laelynn

We think that this name deserves to be higher up on the list. It is a more modern take on the name Kaelyn and has such a musical ring to it. This pretty baby name is said to mean flower of hope.

27. Imani

If you want a more exotic name, then start thinking about Imani. This Swahili name means faith. Long ago, it was made by varying up the earlier name, Iman. Interestingly, Iman also happens to be the name of Somalia’s famed Supermodel. It first hit the top names list in 1990. Within just five years, it had already managed to climb up 600 positions.

28. Hiwa

Hiwa is such a beautiful name, but you mostly hear it in the Middle East. In Kurdish, this name means hope. Considering the Kurdish female fighters who are so popular in the Middle East, this would certainly be a good name for a hopeful, little fighter.

29. Natsuki

This exotic sounding name comes to us from Japan. It is actually a Japanese variation on the more traditional name, Nadia. We think this is a beautiful option to choose for a baby girl.

30. Umnia

Umnia is an uncommon name that gets its origins from Arabic-speaking countries. This rhythmic name technically means desire, but we think that it is one of the prettiest sounding names on this list.

31. Tamanna

Tamanna is a name that comes from India and Arabic-speaking countries. It is most popular in India because of the way it sounds and its meaning. It is said to mean hope and can be shortened into adorable nicknames like Tanu. Whether you choose the full name or the nickname, we think that it will be a great choice.

32. Natia

Natia is a Polish variation on the name Nadia. As such, this name means hope. While we think that this name is fairly easy to pronounce, it is still not common today. It reached its peak in 1990, but Nadia certainly took most of the attention away from it.

33. Zita

Zita is such a pretty name. This name comes from Spanish and means little hope. It was the name of the last empress of Austria. It also happens to be the name of the patron of homemakers and a saint from the 13th century.

34. Charise

This lovely name is said to mean cheerful and hope. As such, it would be a classy, hopeful name for a pretty, little girl. We think that this name deserves to rise in popularity in the upcoming years.

35. Zuri

Zuri is such a lovely African-American name. It sounds a lot like the name of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Suri. This name is exotic and is said to mean beautiful home.

36. Wilona

Wilona is a variation on the more complicated name, Wilhelmina. This unique name is rare to hear, but it is quite pretty.

37. Eiddwen

We love this Welsh name, but it will certainly be hard for people to pronounce. Your daughter will most likely have to spell out this name every single time someone asks her for this name. If you do like this Welsh name, you will be happy to hear that it means hope and desire.

38. Faith

We love this English name. Instead of just meaning hope or faith, it actually is faith. The modern word comes from the Old English word, fied. This word came from the Latin word, fides, which meant trust and belief.

39. Amnati

Amnati is uncommon to hear in the United States or Europe, but it is somewhat common in Arabic speaking nations. In Arabic, this lovely baby name means my hope. You could also use this pretty name as your daughter’s middle name as well.

40. Esperanza

If you are looking for a baby name that means hope, then this Spanish name would be an excellent choice. In Latin, the word sperare means to hope. From that word, we get the Spanish word for hope and the name Esperanza. The name is at its peak popularity in Chile, but this name is becoming more popular in other parts of the world as well.


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