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65 Names That Mean Hunter or Huntress for Your Baby


Hunters appear in mythology, fairy tales and stories from history. It takes skill to hunt, and humans have been hunting since they first existed. Many people enjoy hunting as a recreational sport and to find their food, so it is unsurprising that many people want to have a baby name that expresses that fact. We have a compiled a list of 65 names that mean hunter or huntress for your baby girl or boy.

40 Names That Mean Hunter or Huntress for Your Baby Boy

1. Artemas

In Greek mythology, Artemas is a masculine version of Artemis. Artemis is the goddess of the hunt. This name is perfect for boys or girls if you want a name that means hunter for your baby boy. You can also shorten the name to Artem.

2. Gahiji

Gahiji is a name that comes to us from Rwanda. In Rwanda’s language, this evocative name means the hunter. You probably won’t find any other children at your son’s school with this name! We think that it would be a great choice though.

3. Khonvoum

This is certainly an exotic name. In Bambuti Pygmy, this is the supreme god and the god of the hunt. He is said to have a bow made out of snakes that looks like a rainbow to mere mortals. Khonvoum was said to have built people from different kinds of clay, which is why people have different skin colors.

4. Oringo

This unusual sounding name comes from Africa. It is said to mean he who likes to hunt.

5. Woodman

Woodman is a strong, natural choice for your son if you want names that mean hunter or huntress. This English name means hunter and certainly calls to mind the beauty and stillness of the woods.

6. Tapio

Tapio is one of our favorite names that mean hunter or huntress for your baby. This name is actually an East Finnish hunting god. The name appears frequently in the Kaelvala. Hunters once prayed to him before each hunt so that they would be successful. Today, this name is the name of an urban center in Espoo city.

7. Rudra

Rudra is a name that comes from India. He is a Hindu Rig Vedi deity who is typically connected to the hunt, storms and wind. Rudra is considered a type of Lord Shiva who still has a hymn of Yajurveda dedicated to him. This name also means roarer.

8. Nyyrikki

Good luck spelling this unusual name. Nyyrikki was once the name of the Finnish god of the hunt and cattle. He was the son of Tapio. The job of Nyyrikki was to provide small animals for hunters to find.

9. Hunter

Obviously, you could skip out on names that mean Hunter and choose the name Hunter itself. This masculine name has remained in the top 50 baby boy names for years now. It was also famously the name of the journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Now, it is even being used as a girl’s name.

10. Chase

Another great name for a hunter in the making is Chase. This name has been in the top 30 to 50 names for the past decade. Chase means to hunt.

11. Apsat

Apsat is another one of the more unusual names on this list. In Georgian mythology, he was the god of the hunt and the patron of fish and birds. The actual word that this name came from means bird.

12. Canowicakte

Canowicakte is a beautiful name that means forest hunter. While it sounds cool, it might not be the best choice. For the rest of your sons life, he will have to spell and re-spell this name every time someone has to write it out.

13. Fowler

Fowler was once just a surname, but it is now used as a first name as well. It is the name of a location on British Columbia’s Stikine River. This name is said to mean wild bird hunters.

14. Huntingden

If Hunter is too common of a name choice for you, then go with Huntingden. This lovely, old-fashioned name means the den of the hunter.

15. Rigel

Rigel is the name of a blue star that is placed at the hunter’s left foot within the Orion constellation. If you love hunting and astronomy, then this is a great name choice. When you look up at the night sky, this is the seventh brightest star.

16. Theron

Theron may be the last name of the actress Charlize Theron, but it has been a first name for years. This name has a strong ring to it and means hunter.

17. Makya

This adorable, short name means eagle hunter. Since it is Native American, it is more common to find it among Native American communities.

18. Holter

Holter is a short, sassy name that means hunter. Unlike some of the names on this list, it strikes the perfect balance between being too unique and being too common. As such, we think that it is one of the best names that mean hunter or huntress on this list.

19. Arawn

Arawn is a name that comes from Wales. He is the Welsh god of the underworld and of the hunt.

20. Orion

Orion is a name that is not crazily popular now, but we think that it will become extremely popular in the future. This name comes from Greek mythology. In the myths, Orion is a hunter who pursues Atlas’ daughter and was ultimately killed by the huntress, Artemis. Afterward, Zeus turned him into the brightest constellation in the night sky.

21. Lelantos

Lelantos is known as the son of Phoebe and Coeous. He is the god of the hunter’s stalking ability and the god of the air. This name comes from two Greek words that mean to move unseen and to escape unnoticed. We think that the name has a very melodic, lyrical quality.

22. Hunt

If Hunter is too long and you want a shorter, more unique alternative, then Hunt would be an excellent choice to go with.

23. Odin

Odin was the name of the father of Thor. Because of this, he appears as the leader of the Wild Hunt that goes across the winter sky. In Norway, this name rose in popularity in the 10th century and remains fairly popular to the present day.

24. Chasen

Chasen is a variation on the name Chase. Originally, it was just a surname, but it is now used as a first name as well.

25. Rundas

Rundas is a wonderful name that is perfect if you have Anatolian ancestry. In Hittite mythology, Rundas was the name of the god of good fortune and the hawk. This god is typically symbolized by double eagles with hares trapped within each talon.

26. Nodens

In Celtic mythology, Nodens is the god of the hunt and healing. He is similar to Roman gods like Mars, Silvanus, Mercury and Neptune.

27. Grosvenor

Grosvenor is a name that means the master huntsman or great hunter. Originally, it was a surname found among the Norman French family of Hugh Le Grand. Since then, it has occasionally been heard as a first name as well. It is still quite rare to hear though, so you probably won’t find any other children named Grosvenor in your child’s class.

28. Chace

Chase is a different way of spelling the name Chase, and it is a great name for a baby boy.

29. Huntley

Huntley is a name that is said to mean hunter of the meadow. It has been popularized by people like the English actor Huntley Wright and the politician Huntley Nowel Spaulding. You can also make variations of this name by writing it as Huntleigh or Huntlea.

30. Todd

Todd is a name that was quite popular during the 1970s. Originally, it was actually a surname. Now, it is used as a first name and is said to mean fox hunters.

31. Opochtli

Opochtli is certainly a name that you will not hear around any time soon. In Aztec mythology, he was the god of hunting and fishing.

32. Mixcoatl

Mixcoatl is another god that comes to us from the Americas. He appears as the god of the hunt in Mesoamerican cultures. He is considered to be the patron deity of the Chicimecs, the Otomi and everyone who is descended from them. If you want an unusual, unique name, then this is a great one to choose.

33. Huntington

Huntington means a hunter’s settlement, but it would also be a lovely, strong name for a baby boy.

34. Cocidius

This is an unusual name to hear, but it dates back thousands of years into the past. Cocidius was the mythical god of war and hunting in northern Britain. Normally, he is portrayed with his legs firmly placed on the ground and his arms flung wide open.

35. Aristaeus

Aristaeus is a name that comes from Greek mythology. In Greek myths, he is the son of Cyrene and Apollo. According to the myths, he was the one who discovered a range of useful abilities like beekeeping.

36. Actaeon

Actaeon is a name that comes from Greek mythology. In the myths, he is a hunter who is turned into a stag and then is later eaten by his own hounds. All of this was done as a punishment for seeing the goddess Artemis bathing.

37. Cernunnos

Cernunnos is the Celtic horned god of hunting in Celtic mythology.

38. Hearne

Hearne is a pretty name that is gradually starting to rise in popularity. It is the name of a county in Texas and means mythical hunter.

39. Jaecar

Jaecar is a robust, strong name that comes from Germany. In German, this name means hunter and is an excellent choice for a strong baby boy.

40. Sidon

Sidon is another name that would be great for a baby boy. This unique name is a variation on the Greek name for the Phoenician port city of Sidonia. Sidon is said to mean fish hunting.

25 Names That Mean Hunter or Huntress for Your Baby Girl

1. Diana

This is a name that was popular a couple of decades ago, but it declined in popularity briefly. One of the reasons why this name became popular recently is because of Princess Diana, who was the mother of Prince William. Originally though, Diana was the Roman goddess of the hunt and moon.

2. Zarola

Zarola was once a classic name, but it has disappeared from most baby name books. We think that this would be a lovely name for a baby girl though. Zarola is another name that is said to mean hunter.

3. Nujalik

Nujalik is known as the goddess of hunting in Inuit mythology. Because of this, it is has become a fairly popular name in Canada.

4. Kainda

This is one of our favorite girls name on this list of huntress names. Kainda is a name that means hunter’s daughter, and we think that it has such a lyrical quality to it. Since it ends in a vowel, it should easily combine with just about any middle name and still sound good.

5. Britomartis

Britomartis appeared in Minoan mythology long go. Later on, she passed into Greek mythology as the goddess of hunting and the mountains. She was a mountain nymph ho was considered a patroness of Aegina.

6. Auryon

Auryon is a name that means huntress, and it has a very pretty ring to it.

7. Arnakuagsak

Arnakuagsak is the name of the goddess who was in charge of making sure that hunters had enough food to sustain themselves. She is worshiped primarily in Greenland.

8. Flidais

Flidais is a part of the Tuatha Dé Danann. She is the goddess of hunting, the woodlands and animals. Since she is the goddess of wild beasts, she is often portrayed in a deer chariot. She also had a cow of plenty since she was the goddess of domestic herbs.

9. Skaði

Skaði or Skade is the name for the goddess of bow hunting and skiing. In mythology, she was the wife of Njoror and married him as compensation for the murder of her father.

10. Neith

Neith is the Egyptian goddess of the hunt. The name means divine mother.

11. Dali

Dali is the goddess of the hunt and is connected to mountainous horned beasts. This also has another connection to the Dali Llama.

12. Atalanta

Atalanta is from Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Mainlo and Schoenus. She was supposed to be a virgin huntress who was left on a mountaintop after her birth because her father wanted a son instead.

13. Kacela

This name is said to mean hunter and has a pretty sound to it.

14. Cyrene

Cyrene is a fierce huntress who was known as the daughter of Hypseus. She was known for attacking and wrestling with a lion that tried to attack her father’s sheep. She was said to be a nymph and not a human.

15. Sedna

Sedna is the mother of the sea and the goddess of marine animals. In Inuit mythology, she is also considered the goddess of sea hunting.

16. Diane

Diane is a variation on the name Diana. As we mentioned before, Diana was the Roman goddess of hunting and the moon.

17. Bendis

Bendis comes from Thracian mythology. She was the goddess of the hunt and the moon. As such, she is often identified with the Greek goddess Artemis.

18. Mielikki

Mielikki is generally considered the daughter-in-law or wife of Tapio. Tapio is the Finnish god of the forest and the hunt. Mielikki was supposed to be a skilled healer who helped injured animals and helped create the bear. In Finnish, this name means luck. .

19. Winda

Winda is a name that means hunter. It is a simple, sweet name for a baby girl.

20. Pakhet

Pakhet is the goddess of war or the hunt. She is often portrayed as a feline-headed woman with sharp claws for killing snakes.

21. Fianna

Fianna means warrior huntress. It is a beautiful, fierce name for a little girl.

22. Brielle

Brielle is a beautiful name that sounds modern, but it actually is not that new. It is a nickname for the classic name, Gabrielle. This name means hunting grounds and is a popular name in Mexico. Now, it is spreading beyond Mexican borders and developing a renewed popularity around the world.

23. Artemis

Artemis is well known in Greek mythology as the goddess of childbirth, the hunt, animals and wilderness. Her twin sister was said to live on Mount Olympus. There are few names on this list that are better suited for a little huntress in the making.

24. Devana

Devana is known as the Slavic goddess of the hunt. The name actually means maiden or virgin in Slavic. She is essentially the Slavic equivalent of the Roman goddess Diana.

25. Nerrivik

This name comes to us from Inuit mythology. In the myths, she is the goddess of the sea. She is also the patron of fishermen and hunters as she provides food for the Inuits. In the myths, she was said to be married to the storm god. In order to save her people, she ended up losing one of her hands.


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