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60 Baby Names That Mean Love


If you want your child to carry joy and harmony with them wherever they go, then a name that means love would be the perfect choice. We have a list of 60 baby names that mean love for baby boys and girls. If you need help picking out the perfect baby name, consider some of the many options on this list.

30 Baby Names That Mean Love for Boys

1. Sajan

Sajan is such an unusual name, but we think that it will become more popular in the future. This is actually a common name in India. It means beloved.

2. Kiefer

We love this Gaelic name and think that would be an excellent name for a baby boy.

3. Yedidiah

This pretty name comes from Israel and means beloved by God.

4. Medad

This is another Hebrew name. In the Bible, it is the name of a prophet who lived around the time of Moses.

5. Darrell

Darrel is a pretty name that means beloved. In the 1960s, this was a fairly traditional name, but it has become less common to hear in recent years.

6. Aziz

This is a lovely Arabic name that means beloved. In Islam, it is traditionally considered one of the 99 attributes of Allah.

7. Davis

Davis is a more modern take on the traditional name, David. This chic name means beloved in Hebrew.

8. Amor

Amor is a lovely French name that means love in French. It would be the perfect name for a loving little boy.

9. Amato

This lovely name comes from Spain and means beloved in Spanish.

10. Guaiya

This unusual baby name would be an excellent choice if you want a more exotic name for your baby boy.

11. Caerwyn

This clever name is a variation on the name Carwyn. This Welsh name means fair love.

12. Connelly

We love this classy, beautiful baby boy name. This name comes from Ireland where it means love and friendship.

13. Dawood

This is a Hebrew name that is also found in the Koran. It means beloved friend.

14. Yadid

This lovely name comes from Israel where it means beloved.

15. Anwil

This traditional name is rarely found outside of Wales. In Welsh, this name means beloved.

16. Prem

Prem is a lovely baby name that means love. It comes from India and is the name of a popular Bollywood star.

17. Caradoc

We love this Celtic name. Long ago, it was the name of one of the knights of the Round Table as well as the name of a famous Welsh king.

18. Luben

This lovely name is a shortened version of the Bulgarian boys name, Lyuben. It means love.

19. David

If you want a Biblical name, David is an excellent choice. This beautiful boys name comes from Hebrew.

20. Rudo

Rudo is actually a traditional African name that is bound to be a unique choice.

21. Amadeo

Amadeo comes from Italian and means loved by God.

22. Agapius

This unusual baby boys name comes from Latin where it means divine love.

23. Amias

Amias is another name that comes from Latin. It means love and has a lyrical sound to it.

24. Gerwyn

We love this Welsh name. It is less common in the United States, but we think it is a charming choice. This name means fair love in Welsh.

25. Wilmer

Wilmer is a German name that means beloved or famous.

26. Kama

Kama is a name that comes from Hindu mythology. In myths, Kama is the son of Lakshmi. It is the name of the God of love.

27. Erasmus

Erasmus is a beautiful name that comes from Greece. It means love and was the name of the patron saint of sailors, Saint Erasmus.

28. Tris

Tris is a shortened form of the name Tristan. This Celtic name was more popular in the Middle Ages. In the Middle Ages, Tristan was a nephew of the King of Cornwall. He was the one who fell for the princess of Ireland.

29. Lennan

This unusual Irish name means lover.

30. Amator

Amator is a Latin name that is said to mean one who loves.

30 Baby Names That Mean Love for Girls

1. Milada

Milada is one of the more unusual sounding names on this list. In Czech, this name means my love.

2. Love

Instead of looking for a name that means love, you could just skip the middleman and call your daughter Love.

3. Vidette

This beautiful Hebrew name means dearly loved.

4. Nayely

This is one of the more unusual names on this list. In a Native American language, this pretty name means I love you.

5. Grainne

This name was once the name of a famous heroine in Gaelic legends. It is an Irish name that means charming love.

6. Vida

Vida is a pretty name that means dearly loved.

7. Carys

Carys is another Welsh name. This name also means love and would be a lovely choice for a beautiful baby girl.

8. Priya

This pretty name means the dear one. While it is less common to hear it in the United States, it is a very popular name in India.

9. Freya

Freya comes from the name of a Norse goddess of fertility and love.

10. Mina

Mina is such a pretty name. It comes from Germany and means love.

11. Aimee

Aimee was a fairly common name to hear in the 1990s. This name comes from France and is said to mean a beloved friend. Because of the sound of this name, it blends well with many different middle names.

12. Milena

Milena is an unusual name that comes from the Czech Republic. In its native language, this name means love, warmth and grace. As such, it is a perfect choice for a little girl.

13. Brisa

Brisa is a pretty Spanish name. It is a variation on the name of Achilles’ lover in Greek mythology.

14. Ettie

This is such an old-fashioned sounding name, but it actually dates even further back than it sounds. Lon ago, Ishtar was the name of the Babylonian goddess of love. Ettie is a variation of her name.

15. Kalila

This adorable Arabic name means dearly loved.

16. Lalasa

This Indian name is said to mean dove. An alternative meaning is the one who is peaceful and promotes love.

17. Imogen

Imogen is the name of a popular musician, and the actual name comes from Greece. In Greek, this name means beloved child.

18. Adora

This lovely name hails from Latin America where it means beloved one. We think it would be a sweet, simple name for a little girl.

19. Adelpha

This is a Greek name that means beloved sister. If you already have a daughter or son, it would be a great choice for the younger sibling.

20. Amanda

Amanda is a fairly common name to hear, and it was thought to be invented in the 17th century by the British dramatist Colley Cibber. It was the name of the character in his play, Love’s Last Shift. Amanda is said to mean one who is worthy of love.

21. Amata

This beautiful name comes from France. In French, it means dearly loved.

22. Darlene

Darlene certainly has an old world vibe to it. This precious sounding name means tenderly loved.

23. Amorette

Amorette comes from France. This adorable French name means little love.

24. Esme

Esme is a short, simple name. This Persian name means beloved or esteemed.

25. Maitea

We love this Spanish name and think it is quite enchanting. In Spanish, this pretty name means love.

26. Ahava

This is one of the more unusual sounding names on this list. In Hebrew, Ahava means dearly loved. As such, it is the perfect name of a little girl.

27. Aphrodite

In ancient Greek myths, Aphrodite was known as the goddess of love and romance.

28. Aiko

This is such a trendy, hip sounding name. In Japanese, this adorable baby name means the little loved one. We think this is the perfect name for a chic, adorable baby girl.

29. Amara

Amara is such a wonderful name. In Greek, this beautiful name means lovely forever.

30. Femi

If you still need a lovely baby name idea, Femi would be a good one to choose. This baby name comes from Egypt, so it is less common to hear it used in Europe or the United States. In Egyptian, this sweet name means love.


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