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60 Baby Names That Mean Peace


While having a baby tends to ruin your tranquility for a while, you can always hope. A baby may take away some of your serenity, but they look incredibly peaceful when they are asleep. If you want to inspire a peaceful child, try out one of these 60 baby names that mean peace.

30 Baby Names That Mean Peace for Boys

1. Pax

Pax is a Latin world that means peaceful. In history, the pax romana was a period of 200 years of Roman peace and prosperity. This was also the name of the goddess of peace, so it would be a perfect baby name.

2. Manfred

Manfred is a Germanic name that means strength and peace.

3. Colm

Colm comes to us from Ireland. It is a variation on the Latin name, Columba. Like Columba, it means dove. For thousands of years, the dove has been considered a symbol of peace. This was also the name of the Irish critic and novelist, Colm Toibin.

4. Salamon

This Hungarian name is a variation on the name Solomon. The name originally appeared in the Old Testament as the name of a king renown for his wisdom. This name is also connected to the Hebrew word for peace. The name was most popular in 1880, so it is rarely heard today.

5. Salem

This Hebrew name means peace.

6. Columba

In Latin, this pretty name means dove. It could be used for boys or girls.

7. Wilfred

Wilfred is certainly not a name that you hear every day. This Old English name means friend of peace. It was the birth name of the 8th-century missionary, Saint Boniface.

8. Oliver

Oliver is a baby name that means olive tree. It is one of the top 10 names in England right now.

9. Godfrey

This Germanic name means peace of God. It arrived in England after the Norman Conquest in the Middle Ages. It was famously the name of the 11th-century man who was the first ruler of Jerusalem, Godfrey of Bouillon.

10. Frederick

This old-fashioned name means peaceful ruler in English.

11. Bohumir

Bohumir is a name that you will rarely hear in English-speaking countries. In Czech, this baby name means peaceful world. To make this name easier, you can shorten it to nicknames like Mir.

12. Siegfried

Siegfried is a Germanic name that means victorious peace.

13. Milo

Milo is such an adorable baby name, and it is quite popular today. While it may be fairly common in modern times, it actually dates back to medieval Europe. Originally, it was a variation on the name Miles.

14. Geoffrey

This Anglo-Saxon name means pledge. It was quite popular in the Middle Ages, but it is far less common to hear this name today.

15. Zalman

Zalman is Yiddish in origin and means peace.

16. Humphrey

This name means peaceful warrior and was once used by the royal family of Britain. It was famously the name of the Casablanca actor, Humphrey Bogart.

17. Shlomo

Shlomo is a name that originally appeared in the Old Testament. King Solomon was known as Schlomo and was a wise king responsible for building the first temple in Jerusalem. The Hebrew name means peace.

18. Paxton

This English name means peaceful town.

19. Jonah

In the Old Testament, Jonah was the man who was swallowed by a whale. The name actually means dove.

20. Kazuki

Kazuki is one of the few names on this list that come from Japan. This name means peace or harmony. It comes from words that mean one and brightness.

21. Placido

Placido is a name that is Italian in origin. The name means peaceful or serene. It was the name of the opera star, Placido Domingo. It was also popular among early Christians who wanted to convey their faith in their names.

22. Paciano

Paciano is a variation on the name Pax. In Spanish, this beautiful sounding name means peaceful.

23. Aaru

We love this Egyptian baby name, although it is actually used as a place name in Egypt. This name means peaceful. Long ago, the fields of Aaru in Egyptian mythology where thought to be the heavenly paradise that was ruled by Osiris. Whatever the case, we think that this name would make a great, unusual choice for a baby boy.

24. Absalom

This is such a strong sounding name, although you rarely hear it in English speaking countries today. In the Old Testament, Absalom was the son of King David. He led a revolt against David, but was caught in a tree when he fled. Because of this, Joab was able to kill him. This name means my father is peace.

25. Casimir

Casimir is an English variation on an earlier Polish name. There have been four Polish kings who have used this name. The name later arrived in Western Europe after traveling through Germany first.

26. Tully

Tully is a more modern variation on the old Irish name, Tuathal. This name can mean several different things, but one of the most common meanings is peaceful. While you could just use Tully as a nickname, we think that it would be a great first name as well.

27. Stellan

This Scandinavian name means peace, calm or at rest.

28. Solomon

This name comes from the Hebrew word, shalom. As such, it means peace. Solomon was known as the son of King David and the king of Israel. He was well known for his wisdom and wrote the Old Testament’s Book of Proverbs.

29. Miroslav

This Czech name comes from words that mean world peace and glory. In the 10th century, it was the name of a king of Croatia who oversaw a civil war.

30. Axel

This Germanic name is said to mean father of peace. It was famously the name of a member of the rock band, Guns N’ Roses.

30 Baby Names That Mean Peace for Girls

1. Frederica

This is a female variation on Frederic, and it is a fairly rare name to hear today. This vintage name means peaceful ruler.

2. Salma or Salama

This name comes from both Arabic and Africa. The name means security, peace and safety.

3. Zulema

This Arabic name means peace. It is quite rare to hear this name outside of the Middle East.

4. Irene

Irene is the name of the Greek goddess of peace.

5. Zuelia

This Arabic name means peace.

6. Shanta

This is a name that comes to us from India. It means peaceful. Because of the Indian community in the United States, this name has quickly started to rise in popularity over the last decade.

7. Pacifica

This lovely Spanish name means peace and tranquility. Since it sounds like the name of the Pacific Ocean, it also calls to mind the tranquility of the sea. This name is also connected to the word, pacifist, which is someone who does not take part in wars.

8. Frida

This unusual name is a variation on the name Frederica. In Swedish, it means peace. This was famously the name of the noted Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo.

9. Frideswide

This would certainly be an unusual name choice for a baby girl! This name is a variation on an Old English name. It comes from words that mean strong and peace. It was once the name of Saint Frideswide. She was famous as an 8th century English princess who later decided to be a nun. She was known as the creator of the Christ Church in Oxford.

10. Serenity

Serenity is an actual word in the English language, so it is a way to obviously bring peace and serenity into your baby’s name. Serenity has reached the top 100 names in the United States in recent years.

11. Salima

Salima is an Arabic name that means peace. It was famously the name of the Pakistani archaeologist, Salima Ikram.

12. Eir

This is a simple, airy baby name that means mercy or peacefulness.

13. Concordia

This name comes from Roman mythology. She was the goddess of peace and harmony.

14. Irini

This is a Russian variation on the name Irene. It is widely used in Russia and was quite popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

15. Paz

This is a Spanish word that means peace. It s also a title of the Virgin Mary.

16. Olive

This is a female variation on the name Oliver. It calls to mind the symbol of peace, the olive branch. While Olivia has become more popular in recent years, we think that Olive deserves a second look as well.

17. Shalom

This name is from a Hebrew word that means peace. It was famously the name of the supermodel, Shalom Harlow.

18. Salome

This is an Aramaic name similar to the Hebrew name, Shalom. It means peace and has been a popular name since the Protestant Reformation. In the New Testament, it was the name of one of the women who saw Jesus’ crucifixion and later found his empty tomb.

19. Serene

This is an actually English word, but it has been used as a name since the days of the ancient Romans.

20. Tullia

Tullia is a female variation on the name Tullius. This Roman name has been used by famous historical figures like the philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero.

21. Paloma

We think that Paloma is such an adorable name for a baby girl. This unique baby name means dove, which means that it represents the symbol of peace. This name was chosen by Salma Hayek as the middle name of her daughter. You may also recognize it from name of the popular jewelry designer, Paloma Picasso.

22. Jemima

Jemima is a name that originally came from the Bible. In the Old Testament, she was one of the daughters of Job. This name later became popular among the British aristocracy. The name actually means dove.

23. Shiloh

Shiloh is name that has grown in popularity in recent years. It was the name that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie chose for their daughter. The name originally appeared in the Old Testament, but many people probably recognize it as the name of a site of a famous Civil War battle. Whatever the case, this name is supposed to mean peace and tranquility.

24. Dove

If you want to clearly bring a peaceful meaning to your baby’s name, try the name dove. If you want to hide the meaning slightly, you can try using the word for doves in other languages. In Latin, Columba means dove. In Gaelic, it is called Callum. Meanwhile, Dove is Paloma in Spanish and Jemima or Jonah in Hebrew. On the bright side, at least you will not run out of options.

25. Winifred

This Welsh name means blessed peacemaking. This old-fashioned name was declining in popularity for decades, but it is gradually starting to grow in popularity again. You can use nicknames like Freddie or Winnie with the name Winifred.

26. Placida

We love how tranquil this pretty name is. The male version is Placido, but we think that you will hear the female variation more often. This name means peaceful or serene in Spanish.

27. Shulamit

This is a Hebrew name that appeared in the Old Testament’s Song of Songs. In Hebrew, it is said to mean peace. You can use nickname options like Sula or Shula as well.

28. Chesney

This is a name that you are probably not going to hear at your child’s school anytime soon. This lovely baby name originally comes from Slovakia. The name is said to mean peaceful.

29. Yasu

This short, simple name comes to us from Japan. It can be used for a boy or girl. You could also use it as a first name or a middle name. This name means peaceful in Japanese.

30. Galen

Long ago, Galen was the name of a Roman writer who wrote about medicine. While it was originally a boys name, it is also a girls name today. This name is said to mean calm, peaceful or healer. In the 1940s, this name was one of the top 400 names. We think that it would be a harmonious, melodic name for a boy or a girl.


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