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100 Baby Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, Survivor or Fighter


There are a number of different options that you can choose when naming your baby. Some parents want to go with peaceful, graceful names. Other parents choose to have names that honor a grandmother or grandfather. You can also choose a name that means a warrior, protector, survivor or fighter. These names channel the spirit and leadership of the past while adding an extra backstory to your child’s name.


50 Baby Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, Survivor or Fighter for Boys

1. Andro

This adorable baby name means warrior and comes from Croatia.

2. Gerald

In German, this name refers to a warrior who fights using a spear. It is one of the more modern sounding names on this list.

3. Kaiden

This lovely baby name comes to us from Ireland and can be used for baby girls or baby boys.

4. Edmon

This classic name comes from France. In French, it means a prosperous protector.

5. Edmundo

This is a classic English name that means protector.

6. Amanpal

We love this Indian name. In India, this lyrical name is said to mean someone who protects the peace.

7. Boryenka

We love how strong this name sounds. It comes from Russia and has a melodious sound to it.

8. Dustin

You hear Dustin quite often in English speaking countries like England or the United States.

9. Fremont

Fremont is the name of a neighborhood in Seattle, but it is also a somewhat common baby name. In German, this name means someone who protect liberty.

10. Cedric

Cedric is a Welsh name that means warrior leader. It is unsurprising that J.K. Rowling decided to use this name for one of her characters in the Harry Potter series.

11. Elvy

While this is an unusual name, we think it would be a lovely choice for a baby name. This name means elf warrior in English.

12. Einar

This unusual name hails from Norway and is said to mean the lone warrior.

13. Safdar

This unusual name actually comes from Africa immediately. It is said to mean someone who will wipe away the borders through fighting. As such, it is a great name for a little warrior.

14. Adofo

This name comes to us from Africa. In Ghanian, this name is used for little warriors.

15. Batair

This lyrical name actually comes from Scotland. Long ago, it was used to mean a strong warrior.

16. Finian

This popular Irish name means a handsome warrior.

17. Eumann

If you want an unusual name, this is a good one to choose. This Scottish name is for a strong warrior.

18. Barin

We think that this Teutonic name is extremely exotic and beautiful.

19. Ludwik

This German name is a good choice if you like strong, old-fashioned names.

20. Skoldolfr

This name sounds like Skoldof. It comes from Iceland where it means a protector wolf.

21. Wyatt

Wyatt is such a strong sounding name, and it is becoming increasingly common in recent years. This warrior name is Anglo-Saxon and has been popular for centuries.

22. Griffith

In Welsh, this names means the chief warrior.

23. Albern

This unusual name is actually a classic English name. It is said to mean a noble warrior.

24. Devante

This Spanish name means someone who fights in honor of those who have been wronged.

25. Aimon

This Irish name means a rich protector.

26. Andrus

We love this exotic name. It comes to us from Estonia and means warrior.

27. Reinhold

This Germanic name is a perfect choice. It means a wise protector.

28. Igor

Igor might appear in horror stories, but it actually comes from Scandinavia. This Scandinavian names means a heroic warrior.

29. Khalon

This is an American name that means a strong warrior.

30. Eloy

This Spanish name means a renowned warrior.

31. Chadd

Chadd is a simple English name that can also be spelled like Chad.

32. Clovis

Clovis is a Germanic name that is also the name of a popular warrior in history.

33. Duncan

This lovely Gaelic name actually means a dark warrior who has brown hair.

34. Alemana

This is one of the few Hawaiian names on this list, and we think that it is rather pretty and lyrical.

35. Borya

This Russian name has a strong, exotic sound to it.

36. Sigmund

Sigmund is a German name that actually means a victorious protector. It also happens to be the name of the famous psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud.

37. Eamon

This is a lovely French name that is said to mean a prosperous protector.

38. Magnar

This Nordic name means a strong, fierce warrior. It sounds like a character out of a history book.

39. Ewan

This strong, Irish name means a young warrior.

40. Ansgar

We love this Irish name because of its strong, lyrical sound.

41. Alois

In German culture, this was the name of a famous warrior.

42. Ajax

This Greek name means warrior, but it was also the name of a famous warrior in Greek myths.

43. Anakin

Anakin comes from modern American culture, but it would also make for a great name for your little warrior.

44. Dreng

Dreng is a lovely English name.

45. Helushka

We love how exotic this American name is.

46. Kimble

In English, this classic name was used for the chief of warriors. 

47. Blaz

Blaz looks like Blaze, but it has an entirely different meaning. In Germany, this strong name means an unwavering protector.

48. Ehno

This name comes to us from Italy and means protector.

49. Ray

Ray is a classic English name. While it could represent a ray of sunshine, it also means a wise protector.

50. Sanosuke

This Japanese name comes straight out of mythology and is a clever, unusual name for a baby boy.

50 Baby Names That Mean Warrior, Protector, Survivor or Fighter for Girls

1. Eferhild

We love this old English name, although you are highly unlikely to hear this name anywhere today. This English name has the beautiful meaning of a warrior maiden.

2. Boyana

Originally, this name was the male name Boyan. Now, we think that this female variation would be a beautiful choice for a little girl.

3. Alexa

Alexa comes from a Greek name that means someone who will protect mankind.

4. Lexi

This is another variation of the name Alexandra and means one who will protect mankind. This pretty name comes from Greece.

5. Imelda

This name was a more popular name a few centuries ago, but this Spanish name would be an exotic choice for a modern baby girl.

6. Anne

Anne Frank was a survivor who hid from the Germans with her family during World War II. While she ended up being captured, her diary survived and is still read today.

7. Alois

Alois was once the name of a famous warrior in German culture. While it was originally a boys name, we think that it would work well for a girl as well.

8. Alesta

This is a lovely Scottish name that is sure to get everyone’s attention. This name is for a protector.

9. Meredith

We love this Celtic name that comes to us from Celtic mythology. Long ago, this name meant the protector of the sea.

10. Amyntas

This Latin American name has such a lyrical, musical quality to it. This name is perfect if you want a name that means protector.

11. Cahira

While we have never heard of a baby named this, we think that this Irish name would be a lovely choice for a baby girl.

12. Alessandra

This is an Italian variation on the name Alexander or Alexandra. It means a protector of mankind.

13. Delmira

This is a lovely German name that is said to mean a noble protector. It would be a pretty name for a baby girl.

14. Tesha

This is a lovely Indian name that is popular in India, but far less common to hear in the rest of the world.

15. Louisa

This name means a strong and valiant fighter. It also happens to be the name of a popular female novelist who wrote Little Women.

16. Hannah

During World War II, Hannah Senesh was a part of the Resistance movement and parachuted into occupied territory. She was ultimately caught and tortured, but she held up under torture to protect her compatriots. In the final moments of the war, the Germans quickly executed her before the Allied forces could rescue her.

17. Heloise

Heloise is a beautiful name that comes to us from France.

18. Ritza

In German, this exotic, beautiful name means a noted protector. We think that this would be a lovely name for a baby girl.

19. Axelia

Axelia is an unusual name, but it is so pretty. This Greek name is perfect for a protector.

20. Gertrude

You rarely hear this name today, but it was fairly popular during the 1800s. This German name is said to mean an adored warrior.

21. Clodovea

You are unlikely to ever hear another baby girl with this name. This Spanish name is bound to attract a lot of attention.

22. Victoria

A victory is a major triumph, but many also know the name Victoria because it was the name of one of England’s most popular queens. From Queen Victoria, we get the name of the Victorian Era.

23. Emlyn

This is an unusual name that is actually English in origin. Long ago, this name was said to mean a brave and noble warrior.

24. Alastair

This is a Scottish name for a protector, and it was originally known as a boys name. Now, we think that it will also become a fairly popular girls name as well.

25. Caden

Caden is a name that is most popular in the United States. It can be spelled a number of different ways.

26. Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth was known as the Virgin Queen. She defeated the Spanish armada and is still a popular queen to this day.

27. Zoe

This simple, beautiful name comes from a Greek name that means fighter.

28. Alex

Alexander and variations like Alex come from the name of Alexander the Great. Known as one of the world’s most talented conquerors, his name meant someone who will protect mankind.

29. Heilwig

This is a name that you are unlikely to hear today. This Old High Germanic name is a blend of two words that mean healthy and battle.

30. Amazonia

The mythological Amazon warriors were a band of female warriors who were known to be terrifying, ferocious and always victorious. This is a modern variation on that name.

31. Louella

We love how feminine this French name sounds. It would be perfect for a baby girl.

32. Kendria

In English, this name means a royal protector.

33. Chris

Saint Christopher is considered the patron saint of travelers, so Chris would be a good name for a protector.

34. Ilma

This unusual Germanic name means a resolute protector.

35. Kayleigh

This is a Scottish name that sounds fairly modern, but it actually has a much longer history behind it.

36. Dustine

In the United States, Dustin is a fairly popular boys name. It is unsurprising that someone would have made a female variation of that name.

37. Arminda

This is a Latin American name that is said to mean a protector of mankind.

38. Evin

This English name means a strong, feminine fighter.

39. Pocahontas

Pocahontas was a protector and leader of her tribe, but her name was also used for the main character in the popular Disney movie, which is not entirely based on fact.

40. Borghildr

This is an Old Norse name that would be perfect for a fearless, ferocious female fighter.

41. Jaelyn

This is a more modern sounding name that sounds like it should be the name of a fighter in a dystopian novel.

42. Sezia

This lovely Russian name has an exotic ring to it.

43. Deandra

This English name means divine protector.

44. Bellatrix

In the Harry Potter series, this is the name one of the Dark Lord’s chief fighters and supporters.

45. Elda

This Italian name would be perfect for a female warrior.

46. Aife

This lovely female name from Ireland carries a strong meaning with it.

47. Hida

We love this German name because it is so short and easy to pronounce.

48. Griselda

This name comes from two words that mean gray and battle. ’

49. Rosabella

This German name means a noted protector.

50. Evanna

This is the female variation of Evan and means a young, brave fighter.



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