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100 Names That Mean Water


Water is one of the four elements and is a necessity for human existence. Without water, everyone and everything would die. In artwork, water is represented by peaceful, tranquil oceans and rivers. Water may seem tranquil, but it carries a huge power. Over time, a simple stream can carve out a huge canyon with persistence. The beauty of water makes it a perfect concept for a baby name. To get started, we have a list of 100 names that mean water for your baby girl or baby boy.

55 Names That Mean Water for Girls

1. Kendra

Kendra is the female version of the name Ken. It is said to mean clear water, which makes it a lovely water-related baby name.

2. Marlowe

Marlowe is a variation of names like Marlow and Marlo. It is name that means a hill by the lake.

3. Waverly

Waverly sounds like a lovely, flowing easy breeze. It actually is an English surname that is known to mean meadow of quivering aspen.

4. Sedna

This beautiful name was once the name of the goddess of the sea in Inuit mythology.

5. Rainey

This name is variation on the name Rain. It was once the name of Ma Rainey, the Mother of the Blues.

6. Nerida

In ancient Greece, Nerida was a sea nymph or mermaid.

7. Monroe

Monroe was the surname of Marilyn Monroe and means the mouth of the Roe River.

8. Marella

Marella is a Japanese take on the classical name, Muriel. It means of the bright sea.

9. Fjord

Fjorn is an Old Norse name for the passage of the sea.

10. Cordelia

This name means daughter of the sea.

11. Aqua

Aqua is a Latin word that means water. Today, most people think of it as a blue-green color.

12. Isla

Isla means island in Spanish. It also happens to be the name of a river in Scotland.

13. Lynn

Lynn is a name that means lake and was quite popular during the 1940s.

14. Rialta

This Italian name means deep brook.

15. Talise

This is a Native American name that means dew. It is also said to mean lovely water. You can also try variations of this name like Tallis or Talise.

16. Noelani

This beautiful sounding name is said to mean mist of heaven. As such, it is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

17. Meredith

Meredith can mean a number of different things depending on the language. In Welsh, it means seal lord. It can also be turned into nicknames like Mary or Merry.

18. Kai

Kai is a Hawaiian name that can be used for girls or boys. It is said to mean sea.

19. Delta

Delta is a geographic turn for the part of land where a river starts to dived into smaller rivers or streams.

20. Bayou

Bayou is a word common to Louisiana, which would make for a charming name for a baby girl.

21. Guadalupe

This Spanish name is said to mean river of black stones. It was made famous by Our Lady of Guadalupe, which was a miraculous appearance by the Virgin Mary in Mexico.

22. Laguna

Laguna is a type of body of water that is separated by a coral reef or a reef of some sort.

23. Rain

Rain is a popular name for girls, although it certainly has a hippie-like sound to it.

24. Shannon

While this name is now popular in the United States, it originally came from Ireland. Long ago, this name meant an old, wise river.

25. Morgan

Morgan is a traditional Welsh name for boys. Now, it is a girls’ name that means circling sea.

26. Cascade

Cascade evokes the image of cascading waterfalls and bubbling brooks. This name can also be modified to the pretty sounding Cascadia.

27. Maya

In Hebrew, this name meant water. The ancient Romans believed that Maya was the mother of earth and the goddess of the springtime.

28. Lucerne

Lucerne is a beautiful name that means light. It is also a name that makes you think of the Swiss mountainsides and lakes.

29. Darya

Darya is a name that comes from Iran. This beautiful name means sea.

30. Rio

Rio means river in both Portuguese and Spanish.

31. Marilla

Marilla comes from Latin. This unusual, pretty name once meant shining sea.

32. Coral

Coral calls to mind the beautiful coral reefs that form within the ocean.

33. Maris

Maris is an extremely beautiful name that is one of the epithets used for the Virgin Mary. It is said to mean of the sea.

34. Kendall

Kendall is a name that means valley of the River Kent.

35. Nixie

Nixie was once the name of a water spirit. If you want a more modern take, you can always try Nikki instead.

36. Ripley

Ripley sounds like the rippling ocean waves during a summer breeze. It would be a beautiful name for a boy or girl.

37. Tahoe

This is a Native American name that means edge of lake. Now, most people think of Tahoe as Lake Tahoe, which is a lake between California and Nevada.

38. Muriel

Muriel was the name of an angel, and it means of the bright sea. It was also the name of a celestial being in Celtic mythology that ruled the month of June.

39. Ara

Ara is a pretty Arabic name that means brings rain. You could also use it as a nickname for Arabella.

40. Firth

Firth is the Scottish word for fjord.

41. Lake

If you want your name to be clearly water inspired, then naming your daughter Lake would be an excellent way to go.

42. Marina

Marina is the place where boats are docked. Marine is also a word that references the ocean or the sea.

43. Mira

Mira is a beautiful name that comes from Sanskrit. In ancient Sanskrit, this name was the word for ocean or sea.

44. Shore

Shore is one of the more obvious water-inspired names since the shore is the edge of the ocean or lake.

45. Tallulah

This beautiful name comes from the Irish name Tuilelaith. The Irish name originally meant leaping water.

46. Moselle

Moselle is from a Hebrew name that meant from the water.

47. Loire

Loire is a particularly lovely sounding name. This captivating name is the name of a French river.

48. Anahita

This name stems from an old Persian name. Long ago, the name meant a river or water goddess.

49. Como

Como is used to mean lake in Italy.

50. Evian

This beautiful name means the Lord is gracious. Today, it is associated with a type of bottled water.

51. Hali

This beautiful Greek word means sea, so it is a perfect name if you want a baby name that means water.

52. Michal

This name once appeared in the Bible. It was the name of the woman who was the daughter of King Saul and the wife of King David.

53. Misty

Misty calls to mind mist. A mist is tiny drops of water.

54. Oceane

This name is a female version of the name Ocean. In ancient Greek, the god Oceanus was the god of the sea. This female version has become increasingly trendy in France in recent years.

55. Rosemary

Rosemary is a name that actually means dew of the name. It is considered the symbol of true love in Greek myths. It also happens to be a delicious herb that is used for seasoning food and for medicinal purposes.

45 Names That Mean Water for Boys

1. Caspian

Caspian is a large sea that is placed just between Asia and Europe. It became popular when C.S. Lewis used the name for a character in his Chronicles of Narnia series.

2. Dylan

Dylan is a common name today, but it actually comes from Welsh myths. It meant son of the sea and was the name of the Welsh sea god.

3. Irving

Irving is an extremely popular name. It was originally known as a Scottish surname. Now, it is often used as a first name. This name means sea friend or green river.

4. Ocean

This is the masculine form of Oceana and is a reference to the ocean and the Greek god of the sea.

5. Seaton

Seaton is a beautiful name that means town by the sea. It also happens to be the name of the Oscar-winning director and writer, George Seaton.

6. Beck

Beck is a shortened for of Beckham. Beck happens to mean stream in Old Norse.

7. Morrissey

This beautiful name means choice of the sea. It comes from Ireland.

8. Danube

If you want to name your son after an actual place, the Danube is an excellent choice. This Viennese river is a beautiful place to visit.

9. Clifford

This water-related baby name is aid to mean lives near the ford by the cliff.

10. Arno

Arno is often considered an alternative to the more traditional name, Arnold. Arno actually means flower water, and it is the name of a large river within Florence, Italy.

11. Bay

Bay is a body of water that is a beautiful name for a baby boy. Unfortunately, it may also be easily confused with the popular slang word, bae.

12. Coburn

Coburn is a traditional Welsh name. While it is less commonly heard today, this Welsh name is said to mean stony river or rocky water.

13. Hudson

Hudson actually means Hugh’s son. The reason why it is a water-inspired name is because of the Hudson River in New York State.

14. Llyr

This is a Welsh name that means the sea. Chances are, your son will spend a lot of his life telling people how to correctly pronounce his name.

15. Po

This short name is actually the name of the longest river in Italy.

16. Wade

Wade obviously calls to mind wading, which is walking with effort through some water. It actually means river crossing, which makes sense considering how we use the verb today.

17. Hurley

This beautiful, old Irish name once meant sea tide. In recent years, it has started to become more popular as a baby boy name.

18. Ford

Ford is an English name that means river crossing. Unfortunately, people may also think that you named your child after the 20th century entrepreneur and industrialist, Henry Ford.

19. Beck

This cute name means stream in Old Norse.

20. Thames

The Thames is the major river that runs through London. Interestingly, it means river, so the Thames River is basically calling it “River River”.

21. Harbor

Harbor is a place where ships dock to take shelter, and it is a place where they can wait out a storm at sea in safety and refuge.

22. Cove

Cove is a little inlet or small bay on the coast. .

23. Murphy

This name originally comes from Gaelic, although it was originally Murchadh in Gaelic. Before it was adapted into English, it meant sea warrior.

24. River

River is a straightforward way to name your baby boy after the water. A river is essentially a stream of water.

25. Trent

In ancient Latin, Trent meant gushing water. It is more commonly thought of as the name of a river in England.

26. Nile

This is an obvious reference to the water. While the Nile actually means blue, most people think of it as the Nile River in Egypt. For millennia, this river would flood every year so that the Egyptians could grow grain and produce along the banks of the river.

27. Jordan

The Jordan is still a river today, but it was first mentioned in the Bible. The name actually means flowing down, and it was a river where people were often baptized.

28. Calder

Calder is a traditional English name. This trendy name means rocky water and is starting to grow more popular today.

29. Destan

Destan hails from France. In French, this name means by the still waters. While it was once just a surname, it is quickly becoming common as a first name as well.

30. Zale

Zale is a name that means strong sea or power of the sea in the Greek language.

31. Neptune

Neptune is well known as the god of freshwater in ancient Roman mythology. It also happens to be one of the planets in our solar system.

32. Lir

In Ireland, Lir was the name of the god of the sea. It also receives bonus points as a baby name because it it so short.

33. Brook

A brook is a small creek or waterway that makes it a perfect baby name.

34. Arroyo

Arroyo is a deep gully that is cut by an intermittent stream and an extremely unusual sounding baby name for a boy or girl.

35. Douglas

This Scottish name was a name for a clan in Scotland well known for their strength and courage. Today, it is used as a first name as well and means dark water.

36. Marsh

Marsh is a low-lying area that typically floods during the wet seasons or during high tide.

37. Reef

A reef is a bar of rock or sand in the water, and it would be an extremely hip name for a baby boy.

38. Coburn

Coburn was once considered just a surname. In Scotland, a burn is the name of a brook. Because of this, Coburn is said to mean a small stream. Today, it is also used as a first name as well as a surname.

39. Murray

Murray is a name that comes from Ireland. In Ireland, it means lord of the sea.

40. Dover

Dover is a Welsh word for water. Dover also happens to be a seaport in Britain that sits on the English Channel. In New England, it is the name of a Massachusetts town.

41. Bourne

Bourne was a name popularized by the Jason Bourne films like Bourne Ultimatum. The actual name means one who lives near a stream and comes from Middle English.

42. Adrian

This is a beautiful name that remains one of the top 50 baby boy names in the United States. Adrian is a name that is a variation on the Adriatic Sea. This makes it a great water-inspired name for a baby boy.

43. Conway

Conway is a name that comes from Welsh. If you like water and the spirit, it is a wonderful choice since it means holy water. In Washington state, Conway is also the name of a small town.

44. Lincoln

Lincoln is a name that most people associate with Abraham Lincoln. While this may be the common interpretation, it actually means town by the lake. Whether you like the name meaning or the history associated with it, this is a great name for a baby boy.

45. Sailor

Sailor is a great nautical name, although it is an unusual choice for a baby boy or baby girl. Interestingly, it was chosen by Liv Tyler for her son and by Sailor Gene for her son as well. It is more popular today than it was several decades ago, but it is still a fairly unusual name to hear.


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