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100 Native American Names for Male Dogs


Native American names often use images from nature. If you are struggling to think of the perfect name for your puppy, Native American names for male dogs can help. These animal names can be used as they are written or just as inspiration for the name that you ultimately choose. They come from Native American cultures across the Americas, so there are a number of languages represented on the list.

Cool and Unique Native American Dog Names
1. Desna: In Inuit, this cute name means boss.

2. Apisi: The Blackfoot use this word for coyotes.

3. Mochni: In Hopi, this means talking bird.

4. Aloha: In Hawaiian, this means love, hello and goodbye.

5. Tasunke: This means horse in Dakota.

6. Enyeto: This means walks like a bear in Miwok.

7. Kinta: In Choctaw, this means deer.

8. Machk: This means bear in Algonquian.

9. Abedabun: This means sight of day in Cheyenne.

10. Salali: This Cherokee name means squirrel.

11. Songa: This means strong and is one of the prettiest names.

12. Adsila: In Cherokee, this means blossom.

13. Mukki: This Algonquian name means child.

14. Honaw: This means bear in Hopi.

15. Hemene: This means wolf in Nez Perce.

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16. Chapa: This means beaver in Sioux. Use it for a small dog that is furry like a beaver.

17. Mika: This cute name means intelligent raccoon.

18. Yuma: This is a Navajo term for the son of the chief.

19. Nuttah: This Algonquian name means my heart.

20. Dakota: This is the name of a Native American tribe.

21. Hok’ee: This Navajo word means abandoned.

22. Fala: In Choctaw, this means crow.

23. Kilchii: This Navajo name means red boy.

24. Ama: In Cherokee, this means water.

25. Adoette: This means big tree in Kiowa.

26. Sioux: This is another Native American tribe name.

27. Awantia: This means fawn in Chapa.

28. Liwanu: In Miwok, this means growling bear.

29. Rozene: This is a Native American word that means rose.

30. Makwa: This Algonquin name means bear.

Native American Dog Names

31. Honi: This means wolf in Arapaho.

32. Cochise: This is from an Apache name that means strength of an oak. Long ago, Cochise was an Apache leader who fought against the Mexicans and Americans.

33. Animosh: This cute name means dog in Algonquin.

34. Maiyun: This means wolf in Cheyenne.

35. Hiamovi: This Cheyenne name means high chief.

36. Kahuna: In Hawaiian, this name is said to mean someone who is held in high esteem.

37. Yansa: This means buffalo in Cherokee.

38. Amitola: This means rainbow in Aponi. It almost sounds like a Buddhist greeting that is used in China.

39. Micco: This name is said to mean chief in Seminole.

40. Suki: This is an Algonquin word that means black.

41. Nikan: This is a Potawatomi word for friend. It would be a great name for a rescue dog.

42. Hento: For the Dakota, this word means blue.

43. Mato: In Sioux, this means bear.

44. Aiyana: This Native American name means eternal blossom.

45. Maikoh: This means wolf in Navajo.

46. Bidzill: This means he is strong.

47. Cholena: This means bird.

48. Lulu: This means rabbit.

49. Hopi: This is the name of a tribe, but it would also be a cool-sounding dog name.

50. Maheegan: This means wolf in Algonquin.

51. Tiquanna: This Inuit name means adopted son.

52. Hanska: In Sioux, this means tall.

53. Kewanee: This means prairie hen in Potawatomi.

54. Muraco: This Native American word means white moon.

55. Miki: In Inuit, this name means little. It would be a lovely name for a small dog.

56. Miwak: In Miwok, this means the growl of a bear.

57. Tikaani: This means wolf in the Inuit tribes.

58. Kuruk: In Pawnee, this means bear.

59. Honovi: This adorable name means powerful deer in Hopi.

60. Kele: In Hopi, this means sparrow.

Discover Unique Native American Dog Names

61. Geronimo: This is from a native Apache word that means one who yawns. Geronimo was a famous warrior who fought the Mexican troops for more than two decades after his wife, other and children were killed by the troops.

62. Omitaa: This Blackfoot name actually means dog.

63. Kay: This means willow tree.

64. Amarog: This means wolf in the Inuit tribes.

65. Pules: This is an Algonquian name that means pigeon.

66. Koa: In Hawaiian, this means strong and brave.

67. Alawa: In Algonquin, this means pea.

68. Hiamovi: This means high chief in Cheyenne.

69. Takoda: In Sioux, this means friend to everyone. Use it as the name of your rescue dog.

70. Sihu: This Hopi name means flower.

71. Tecumseh: This was the name of a hero of the Shawnee tribe. He aligned with the British during the War of 1812.

72. Chumani: This means dewdrops in Sioux.

73. Eyota: This Native American name means great.

74. Wyome: In Algonquian, this means large plain.

75. Sequoyak: This name means sparrow in Cherokee.

Native American Names for Male Dogs

76. Keme: In the Algonquin tribe, this means thunder.

77. Nikan: This Potawatomi name means my friend.

78. Nokosi: This means bear in Seminole.

79. Kitchi: In Algonquin, this means brave.

80. Awan: This is an Algonquin word that means somebody.

81. Pontiac: He was an Ottawa leader who was famous for leading a rebellion against the British. Later, the car company, Pontiac, named itself out of that.

82. Honiahaka: This means little wolf in Cheyenne.

83. Honan: In Miwok, this means bear.

84. Mansi: This means plucked flowers in Hopi.

85. Kele: This nae means sparrow in Hopi.

86. Bidziil: This unusual sounding name is said to mean he who is strong in Navajo.

87. Ogin: This cute nae means wild rose.

88. Akiak: In Inuit, this means brave.

89. Ahonu: In Algonquin, this means He Who Laughs.

90. Sesi: In Inuit languages, this means snow.

91. Ituha: This is said to mean sturdy oak.

92. Leotie: This pretty name means flower of the prairie.

93. Kiyaya: In the Yakima tribe, this means howling wolf.

94. Alii: This pretty sounding name means chief in Hawaiian.

95. Chief Crazy Horse: This is a bit of a long name, but it is used in honor of the Native American warrior of the same name. He fought at the Battle of the Rosehead and prevented the army from joining General Custer’s troops.

96. Pakwa: This is a Hopi name that means frog.

97. Skah: This is a Sioux word that means white.

98. Gomda: This is a Kiowa word that means crow.

99. Koko: In Blackfoot, this means night.

100. Abetzi: This means yellow leaf in Omaha.


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