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Native American Zodiac Signs and Astrology


While everyone focuses on the traditional zodiac signs, Native American zodiac signs and astrology also have a lot to offer. Learning more about your zodiac sign can help you figure out your place on this earth and your own personality. While it takes a long time to truly learn all of the Native American zodiac signs and astrology information, the following article can help you start your journey.

Native American Zodiac Signs and Astrology

1. Otter Totem

Native American Astrology

The Otter totem is for the dates January 20 to February 18. This totem is connected to the cardinal direction of north-northeast. It is said to be linked to the element of air and is known for being unpredictable. When it comes to the otter, expect the unconventional. Other Native American zodiac signs do not know what to think of this decidedly unconventional figure.

While this sign might be a bit unpredictable, the Otter is known for being skillful and good at finishing a task. The Otter is able to use its intelligence and creativity to accomplish things in life. In addition to being smart, this sign is nurturing and intuitive. The Otter is an excellent friend because of its honesty and desire to support the people closest to it.

The Otter is also known for being extremely curious. This totem loves to understand why people think or feel a certain way. They love to gather data and information that can be shared with other people. In conversation, the Otter can get so excited and enthusiastic that he takes over the conversation without realizing it.

Known for being exceptionally playful, this totem is also well known for loving to frolic and be a bit sly. You will find this Otter dancing in the rain or escaping daily life for some fun. The hardest part of this zodiac sign is convincing the Otter to return to daily life and focus on the boring tasks of day-to-day living. In general, this friendly sign is quite agreeable and well-liked.

2. Wolf Totem

Native American Animal Symbols

The Wolf is born between February 10 to March 20. This sign is connected to the cardinal direction of the northeast. It is linked to the element of water. Individuals who have a Wolf totem are like the stereotype of the lone wolf. To feel their best, they have to have some time for being alone and enjoying solitude. In a relationship, this means that the Wolf needs a partner who understands their need for space and companionship.

While most people think of the Wolf as ferocious, the truth is that the Wolf is extremely generous. Unfortunately, other people tend to take advantage of the Wolf’s generosity. The Wolf is willing to give everything they own to someone in need, but they have to be guarded about it because people always take advantage of them.

When it comes to loved ones, the Wolf is a fierce protector. He is loyal to a fault and listens to his gut instinct. The Wolf is a guardian for the people around him and possesses an intelligent mind. This Native American zodiac sign is a natural seeker. He looks for new frontiers and learning. The Wolf is able to walk between the spiritual, intellectual and physical worlds. Other people naturally want to follow the Wolf because he is a leader who seems to be going places. In terms of spirituality, this sign shines out of the crowd.

3. Falcon Totem

Native American Zodiac Sign

The Falcon is born between March 21 and April 19. This totem is linked to the element of fire. The cardinal direction for the Falcon is east. Individuals who are born under this sign are excellent at keeping their cool. No matter how harsh the wind blows, the Falcon is able to calmly rise above it all.

While the Falcon is a bird, it is surprisingly grounded. This zodiac sign is known for making excellent decisions. Because of this talent, many Falcons end up becoming leaders unintentionally. In addition, the Falcon loves to take on a challenge and discover new things. This sign loves adventures and wants to explore everything that the world has to offer.

Individuals with the Falcon sign have keen senses and observant eyes. The Falcon notices the tiny details and possesses a strong self-confidence. While this can make them seem egotistical at times, the Falcon is rarely an ego-maniac. Instead, he just has a strong sense of personal truth and confidence.

When it comes to relationships, the Falcon is quite passionate and loves anything sensual. He is creative at showing his love and desire. The only challenge for the Falcon is reaching his inner world. He tends to focus on everything else first and likes challenges where he can see results right away. Because of this, the Falcon does not always connect to their spiritual side and discover their Medicine.

4. Beaver Totem

Native American Zodiac Signs and Astrology

The Beaver was born between April 20 and May 20. This totem is linked to the direction of the east and the element of the earth. Beavers are often considered anxious, but this tends to be because they like to stay moving. Being forced to stand still will annoy the industrious Beaver.

This Native American zodiac sign is known for having a natural tenacity and talent. They are able to build strong foundations for their relationships and work projects. Unfortunately, Beavers also tend to worry about their money a lot. They want a strong foundation and security for their family, so they are naturally worried about their finances. When the Beaver does have extra money though, he tends to give it away to charity.

This totem is known for being extremely self-assured. He likes to stay at home and entertain his friends from his personal abode. The Beaver is an excellent host, but can be overly forced on work. Beavers have to learn how to make time for fun if they want to truly enjoy their life. In addition, the Beaver needs to have a sense of security. He might seem calm on the outside, but his worries and uncertainties run deep.

5. Deer Totem

Native American Astrology

The Deer or Stag Totem is born between May 21 to June 20. It is connected to the earth and the east. People who are born under this sign tend to be rather whimsical and may even seem naive to others. In reality, the Deer actually possesses a keen intellect and a ready wit. The Deer is excellent at having conversations with nearly anyone. With their energy and talent for conversation, these people are excellent at public speaking.

While they might be smart, the Deer is not a jerk about it. There isn’t a mean side to this social creature. People who are born under this totem are often coy, nurturing and peaceful. They hate disagreements and will try to make peace with people who are arguing. In relationships, the Deer is compassionate and caring.

The Deer dislikes turmoil or arguments. Instead, the Deer will always work to bring people together. If he can get a bunch of unlike-minded people together, he will be extremely happy. This Totem also likes to create a sense of order and tranquility in the world around him.

6. Woodpecker Totem

What Your Native American Zodiac Symbols Really Means

The Woodpecker totem was born between June 21 and July 21. This Native American zodiac sign is connected to the cardinal direction of the south and water. According to Native American zodiac signs and astrology, the Woodpecker is linked to the Sacred Mother. People who are born to this sign have an instinctive knowledge of when other people need help and how to help them.

With this in mind, it makes sense that the Woodpecker would be quite good at relationships. The Woodpecker is devoted and totally committed to her relationship. She focuses all of her energy on her partner and making their relationship amazing. Her biggest problem is losing herself in the relationship and forgetting her own identity as she joins herself to a partner.

The Woodpecker is also quite good at budgeting and managing their money. She likes to ensure that her family and loved ones are financially provided for. The Woodpecker has a warm soul that is extremely sensitive. Finding a balance between heart and mind is not easy because she can be easily overwhelmed by her feelings. She tends to give out so much love that she feels drained and empty. Finding a balance and learning self-love is important for the Woodpecker.

7. Salmon Totem

What Your Native American Zodiac Symbols Really Means

Born between July 22 and august 2, the Salmon totem is linked to the south-southwest and the fire element. The Salon is full of energy and enthusiasm. This totem readily attracts other people by his passion and loves to tackle the rapids with fun and energy.

Salmon people have meaningful goals and think through each step in life. They want to make a compassionate, helpful contribution to the world. In relationships, these individuals are full of creativity, passion and excitement. They change their partner for the better.

The Salmon loves to root for the underdog and wants to lend a hand to those in need. Water plays a big role in this totem, so the Salmon is artistic and creative. He is attracted to anything that revives his mind and soul.

8. Bear Totem

native american zodiac compatibility

Born between August 3 and September 21, the Bear is a naturally curious person. He loves difficult puzzles that create a mystery for him. At the same time, the Bear is very practical. He is laid-back and will listen to all the information that is brought his way. He knows that there is more to the world than what his material form can understand, so his spiritual side does not fit easily into any type of box.

The Bear is an extremely physical person. He likes sensual input and also requires a decent amount of personal space. Like the animal of the Bear, this totem likes to have a safe cave where he can explore his inner world. His personal space is a sacred place that he goes to when he needs to rejuvenate his mind.

While he might be a curious creature, the Bear is not interested in any types of changes. He is totally fine with having the same people, places and things in his life on a day-to-day basis. To really grow as a human being, the Bear must occasionally learn how to step outside of his comfort zone and routine matters to learn more about the world and himself.

9. Raven Totem

native american zodiac compatibility

The Raven is born between September 22 to October 22. This Native American zodiac sign is ruled by the air and the direction of the west. People who are born as Ravens love business, projects and financial security. They are extremely principled, charismatic individuals. Their huge amount of energy makes any project they start turn into a success.

While they may have an industrious work ethic and a lot of energy, Ravens are extremely easygoing. No matter how much trouble they are going through, they remain calm. At the same time, the Raven is quite passionate about his goals and is extremely perceptive. This totem is known for being demanding at work, although he will be quite contrite when someone points out how demanding he is.

The Raven totem is a sign that loves to explore and exploit new things. He rarely sets down roots anywhere and is fine with constantly moving on to new things. This totem has a tendency to feel like he is on the outside looking in since he rarely—if ever—settles down anywhere. In addition, this sign loves beauty and tends to surround itself by pretty things. Anything exciting or new attracts the Raven.

10. Snake Totem

Native American Zodiac Signs and Astrology

Individuals with the Snake totem are born between October 23 and November 22. This sign is connected to the northwest and water. In Native American zodiac signs and astrology, this sign has an interesting distinction. It is said that shamans are typically Snakes because of their role as a spiritual guide and healer. Like the shamans, the Snake is cool-headed and able to handle any problem with a calm outlook.

Individuals who are born under this sign love to understand the great enigmas and mysteries of life. They are excellent at keeping the secrets of their friends and loved ones. Socially, the Snake is inventive and extremely adaptable. The actual snake is able to shed its skin to adapt, and the Snake totem represents the same flexibility. This sign has a good sense of humor and loves to support people as they reach for their goals.

Snakes tend to have extremely busy minds and are naturally cunning. They are also outgoing and ready to take on life. The hardest part of being a Snake is letting go of the past. If they cannot let go of their past, they end up feeling anxious about all of the choices they made and where their life could have ended up.

11. Owl Totem

Native American Zodiac Signs

The Owl totem is for people born between November 23 and December 21. It is ruled by Fire and the direction of northwest. People under this sign have a lot of energy and an outgoing nature. Unfortunately, Owls also have a tendency to charge ahead before they consider their decisions.

People with the Owl totem are good at listening and processing other people’s opinions. This sign is filled with optimism and hope. They work to bring their day-to-day existence in line with their soul’s purpose. They like to observe everything carefully before the interact with someone. This knowledge seeker find the beauty in everything. At the same time, they tend to have a restless spirit and like to skim the pages of life as they strive to find fulfillment.

12. Snow Goose Totem

Native American Zodiac Signs

The Snow Goose is ruled by the element of the earth. This Native American zodiac sign is connection to the direction of north. The Snow Goose is filled with drive and motivation. It has a carefully planned out approach to reaching each goal. By planning out its strategy in life, the Snow Goose is able to eel relaxed and confident about their next step.

At times, the Snow Goose is too demanding of herself. She sets her goals high and is not realistic in her expectations. Because of this, it is easy for the goal-driven Snow Goose to be disappointed in herself. To be happy, she has to learn how to laugh at herself and set more realistic goals. The Snow Goose is also known in Native American zodiac signs and astrology for being a lover. She wants to focus on positive goals and does not want to cause an argument. At home, she loves to bring happiness and brightness to her loved ones. She is faithful to her loved ones and offers support whenever they need it.


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