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100 Nature Baby Names


Nature is all around us. It is a natural part of human existence. Being in the woods or enjoying the song of a nightingale is extremely relaxing. It is unsurprising that so many parents want to have nature-related names for their baby. These 100 nature baby names can get you started on your hunt for the perfect name for your baby boy or baby girl. From trees to the elements, you can find all of the best baby names.

50 Nature Baby Names for Girls

1. Ela

We love Ela because it is such a short, simple name. It is one of our favorite nature baby names for girls and it is said to mean earth.

2. Ghadir

This is one of the more unusual names to hear in English speaking countries. It actually comes from Arabic where it is said to mean stream.

3. Keithia

This is such an earthy, pretty name. This English name meas forest or wood.

4. Wisteria

Wisteria is one of our favorite flowers because it has such a pretty scent. If you allow the vines to grow, they will wrap around a trellis and create beautiful flowers in the springtime. This beautiful name comes from a Latin word and is the perfect flower name.

5. Sky

Sky is a simple name to represent the beauty of the summer sky.

6. River

River is a hippie name that reflects the beauty and tranquility of the river. It was also the name of a character in the popular sci-fi film, Serenity.

7. Phoenix

Phoenix refers to a color that is dark crimson. It is also the name of a mythological bird that would die in flames every 500 years only to rise out of the ashes again. As such, it has been used as a symbol of rebirth.

8. Jade

Jade has been a popular name off and on for years. It is a type of gemstone that is popular in Asia. Green jade is said to protect the wearer from all harm.

9. Abungu

If you want a more unusual name, this is the one to choose. It can be used for boys or girls. In Africa, this name means of the forest.

10. Farley

Farley is a traditional English name that means woodland clearing.

11. Itsaso

This is an unusual sounding name that comes from Spain’s Basque country. I is said to mean ocean.

12. Soleil

Soleil is one of the prettiest baby girl names on this list. In French, it means sun, which makes it the perfect nature-inspired baby name.

13. Terra

Terra sounds like the more common Tara, but it actually was the name of a Greek goddess of the earth. The word terra also means earth in Spanish.

14. Rosetta

Rosetta is such a pretty name that you may recall because of the famous Rosetta Stone. In Latin and Italian, this name means rose blossom.

15. Meadow

We love this name because it makes us think of grasslands and sunshine. This name encapsulates all of the best that nature has to offer.

16. Idoya

This name has a pleasant, musical ring to it. In Spanish, this name is said to mean a pond.

17. Deniz

This sounds like the more common Denise, but it has an entirely different meaning. In Turkish, Deniz is said to mean sea.

18. Brier

This name has a hip, trendy ring to it. In French, this name is a word for the purple-colored flower known as heather.

19. Acacia

This is one of the prettier flower names on this list. In Greek, the name actually means guileless.

20. Raven

Raven became a popular name after the Disney show, That’s So Raven, became popular. It can be for girls or boys, and it represents the wisdom and cunning of the raven.

21. Solstice

This would be a great New Age name to choose. The summer solstice is when the sun reaches its highest excursion relative to our celestial equator. Meanwhile, winter solstice is when it reaches the lowest point.

22. Lana

Lana is a lovely Gaelic name that means little rock.

23. Hazel

Hazel has been a popular name in England for hundreds of years. In English, hazel is a color that looks like light brown, but it is also the name of a type of tree.

24. Denver

Denver is the name of a city, but it actually comes from an earlier word. Long ago, Denver was a name that meant one who belongs to a green valley.

25. Brin

Brin is a simple, short name that sounds extremely hip and trendy. In Welsh, this name means like a hill.

26. Autumn

If you have a daughter born during the fall, then naming her Autumn would be an excellent choice.

27. Misty

Misty is a word used to describe a day when the weather is covered by a mist. It is the perfect name for a future poet or artist.

28. Darya

Darya is such a beautiful name, and it has a long storied past. In Persian, this name meant ocean.

29. Ivy

Ivy calls to mind the elegance and simplicity of English ivy. It is a simple, beautiful name for a lovely baby girl.

30. Sequoia

If you want a nature-inspired name, Sequoia is the one to choose. This type of tree is one of the biggest trees in the entire world.

31. Genesis

While Genesis is more commonly known as the first book in the Bible, it actually is a Greek word that means beginning.

32. Cascade

Cascade has a lyrical quality that calls to mind a waterfall or a bubbling brook. It is generally said to mean a steep, small fall of water.

33. Juniper

Juniper is one of the prettier plant names on this list. In Latin, Juniperus means evergreen or young. It is the very definition of youth, which makes it a perfect name for a baby.

34. Sparrow

Sparrow is one of the most adorable of birds, but it could also make for a great baby name.

35. Primrose

Primrose means first rose, and it is one of the most popular flowers for gardens. In the Hunger Games, it is also the name of the main character’s little sister.

36. Irmak

This is a Turkish name that means river, and it would certainly be an exotic sounding choice for a beautiful baby girl.

37. Fleur

If you love French names, this is a chic option to choose. It is a French variation on the name Flora, which means flower. While it was popularized by being the name of a character in the Harry Potter series, it is still fairly rare to hear this name today.

38. Blossom

Blossom is such an adorable name, so it is unsurprising that it has been growing in popularity in recent years. This name means to grow in all its glory or to bloom.

39. Aria

Aria is an Italian name that means air.

40. Chrysanthe

This unusual name means flower of gold in Greek. It can also be used to mean marigold. It would certainly be an unusual sounding name for a little girl!

41. Karma

In Buddhism, karma relates to the concept of rebirth. Despite a common misconception, it does not mean that you get what you deserve in this life. Instead, the nature of your next life is determined by how you act in this one. Naming your child Karma is a good reminder to them that they should act with kindness and compassion at all times.

42. Willow

Willow has remained a somewhat popular name over the trees and comes from the name of the willow tree.

43. Kai

This lovely name can be used for boys or girls. In Hawaiian, Kai means ocean.

44. Gaia

This lovely name is perfect if you want a New Age, hippie or nature-inspired name. Gaia is another name for the earth and comes from ancient Greek.

45. Coral

Coral is a type of reef that grows in the ocean through skeletal remains of little creatures. It is beautiful in the ocean, and your daughter will be just as beautiful.

46. Aspen

Aspen sounds like a majestic name choice. Known for being an extremely beautiful tree, Aspen also means one who is like mother earth.

47. Abilene

This unusual name comes from Hebrew. In its native language, it means meadow.

48. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is not a reference to a borough in New York City. Instead, Brooklyn actually means a brook, stream or lake. Either way, it is a trendy name for a little girl.

49. Iris

This is a lovely name for a girl to have. Iris is one of the prettiest flowers and is used in Greek myths to represent the rainbow that bridges the earth and the heavens for the gods to traverse across.

50. Rain

If you want a nature-inspired baby name, Rain seems like a clear choice.

50 Nature Baby Names for Boys

1. Aegis

This name comes from a word for a protective shield. In Greek myths, it was used to protect the god Zeus and his daughter.

2. Eben

You rarely hear this name today, so it would be an unusual choice for a baby boy. In Hebrew, this name is said to mean stone.

3. Hyperion

In Greek, this beautiful and unusual name means he who goes before the sun.

4. Sterling

Unsure of what to name your baby boy? Try Sterling. This English name means pure silver.

5. Zion

Zion is a surprisingly popular name. Years ago, Bob Marley named his son Zion. It is a reference in the Bible and the name of the promised land.

6. Reed

A reed is a type of plant that grows in marshy areas, but it is also said to mean nature itself.

7. Montana

In Spanish, this name means mountain and often represents strength or stability.

8. Glyn

In Welsh, this gorgeous name means valley.

9. Branden

This English name means brown hill.

10. Ackley

You rarely hear this name today, but we think it deserves a bit of extra attention. In English, this name means oak meadow.

11. Benton

Benton is such a hip, trendy name. In English, this name is said to mean a bent grass settlement.

12. Cephas

This adorable name comes from an ancient Greek word. In Greek, this name means stone or rock.

13. Fox

Fox would be an incredibly awesome name for a boy, and its simplicity makes it easy to combine with just about any middle name.

14. Landon

In English, this name means a long hill.

15. Wren

We love how adorable this name is. In addition to being a type of bird, this English name means from the farm.

16. Strom

This Germanic name means one who loves water.

17. Risco

This unusual sounding name means waterfall.

18. Lynx

Lynx comes from English and Greek. It is a type of fierce wild cat, but the name actually translates to a word that means luminescence.

19. Halcyon

In Greek mythology, Halcyone was a woman who threw herself into the ocean in order to save her husband. As a result, the gods transformed her into a kingfisher. In Greek, this name means peace, calm or joy.

20. Eco

Eco means of the environment, although you could change the spelling and name your child Echo instead.

21. Birch

Birch trees are one of our favorite types of trees because of their natural beauty.

22. Ailin

This lovely Gaelic name means a little rock.

23. Canyon

In Spanish, this name means a rocky hill. It is also a term in geography for features like the Grand Canyon.

24. Spruce

Spruce is a lovely evergreen tree and a simple, straightforward name for a beautiful baby boy.

25. Lee

This is a simple name, but it actually has a nature meaning. In English, this name means meadow.

26. Fawn

Fawn is a little, young deer like Bambi. As such, this is an adorable name for a baby boy or a baby girl.

27. Deniz

This popular baby boy name comes from Turkey. In Turkish, Deniz means the sea.

28. Blaze

This name conjures up images of a blazing fire and a warm hearth.

29. West

West is a cardinal direction, and it is occasionally heard as a baby boy name as well.

30. Dillon

Dillon is a great Welsh name that is perfect for a little boy. In Welsh, this name means the great sea.

31. Hawthorne

Hawthorne is a Scottish name for a person who lives near the bushes or on the edge of a thorny bush known as the Hawthorne.

32. Dagwood

We love the strength and beauty that this name conjures up. Dagwood is a name that means a shining forest.

33. Oliver

This name has been a popular name for baby boys for centuries. Popularized in Charles Dickens’ novel Oliver Twist, this name comes from a Latin name that means nature loving.

34. Vale

Vale is an English name that means lives in the valley.

35. Pembroke

Pembroke has such a classic, English sounding ring to it. In English, it is a term for the headland. This is the narrow strip of land that projects outwards into the sea.

36. Gachie

This African Kikuyu name is quite unusual to hear today. It means river or small pool.

37. Dakota

Dakota is a great Native American name and happens to be the name of two American states. This name means a friendly companion and can be used for boys or girls.

38. Brier

This wonderful name comes from a French word for nature.

39. Anani

This comes from a Hebrew name that means cloud, which would be a great name for a baby boy.

40. Dzovag

While this name may be unusual, it has a pretty meaning. In the Americas, this name means lake.

41. Marin

We love the way this French name sounds. This name is said to mean one who loves the ocean in French. The same root word is used in English words like marine or marina.

42. Wolfe

Wolfe comes from Ireland, England and Germany. It is basically just a variation on the more traditional spelling of wolf.

43. Kodiak

Kodiak would be such a cute name for a baby boy. This is a Russian name for the United States Kodiak Islands. If you want to conjure up images of Alaska’s Last Frontier, this is the name to choose.

44. Denver

Denver comes from an English word for one who is born within a green valley.

45. Brin

This lovely Welsh name means one who is like a hill, but it certainly has a hip ring to it!

46. Beaumont

Beaumont is such an aristocratic sounding name. In French, this beautiful name actually means beautiful mountain.

47. Afon

If you are looking for a Welsh name, Afon is the one to choose. In Welsh, this name means a river.

48. Dale

Dale comes from an English name for valley.

49. Flint

Flint used to be just a surname, but it is also used as a first name as well. This English name means a stream.

50. Orion

Orion is a Greek name that means rising in the sky. It also happens to be the name of the brightest constellation in the night sky as well.


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