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Neptune in Capricorn


It takes 165 years for Neptune to cycle through all of the zodiac signs. When it is in a natal chart for Capricorn, it will appear in the Tenth House. Neptune in Capricorn brings new inspiration as you search for fulfillment and love in your life. Where it is positioned shows the issues that you procrastinate about or struggle with. If you have Saturn as your Ruling Planet, Neptune can leave you feeling hopeless at the office.

The good news is that Neptune will try to help you reach fulfillment and love in your life. As Capricorn, your sign shows success in achieving a new status, gaining money or being the best in your chosen field of work. Neptune may be helpful in getting you to rethink how much of your life is focused on your career and money as it redirects you toward more fulfilling relationships.

Zodiac Neptune in Capricorn symbolism and astrological meanings

Neptune in Capricorn Men

When Neptune appears with Capricorn men, it shows a man who has a strong emotional connection to those people he loves most. He will give his everything to make sure that the people he loves are happy. He tends to live a realistic lifestyle, but he may have trouble playing the role of father or husband. At the same time, this is an amazing man who will put his love before he puts his own needs.

When you meet a man with Neptune in Capricorn, it is quite easy to fall in love with him. If you have proven how loyal and faithful you are to this man, he will end up loving you forever. At the same time, you should be careful about sharing your financial accounts with him. He has a different take on financial stability and his relationships, so be careful. If you end up fighting about money, it will only make him upset and disheartened. Even when your money situation is poor, try to be positive about it and look toward the bright side of everything.

While this man may have an extremely practical view of the world, he can be quite generous. He will be extremely protective of the people he loves and will do everything that he can to keep them safe. As long as you are honest about what you want and can handle his practical mindset, you can find fulfillment and love in this relationship.

A man with these influences can benefit greatly from Neptune’s inspiration. When Neptune is in a Retrograde cycle, he will go into a dormant period, but not for long. This dormant period is a time when he plans out the steps that he needs to take for a better future.

Neptune in Capricorn Women

When you meet a woman with Neptune in Capricorn, you are in for a treat. This type of woman is intelligent, independent and witty. Even when the situation sees difficult, she brings stability with her. She inspires the people around her and helps them reach love and fulfillment. This type of woman possesses an intuitive, creative nature that really attracts the people around her. She is able to connect with other people on a deep, emotional level. Neptune inspires her to help others and do her best. She will be happiest in a career that helps her reach others and help other people to become inspired.

A woman with Neptune in Capricorn has to relax and let love in her life. She is an affectionate, loving partner who has so much to give. Unfortunately, she can often fear committing to love, a family or work. During a difficult time, she may isolate herself because she is too embarrassed to ask for help. She has to get over the pain of asking others for support if she wants to achieve everything that she is capable of in life.

This type of woman will enjoy working with a charity group or in a service-oriented position. Even if her current career does not involve these things, she can always volunteer at an organization that helps other people. If she can build a strong foundation and be steady in her goals, she will be able to reach love and forgiveness.

At the same time, this woman has to be careful not to be too hard on herself. While she forgives others easily, she is not always so forgiving to herself. Other people may also feel awkward about approaching this woman to help her because her experience is intimidating. This type of woman has to be willing to accept help, practice self-love and learn to commit if she wants to be happy in life.

Neptune in Capricorn Dates

During the Retrograde cycle, people with Neptune in Capricorn go int a dormant planning period. During 2018, Neptune is in retrograde from June 17 to November 24. Neptune has very long cycles, and these are a good time to focus on planning your future and spiritual development.

Love and Neptune in Capricorn

If you want to find happiness in love, you need a partner who inspires you and motivates you. If your lover inhibits your motivation or suffocates you, you will not be able to do your best. This type of person will work best with someone who inspires through interesting questions, a passionate love life and encouragement. Together, you can find personal fulfillment in your relationship and in your accomplishments.

The best chances for finding love are with a Libra. The Libra can help you make difficult decisions and inspire you. Represented by the Scales, the Libra has Venus as a Ruling Planet. Because of this, the Libra is excellent at interpersonal relationships. Neptune inspires your union, but your Libra will help you figures out the benefits and drawbacks to each plan as you look toward the future.

For a happy relationship, you may want to avoid a few of the zodiac signs. Virgo is too much of a perfectionist, and Taurus has a tendency to take charge. As an Earth sign, you would do best with someone who is not also an Earth sign. Signs like Libra and Aquarius will probably suit you the best in a relationship.


  1. Comment: Hi I know one Capricorn woman who have Aquarius husband and gave birth to Libra son but still not doing fine…the husband loves her so well and she loves her husband but yet they are in the edge or departure…what do u think she needs to do?

    • This relationship has grown and changed over the course of this relationship. There may be a variety of influences that are shaping this relationship. These two people should spend additional time with each other, as this will strengthen their relationship. It is important for each of them to share their thoughts and feelings with their partner. Have a great day, Mofe!


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