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70 Nerdy and Geeky Baby Names


Smart is the new sexy according to the popular show, Sherlock. If you want your child to have an intelligent start on life, then here are some nerdy and geeky baby names to get you going. While many parents want traditional names or family names, these unique baby names will ensure that your baby stands out from the crowd.

35 Nerdy and Geeky Baby Names for Girls

1. Rowena

Rowena is the name of a character in Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe as well as the name of Rowena Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter series.

2. Teyla

You may recognize this name from Teyla Emmagan in Stargate Atlantis.

3. Daisy

Daisy is a name that appears in Agents of Shield. It also appears in Super Mario Land as the Princess of Sarasaland and in Pokemon.

4. Khaleesi

You will most likely know this name already from Game of Thrones. It is the mother of dragons and the name of the true queen of the Andals.

5. Sora

This name appears in Stargate Atlantis. In it, Sora Tyrus is a part of the Genii home world. It is also the name of a teenage boy in Kingdom Hearts. In Japanese, this name actually means sky.

6. Thalia

This name actually comes from Greek mythology where it was the name of one of the Three Graces. It also appeared in the Percy Jackson and Olympians series.

7. Kaylee

If you have ever watched Firefly, then you are already aware of this name. We changed up the spelling to make it more modern, but it is still a beautiful name for a baby girl.

8. Leia

If you love geeky or nerdy names, then this would be an excellent choice. This name is the name of a princess, but it actually means delicate.

9. Natasha

Natasha was the real name of the Black Widow, who pretended to be a ballerina to hide her ninja-like abilities.

10. Echo

Echo is actually a name that originally came from Greek mythology. Now, you are more likely to recognize this as the name of an Avenger in the Daredevil comics. She is a woman who is an athlete, superhero, pianist, college professor and ballerina.

11. Hera

Hera is the name of the queen of the gods and consort of Zeus in Greek mythology. It also appears as the name of a popular character in the hit sci-fi show, Battlestar Galactica.

12. Dione

In astrology, Dione is actually one of the moons of Saturn. Before that, it came from the name of a Titan in Greek mythology. The name meant of Zeus, and she was the mother of Aphrodite.

13. Adria

Adria is a name that appears in Stargate SG-1. She was the half-human, half-Ori child born to Vala Mal Doran. This is actually the name of an asteroid belt as well. Known as the female variation of Adrian, this name means from Hadria.

14. Sonya

Sonya was the name of Sonya Blade. In the Mortal Kombat series, she was a Special Forces officer.

15. Sabine

Sabine is such a pretty name. In Star Wars, she was a Mandalorian human who was a weapons expert during the Galactic Empire’s reign.

16. Leela

This is the name of the captain of the Planet Express spaceship in Futurama. It is also the name of the Fourth Doctor’s companion in Doctor Who.

17. Ashildr

This is another name from Doctor Who. In the show, she is the daughter of a woman named Einar who lived in a Viking village. It is also a variation of the Norse name Ashid, which was said to mean God battle.

18. Zelda

Obviously, this comes from the Legend of Zelda series. Zelda Fitzgerald was also the name of an American novelist. More recently, Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda after the video game.

19. Carmen

Carmen is an agent of the ACME Detective agency in the computer game, Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

20. Trillian

Trillian is a lovely name for a nerdy girl. It is the name of an astrophysicist in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Plus, it sounds like a modification of the word trillion.

21. Kara

Kara is a name that appears in DC Comics. Supergirl is called Kara Zor-El and is the cousin of Superman from Argo City. Kara Thrace (Starbuck) is also a character in the popular Battlestar Galactica series. In Italian, this name is said to mean beloved.

22. Persephone

In ancient Greek myths, Persephone was the goddess of spring and the daughter of Zeus.

23. Nichelle

This unusual name comes from Lieutenant Uhura. If you want a Star Trek inspired name, then this is a great one to choose.

24. Fleur

Fleur Delacour was a popular character in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. She was one of the four people who was selected to compete in the Triwizard Tournament and was so pretty that just about everyone had a crush on her. She had more than just looks though because she proved her mettle in the Battle of Hogwarts.

25. Auri

Auri is such a pretty name. It also happens to be the name of a character in Patrick Rothfuss’ book, the Wise Man’s Fear.

26. Tauriel

If you love the Hobbit movies, then this is a good choice, although the name never appeared in the book. In the movies, Tauriel was an elf who was the captain of Thranduil’s guard. She fell in love with a dwarf from Thorin’s party. Turiel was said to mean forest maiden in Elvish.

27. Jemma

This was the name of a biochemist in Marvel’s Agents of Shield. She was the one who worked with Leo Fitz, who died to save her. The Italian version of this name means precious stone.

28. Coraline

If you loved the Tim Burton movies, then you will probably love this name.

29. Veronica

Veronica has remained a fairly popular name for decades. Veronica Mars is probably one of the reasons why this name is so popular. It is the name of a female character in Archie Comics.

30. Ada

Ada is such a pretty name. You probably recognize it as the name of Ada Lovelace. In addition to being the daughter of Lord Byron, Ada was also the one who worked on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Machine. She is considered to be one of the creators of the computer. One of her patents couldn’t even be used for decades and decades after it was created because she was such a genius that the rest of the world was complete unable to catch up to her.

31. Ruby

Ruby is a pretty stone, but it is also an object-oriented scripting language.

32. Peggy

Peggy Carter was the love interest of Captain America, but she was also a brave character in Agents of Shield. She is also the lead character in her own show called Agent Carter.

33. Aurora

Aurora was the name of a Disney princess, but it is also a name commonly associated with astronomy and the Northern Lights. Either way, it is an excellent selection if you want a geeky name for a baby girl.

34. Keiko

Keiko is an adorable Japanese name that means happy child. It was also the name of a character in Star Trek: the Next Generation.

35. Primrose

If you loved the Hunger Games, then you will probably recognize this name. Primrose was the younger sister of Katniss Everdeen. To save her life, Katniss volunteered for the Hunger Games. In the English, this name means a first rose.

35 Nerdy and Geeky Baby Names for Boys

1. Alistair

This is a name you have heard if you have ever played Dragon Age. We also love that this name sounds like the name of a book-learned you would encounter over a pint of mead in a dark, medieval tavern.

2. Harry

Harry is a common name for nerdy parents out there because of the popular Harry Potter series of books and movies.

3. Oliver

Oliver is the name of Green Arrow and would be a great name for a future vigilante.

4. Mars

Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, but it was originally the name of the Roman god of war.

5. Peeta

Peeta is another popular name that comes from the Hunger Games. In the books, Peeta is the son of a baker who falls in love with Katniss. For the first time in history, the Hunger Games ended up having two victors leave the games.

6. Calvin

Calvin is an old-fashioned name that comes straight out of the comic book series Calvin and Hobbes.

7. Zack

Zack Fair is well known because of Final Fantasy VII.

8. Anakin

If you loved Star Wars, then you will love this name. Unsurprisingly, this name was actually the 957yh most popular name in 2013.

9. Geordi

Geordi la Forge was one of our favorite characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

10. Ender

In theory, Ender is a shortened form of the name Andrew. You probably remember this name from the popular sci-fi book, Ender’s Game.

11. Wesley

Westley was a character in the Princess Bride, but Wesley comes from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

12. Kelvin

If you are a science nerd, then choose this option. William Lord Kelvin was known as a Scottish physicist who wrote about the necessity of having an absolute thermometric scale. In English, the name actually means a friend of ships.

13. Galileo

Everyone (we hope) knows of Galileo Galilee. Long ago, he was the Renaissance astronomer who figured out how the earth is positioned in the universe. Later on, a spacecraft sent to Jupiter was named Galileo in honor of him.

14. Jamie

Jamie is a name in the cult favorite, Outlander.

15. Ganon

This is a nickname for Ganondorf, who is the bad guy in the Legend of Zelda series.

16. Jimmy

If you like neutrons and protons, then we won’t be surprised to hear that you named your child Jimmy.

17. Hermes

IN ancient Greek myths, Hermes was the god of transitions and boundaries. More recently, Hermes was a spaceship in Andy Weir’s The Martian movie. The spaceship was responsible for moving humans from Mars and Earth. It was also the name of an accountant at Planet Express in Futurama.

18. Tyr

This is the name of a human-like splinter species on the A.I. Ship Andromeda.

19. Ronan

In the Battle of Hogwarts, Ronan was the centaur leader.

20. Arnold

If you love action movies, then this is a good way to show it.

21. Dax

Dax was an alien in the Star Trek universe who lived inside of humanoid hosts. He/She was one of my favorite characters.

22. Rory

Rory was a popular character in Doctor Who.
23. Alyx

Alyx comes from a video game character and is a good variation of the more common Alex.

24. Buran

Buran is from the Russian word for snowstorm, but it was also the name of a Russian space shuttle and a shuttle program.

25. Willem

This name comes from Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicle.

26. Desmond

Desmond comes from the video game Assassin’s Creed.

27. Jace

You may recognize this name from Jace Bellarine of Magic: the Gathering.

28. Kent

Kent is the last name that Superman was given from his adopted parents on earth.

29. Hank

If you like superhero names, then go with the real name of the Ant-Man. w

30. Kenobi

This is the name Obi chose when he became a Jedi Knight in Star Wars.

31. Finnick

Finnick Odair was a tribute from District 4 in the Hunger Games and was the youngest winner.

32. Xander

Xander is the name of a character in Buffy.

33. Sheldon

Sheldon has become associated with all things related to nerds and geeks because of the character in the television show the Big Bang Theory.

34. Arthur

Arthur was a main character in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and the name of the legendary King Arthur.

35. Clark

Clark was the first name of Superman that was given by his adopted parents on earth. It would be a more common name choice than Superman’s actual birth name.


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