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Nicknames for Amelia


Amelia is such a pretty name. Originally, this name was the Germanic name, Amalia. That name comes from the word, amal, which meant work. It was considered a name denoting fertility and industriousness. Amelia is the English version of the name. To find out nicknames for Amelia, read on.

1. Emily: This sounds like the name Amelia, which makes it an easy nickname.

2. Lia: Lia is such a pretty sounding name.

3. Amy: This is a fairly obvious option as a nickname for Amelia.

4. Melia: Cute!

5. Milly: Milly sounds adorable. You could also spell it as Millie.

6. Emma: For some reason, this is included as a nickname for Amelia.

7. Mel: This is an easy choice.

8. Aims: Fun!

9. Mimi: This sounds like a nickname a toddler could use because they cannot pronounce the whole name properly.

10. Amy: Amy is one of the most popular nicknames for Amelia, but it is also probably one of the most boring.

11. Mila: This sounds so exotic—your friend Amelia is sure to love this nickname.

12. Melly: You could also spell this as Mellie. If you want an even cuter nickname, call her Melly Belly.

13. Lili: Lili is an easy to say option that is great for children who can’t say Amelia quite yet.


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