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Nicknames for Anthony


Anthony is a name that originally comes from Latin. In it’s original language, Anthony was said to mean highly praiseworthy. As a common name for saints, this name has been used in a variety of different languages. If you need nicknames for Anthony, we can help you out.

1. Tony: This is by far the most common nickname for Anthony. Even better, it spells “Y Not?” when you read it backwards.

2. Ant: This is an obvious option, though your friend Anthony probably will not like being called Ant.

3. Twan: This nickname sounds like it came from the Far East.

4. Nino: This also means baby in Spanish, which makes it a fun option for a little boy name Anthony.

5. Antin: This sounds cute.

6. Anton: This is a fairly obvious option, but it works.


7. Antoney: This is spelled differently to show you how to pronounce this.

8. Antoine: This nickname for Anthony sounds fairly European.

9. Antonius: This sounds like the name of a Roman gladiator or a former emperor of Rome.

10. Tone: This is an easy option.

11. Tone-Tone: For some reason, doubling a sound makes it sound more like a nickname.


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