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When you have multiple aunts, you don’t want to just use the same nickname for all of them. Thinking of nicknames for aunt is not always easy. People already have so many different nicknames for mothers and grandparents, but there are not always enough nickname ideas for aunts. To get you started, we have compiled a list of different nicknames that you can use for your aunt.

There are a number of simple nicknames in English that you can use for an aunt, but you can also find a nickname from another language. You can choose a nickname based on your own cultural heritage or just a culture that you admire. If you want to use an English nickname, try thinking about some of the aunt’s likes and dislikes. Children love cartoon nicknames, so you might want to consider what the child’s favorite cartoon character is as you think of the perfect nickname.

1. Amma: This cute sounding nickname actually comes from the Uzbek word for aunt.

2. Aunt T: To make it simple, try using the initial of the aunt’s first name with the
name aunt.

3. Tante: This is the French word for aunt.

4. Teyze: This is the Turkish word for aunt.

5. Tia: This is the word for aunt in Spanish and is a common option.

6. Tetka: In Croation, this means aunt.

7. Tiya: This means aunt in Filipino.

8. Auntie: This is a common nickname for aunt that is popular among little children.

9. Zia: This nickname for aunt comes from Italy.

10. Aunt Pooh: If the child has a favorite Disney or cartoon character, you can always turn it into a nickname.

11. Teta: This is the Lithuanian word for aunt.

12. Moster: This means aunt in Swedish.

13. Bibi: This adorable nickname means aunt in Javanese.

14. Shangazi: This hip, cool nickname for aunt comes from Swahili.

15. Anti: This is both the Zulu and Yorubaanti nickname for aunt.

16. Onlklino: This is the word for aunt in Esperanto, which is a made up language used by around a million people throughout the world.

When in doubt, you can always just have the child call you by Aunt and your first name. You could also go with simple names like Auntie or Auntie B. If you want a more unique nickname, you can always try one of the nicknames on this list from different languages. For more open-minded households, the child could even just call you by your first name or the nickname that everyone else uses.


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