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Nicknames for Benjamin


Benjamin is a name that once appeared in the Old Testament. In the Bible, he was the youngest son of Rachel and Jacob. Since Rachel died during childbirth, the name was used in the Middle Ages for a son whose mother died giving birth to him. Later on, Benjamin was the name of the famous inventor and political intellectual, Benjamin Franklin. Over the centuries, this name has continued to rise in popularity. If you are looking for nicknames for Benjamin, we can help.

1. Benny: This is a fairly obvious option for someone named Ben.

2. Benjie: This nickname sounds adorable.

3. Ben: Most likely, you already thought of this particular nickname for Ben on your own.

4. Benno: Cute!

5. Bento: This works even better if he loves to eat the Japanese bento boxes.

6. Jammin’: This nickname is one of the only ones on this list made from the last portion of the name Benjamin.

7. Bene: In Spanish, this means good.

8. Bumble Bee: Instead of just calling him B because of his initial, call him Bumble Bee.

9. Binyamino: This means Benjamin in another language.

10. Jammer: Cute!

11. Ben Ben: This sounds like a nickname for a child.

12. Benny Bunny: If you have a toddler or a little child named Benjamin, this would be such a cute option to use.


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