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200 Fun Nicknames for Best Friends


Once you find yourself growing close enough with your friends, you start thinking of nicknames for each other. It’s not always easy to think of the perfect nickname for someone on your own. That’s why we have 100 nicknames for girls AND 100 nicknames for guys, as well as what they mean, to help you find the perfect name for any of your friends!

Nicknames For Girls


This is an adorable nickname to dawn upon that one friend of yours that is as sweet as pie. You can’t picture her doing any wrong and she looks as innocent as ever no matter what she is doing!


Amiga translates from Spanish to English as, “Friend.” It is the female pronunciation of the word. For men you would say, “Amigo.”


Bae is a common name that is growing among friends and lovers alike. Many friends use the word bae fondly among each other.


Barbie is a perfect nickname for that one friend that, well, kind of resembles a barbie doll! They never seem to have a hair out of place and their makeup is always on fleek!


Boo is usually used between two people that are in a relationship with one another. However, it is becoming more widely used between friends that have close connections with each other.


Babe is another word that is mostly used between people who are involved romantically. But women have been calling each other babe for a long, long time.


Besite is reserved for the closest friend you have to you. You can use it on multiple friends, but watch out- They might get jealous. It stems from the use of Best Friend For Life, or BFF, but it was shortened down to make it more convenient.


B is shortened for the word B!tch. It’s commonly used among youth and no, it’s not considered offensive. It’s actually a new term of endearment between women. However, it’s important to make sure your friend or friends are okay with you using this term with them.


BFF stands for Best Friends For Life. These are the type of friends that you consider ‘ride or die’ or that you have been friends with the longest.


BIFF stands for Best Internet Friend For Life. So this term was coined for those friends that you only know and sustain relationships with over the internet. It was popularly used back when Myspace was popular. It’s not as commonly used today, but it certainly could be.


Buttercup is a great nickname to give to the friend of yours that is as sweet as a buttercup. This friend will usually have caring, generous and kind characteristics. You could also use this nickname on a friend that reminds you of Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls, a famous animated show.


Babs can be used to describe a friend that likes to talk a lot, or in other words they like to babble a lot. Hence Babs.


Bambi is often given to the friend that has a quiet, shy personality. Deer are shy and quiet. They get spooked easily. If you have a friend as delicate as that, go ahead and call her Bambi.

Big Red

Big Red was the nickname used in the original Bring It On! It was used on the head cheerleader, because she had red hair and was a big personality. This is a great name for someone who fits that description.

Bee’s Knee’s

Bee’s Knee’s is most definitely an older term. It came around in the 1920’s, along with terms such as ‘The cat’s whisker’s’. It means that they are the height of excellence.


Blossom is a name that is perfect for someone who has the ability to grow their personality and help others grow theirs. The name could also be used to describe someone who shares similar traits with the cartoon character Blossom from the Powerpuff Girls.


Someone who is not very coordinated can be called Clumsy.


Chica is a Spanish term that translates to ‘girl’. It is used commonly among people who are fond of one another. Usually used on someone with a small physique.


Cookie is just an affectionate name used between friends or lovers. It usually describes someone who an upbeat personality that brings joy to whoever they are around.


Chickie is just another way of saying chica.

Crazy Eyes

Popular now because of the famous Netflix Original Orange is The New Black, it is usually used on those with crazy looking eyes. Whether they are cross eyed or have two different colored eyes. Just as long as they have crazy eyes in general.


Cherry is a great name for someone with a sweet personality, who maybe even acts a little sultry.

Care Bear

Care bear is saved for the friends of yours that have caring personality types. They will usually try to take care of everyone and take on the mom role of the group.


A term of endearment that is used between lovers and friends alike. Darling is usually said to a lover, but darlin’ is coined for friendships.


Someone with a bright disposition and delicate flower like persona will get the pleasure of being called Daisy.


Doll is a great nickname for someone who has doll-like features and is extremely gorgeous. Whether they look like a porcelain doll or a barbie doll, doll is used for people who have poise and class.


Dearie is a shortened way of saying dearest and is commonly used between close friends, usually girls.


Diamond works as a nickname on people with outstanding personality. Someone who knows how to shine through a crowd and never leaves a dull moment.

Daisy Duke

Daisy Duke is the sexy, country girl from Dukes Of Hazzard, she usually wears short shorts and has a southern accent.


Dimples belongs on any one of your friends that has prominent dimples, usually in their cheeks. This can also be used on people who have chosen to get the popularly growing dimple piercings.

nicknames for best friends list


Foxy is a nickname that should be given to someone that is very sexual and seductive. Foxy usually means someone is very attractive in a sexy way more than a cute way.


Firefly is just a cute nickname that takes after lightning bugs. They light the way and the friend who receives this name should do the same.


Flame can be given to someone who always brings around the most flame things. Flame is a slang term for something awesome.


Do you have a friend with a lot of attitude, doesn’t take crap from anyone and sure knows how to hold their own? Then Feisty is the perfect name for them.


Perfect to use on someone who is from the South. It can also be used as Georgia Peach.


Gorgeous is, well, for someone who is stunningly gorgeous.


Woman call their friends Girlfriend all the time as a term of endearment. It doesn’t mean that they are actually your girlfriend. Just a friend that is a girl.


Give this name to someone who always knows how to incite laughter or laughs a lot themselves!


Perfect for someone you would say, “She is such a gem,” about.

Gangsta Baby

This name is a great nickname to give to someone who has more urban qualities.


Usually dawned upon those with golden locks of hair that make them stand out.


Ginger is usually given to someone with red or orange hair and freckles. Make sure they are okay with this name, as some might find it offensive.


A simple term of endearment, shortened from Honey.


Honey is used to describe someone who is very close to you and you consider a very sweet person.


If they seem to have a lot of heart and empathy, this is the name for them.


Inspo is a shortened way of saying someone is an inspiration. It doesn’t matter what for, they just have to be inspiring a majority of the time!

Itsy Bitsy

People who are small in size, or petite, would be called Itsy Bitsy.


Someone with a shining personality can be called Jewel.


Someone who gets jealous a lot can be called this.


Joy is the perfect name for someone who brings a lot of joy to the people they surround themselves with. If they always make you smile or cheer you up, you can name them Joy.


Jujubee is just a cute nickname that’s been used for a long time.


Juliet, as in Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, is a great nickname to give someone who is a hopeless romantic.


Someone with feline type features or traits should be called Kitty as a nickname.


Usually shortened for someone with the name Katherine but can also mean someone who acts like a cat or loves cats.


The Spanish word for ‘Crazy’ can be applied to someone with a crazy persona!


Lala is a nickname used on someone who always off in ‘LalaLand’ or in their own little word.


Lovely is perfect for someone who has a lovely way about doing things. They never seem to be in a bad mood.


The Spanish word for ‘Moon’.


A cute way of calling someone Love.

Love Bug

Love Bug is just adorable, it doesn’t really have any meaning to it.


Someone with a mouth than always seems to be running could take on the name Lippy. They always have something to say.


Mama is usually used on people who have kids.


Another way of calling someone a mama. But, this one has more of a cute vibe to it.


Someone who hasn’t been married yet can be called Miss.


Missy is a nickname that is used for someone who is the youngest and has a lot of attitude to them!


A nickname used on someone who has just gotten married.


Someone who is hyperactive and cannot sit still for long can be named Monkey.


A cute name to use with your friend that you share an interest in Harry Potter with. A muggle is the non magic persons in the movie and book series.


A cute name that comes from the famous puppets that were on TV.


Maybe is a name that is perfect for someone who can never seem to make up their minds.


Misty is a great nickname for someone who is similar to the character from Pokemon meaning she has red hair, but it can also be used to describe someone who cries easily. They may always seem to have misty eyes.


Someone who adores the moon and has a bubbly personality should be called moonshine, instead of the generic Sunshine.


If your friend loves to micro manage things, you may end up nicknaming her Micro, as in Micro Manager.

Mini Me

Mini me is great for someone that you are mentoring or someone that acts just like you.


Someone who gets scared easily or is very nervous all the time may be called a Nelly, as from the term Nervous Nelly.


If your friend is very religious and follows nun like rules, you may call her Nun for a nickname.


Nitty is a shortened way to say Nitpicky. So if someone likes to be neurotic, you can call them Nitty.


Someone with olive colored skin can be called Olive as a nickname.

Old Lady

Save this for your older friends, but make sure they don’t mind being called Old!

Old Gal

If you prefer to say gal instead of lady, then Old Gal is the name for you to use on one of your older friends. You can also use these are someone with a old soul, who isn’t actually old.


Again, another nickname to describe with old traits or who is old.


Someone who seems to always be in a peachy mood.


Peach is perfect for someone with a bright attitude and seems to always be positive.


Princess is perfect for someone who is spoiled and acts like royalty.


Pickle is a cute name to give to someone who loves pickles.


Someone with a delicate attitude and who is very beautiful can be given this name.


Just a cute name, usually used on someone who likes to eat pears or is as sweet as one.


Someone with a personality as smooth as pudding can wear this name proudly.


If she acts like the Queen Bee, call her Queen.


A cute way to say Queen, if you aren’t fond of the original version.


Someone who is as pleasant as the beautiful flower.


Usually given to someone who likes to indulge in the alcoholic beverage of rum.


Someone who lives a very flashy lifestyle may be called Ritzy.


Red is a name that is given to someone with red hair or who gets red when they get embarrassed.


Do you have a friend that never stops smiling? Call them Smiles from now on.


Sparkles is a great name for someone with a sparkling personality.


Someone who wants to be a big shot one day and is exceeding can wear this name proudly.


Becoming popular from the show Orange Is The New Black. Usually used on someone with a big personality.

Twinkle Toes

Someone who is swift on their feet, or is a dancer, usually ballet may have this name selected for them.


Toots is an older nickname given to a woman.

Fun Nicknames for Best Friends

Nicknames For Guys


Ace is a nickname that is given to people who excel at something specific. They always seem to ace whatever they are doing.


Perfect to use on a friend that takes interested in archery. Or it can be used to describe someone who has good precision.


Someone who is a bigger boned guy or has a lot of meat on his bones could be called Bear. Or if they have a huge beard!


A beanie is a type of hat worn mostly by guys, sometimes woman, but if your friend wears one all of the time you can call them Beanie as a nickname.


Someone with a big personality or a big physique could be called Biggie.

Big Head

Big headed means that someone is stubborn or full of themselves, so if you have a friend who acts like this a majority of the time then this name is perfect for them.

Big Daddy

A nickname given to men, especially when they are a parent or act like the dad of your friend group.


A simple nickname with virtually no meaning at all.


Boss is reserved for those friends of yours that know how to take charge. They aren’t afraid of playing the leader.

Brown Eyes

Friends who have brown eyes may be given this name.


A way of calling someone your friend would be by saying Buddy. It’s one of the oldest friendship terms that there are.


Given to a friend that is usually younger than you. It’s used on someone that you care about very deeply.


Do you have a friend who is a country bumpkin and has all the qualities of country living in them? Then Bumpkin is the perfect nickname to give them!


Became popular in the South and also from the movie Forest Gump.


A great nickname to give to someone who is small and has the qualities of a bug.


Someone who thinks very highly of themselves may be called Buster.


Cheeky belongs to someone who doesn’t know how to bite their tongue and gets snippy with people. A cheeky attitude means they have no problem participating in witty banter at even the most inappropriate of times.

Chatter Box

Chatter Box or Chatter should be given to someone with a big mouth, who is always chattering on about something.


A great name for someone who is a little chunky, but ensure they are okay with you using this term. It can be considered offensive.


Someone who is nervous, paranoid and always worried can be called Chicken.


Champ is the perfect nickname for someone who doesn’t ever lose. They always seem to be victorious.


Some people are blessed with charming attitudes, these people should be nicknamed Charmer.


A man who always willing to take a chance on anything, even when it’s riskier, will wear this name fairly proudly.


Someone who works on a farm, ranch or comes from the South could be considered a cowboy. It’s only a bonus if they wear a cowboy hat a lot of the time.


Dash is a name fit for someone who is always in a hurry. It can also be used on someone who is really fast at running.


Destined for those of your friends that love to toke up!


A name that is commonly used between friends, both male and female, but is technically a male term.


Someone who isn’t afraid of taking risks or doing silly things for the thrill.


A nerdy, dorky attitude will earn a friend this name.


Someone who isn’t very smart might coin the nickname Dummy if they aren’t careful.


Fire should be given to a friend with a feisty attitude who is easily tripped up over little things. Someone who isn’t afraid to get a little rage out once in awhile.


Someone who always brings excitement to you and your friends could be called this.

Fruit Loop

If you have a friend who seems to be missing a few screws in their head, they may be called Froot Loop. In other words: They’re ditzy.

Fun Nicknames for Best Friends


Someone who participates in the urban type of lifestyle.


Handsome means someone is extremely good looking and should be used on someone who is attractive.


When you do something heroic, you should earn this name. Give it to someone who is known for their heroism.


Someone who doesn’t walk lightly may be given this name.


A person who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty or ‘bring down the hammer’ persay can be called Hammer.


Someone who knows how to keep people smiling and laughing can be called Joker. They usually don’t take things too seriously.


A jester is someone who is always there to amuse you. They always seem to want to crack jokes and play games.


Someone who is always jetting around from place to place, not staying in one place for too long.

Kiss Up

Kiss Up describes someone who is always trying to butter people up or is being a suck up.


Usually given to the youngest person in your friend group or at least to someone who acts kidlike.


A man famous for his punch can be called Knockout.


Someone who is chivalrous and kind, always ready to lend a helping hand should be called Knight.


A man who acts like he is royalty and is very spoiled can be called king. It can also be used on people who have strong leadership qualities.

Lady Killer

A lady killer can be described as someone who dates a lot of woman, but breaks their hearts always.

Ladies Man

A man who always seems to attract woman no matter what can wear this name. They know how to charm women and never seem to settle down.

Lover Boy

Someone who is always in love or professing his feelings for someone can be considered a lover boy.


A great name for a friend who likes to do magic.

Magic Prince

Someone who seems to aid in miracles happening and also commands attention when they walk in the room.


A nickname that originated from Grey’s Anatomy and it was used to describe one of the hot doctors, but he had a kind heart.


Another nickname from the very popular show Grey’s Anatomy. It was used on another hot doctor, but this doctor was more of player than a romantic.


Given to someone who is extremely sexy.


A nickname that came from the comedy Superbad that has stuck around since.


Used on those who are not yet married.


Given to someone who is married or is to be married soon.


Someone who is small and childlike may be called Munchkin. But beware, this may be offensive if you are not careful.


Someone with a lot of pride and testosterone may be nicknamed Macho.


A man who is good at something and in control of it is usually called  Maestro. Maestro translates into master and indicates someone is a master at something in peculiar.


Someone who is tall and lanky should be called Moose.


Nemo is just a cute name that comes from the famous movie Finding Nemo.


Someone who never thinks before they speak or act may wear this nickname. They may not like it, though.


Someone who partakes in some gross behavior or activities.


Nickel is perfect if you have a friend who is very frugal and always trying to save even a penny or nickel. They would do anything to save a dime!


The original member or founder of your friend group can be called the O.G. It can also be used to describe the oldest friend. It means the original.

Old Man

Use this name on the oldest person in your group. You can also use it on someone who isn’t old, but still acts like an elder.


Someone who is really good at hiding their emotions might like the nickname Pokerace.


A very tall, skinny person.


Someone who acts like an airhead.


A big, cuddly guy may be called Panda.


A Spanish term that means ‘Father’ but is used as a term of endearment as well.


A simple way of just saying friend.


Papa is used on those who act with paternal instinct. Or it can be used on the leader or a group of someone who has kids.


A cool nickname to use on a man that doesn’t have one specific meeting.

Prince Charming

Someone who knows how to woo the ladies and has a lot of class is usually called Prince Charmng.


A Punk is usually someone with lots of attitude, who is a little bit alternative and doesn’t like to follow the rules.


Someone who follows others around like a puppy may be presented with this nickname.

funny names for friends


Razor is a great nickname for those who has sharp reflexes or a sharp attitude. They don’t put up with crap from anyone and get straight down to business when need be.


Renegade can be dawned on to someone who follows their own rules. They usually think outside of the box.


Do you have a friend who swears like a sailor? Call them sailor. Otherwise this nickname is great for someone who takes interest in ships or sailing.


Someone who is very smooth with their actions and words may be called Slick.


Subzero is a nickname given to someone who always has a cold shoulder. They don’t open up to anyone and their personality is very cold. Maybe even a little off putting.


Someone who very sneaky may be called Snake.


Friends who never stop smiling and incite others to smile can be given the name Smiley.

Soda Pop

This nickname originated from the classic book The Outsiders and is still used today. It doesn’t matter who you give it to.


Someone with a sparkling personality may be called Sparky. They sure know how to get riled up and aren’t afraid to speak up when given the chance.


A perfect name for someone who is really into sports or participates in sports themselve. It can also be given to someone who is a good sport at things, no matter what the situation.


Someone with extremely good looks is usually called Stud.


You may find yourself calling your not so great smelling friend stinky. It can also be used if they wear too much cologne.

Stud Muffin

Another term to use on someone who is really attractive and buff.

Sugar Daddy

Someone who is rich and is a womanizer may be called Sugar Daddy.


Someone who isn’t afraid to take charge of a situation or come to a friend’s rescue is usually a Superman.


Sunny/Sonny is usually a nickname saved for that friend with a bright, optimistic personality. They always know how to cheer up everyone around them and they never seem to frown.


Someone who acts wild and loves nature.

Tator Tot

A great name to use on someone who comes from country living.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear is a perfect name for a man who looks tough, big and scary, but has the most gentle heart and attitude there is!


Someone who is sleek and stealthy may be called a tiger. You can also call someone who has scars Tiger, as tiger stripes and scars are usually correlated.


Uncle is not a very common nickname used, but it can be used on someone who acts like the uncle of your friend group. They don’t take charge like a father figure would, but are there for you nonetheless.


Zany belongs to someone with an outside of the box personality. They are eccentric and unconventional