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50 Nicknames for Big Guys


You want to find the right nicknames for big guys in your life. You could just call him big or tall, but that isn’t very creative, right? Luckily, we have 50 nicknames for big guys that can get you started. These can be for tall, fat, stocky or big-boned guys who need a nickname to show off their finer qualities.

nicknames for big guys

1. Everest: Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, which makes this an excellent nickname for a very tall guy.

2. Yao Ming: Yao Ming is infamous for being an extremely tall basketball player of Chinese descent.

3. Sasquatch: Sasquatch is one of the best nicknames for big guys, especially if they happen to be fairly hairy.

4. Mad Max: This is a fun nickname.

5. Bigfoot: This is another one of the most common nicknames for big guys.

6. Big Bear: Use this nickname for a guy who is big enough and hairy enough to be mistaken for a bear.

7. Michael Jordan: This is an obvious nickname for a big guy.

8. Skyscraper: This won’t work for a big guy that tends to be fairly chubby, but it will for tall guys.

9. Yeti: This is a cool sounding nickname.

10. Giant: This is a fairly obvious option.

11. Thor: If your big guy loves mythology, this would be an awesome nickname for him.

12. Hippo: He may or may not like this option. It sounds cute, but he could assume that it is poking fun about his weight.

13. Goliath: Fun!

14. Gigantor: This is a cool sounding nickname for a fairly big guy.

15. Boo Bear: If you are dating a big guy, this would be a great term of endearment.

16. BFG: This stands for big, friendly giant.

cool nicknames for big guys

17. Barrel: Use this for a barrel-chested guy.

18. Bouncer: If he looks like a bouncer, go with this nickname.

19. Ginormica: Cute!

20. Grande: This means “large” or “big” in Spanish.

21. Jolly Green Giant: This is a fun nickname.

22. Titanosaur: This might be a little long, but it still works.

23. Giraffe: Use this for guys who seem as tall as giraffes.

24. Elephant: This is for large guys, but they might not like that it implies that they are on the heavy side of the scale.

25. Tree: This is an easy option.

26. Stilts: Use this for tall guys.

27. Moose: This is a fun, easy nickname.

28. Giganteus: Cute!

29. Blue Whale: Blue whales are well known for their large size.

30. Big Bird: This is a cute option.

31. Godzilla: This is one of the coolest sounding nicknames for big guys.

32. Mountain: An obvious option.

33. Stocky: He might not like this one as much.

34. Twin Tower: Because his legs look like twin towers that tower above you.

35. Walrus: This works if he is big and has a mustache that looks like a walrus’ tusks.

good nicknames for big guys

36. Snowman: Fun!

37. King Kong: This works even better if he is hairy and has dark hair.

38. Green Giant: Nice!

39. Bruiser: Use this if your big guy seems like a bruiser.

40. Big Guy: This is an obvious, easy choice.

41. Heavy: Some people are sensitive about their weight, so be careful with names like this one.

42. Mongo: Cute!

43. Sphinx: The sphinx is quite large.

44. Bear: This is an adorable option.

45. High Tower: For tall guys.

46. Ladder: If it would take a ladder to touch his head, use this nickname.

47. Tower: This is an obvious option.

48. Bowser: Nice one!

49. Tank: Use this for a guy who is really built like a tank.

50. Pillar: If he looks like a tall pillar, use this nickname for him.


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