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100 Nicknames for Blonde Guys and Girls


You have heard the blonde jokes for years, and you are starting to get tired of them. Instead of just being called “blonde,” you want to find a nickname that suits you better. Luckily, there are a number of different nicknames for blonde girls and guys. We have compiled a list with 50 names for girls and 50 names for guys to get you started with. If we forgot any of your favorites, leave it in a comment at the bottom of the article.

50 Nicknames for Blonde Guys

1. Golden Curls: Fun!

2. Albino Head: He probably won’t like this one.

3. Canary: Canary yellow is a shade of yellow.

4. Aboriginal: For some reason, this is a nickname for blonde.

5. Hard Hat: Hard hats are yellow.

6. Mountain Dew: Cute.

7. Apollo: He was known for his yellow hair.

8. Gamboge:: This is actually a word for a strong yellow color.

9. Bumble Bee: Adorable!

10. Goldfish: Hopefully, he has a longer attention span.

11. Bionda: This comes from an Italian word for blonde.

12. Beach Head: A silly nickname.

13. Daisy: He might not like this girly nickname.

14. Mustard: A shade of yellow.

15. Smiley: Like a yellow smiley face!

16. Twinkie: Yum!

17. Peaches: Fun!

18. Lemon: This is a popular nickname for blonde guys.

19. King Joffrey: He was known for his yellow hair.

20. Corn Pop: Delicious!

21. Trump: Depending on his views, he might not like this one.

22. Buff: This is a color that looks like pale-yellow brown. It was named after the color of undyed leather from animals. This is a decent nickname for guys with brownish-yellow hair.

23. Banana Head: This is a meaner option.

24. Custard Cap: Another teasing option.

25. Sandy: This sounds a lot like a girls’ name.

26. Golden Locks: It could be worse.

27. Ginger Snap: Cute.

28. Almond: The inside of the almond is yellow.

29. Mercury: Fun!

30. Spongebob: The character is certainly known for his color.

31. Golden Boy: An awesome option.

32. Duckie: Because cartoon ducks are yellow.

33. Big Bird: He might not like this nickname.

34. Goldilocks: Probably not the best option.

35. Blondie: Easy.

36. Lemon Head: Cute.

37. Old Gold: This is actually a shade of yellow that is dark in color and often has a brown-colored tinge.

38. Straw: This is a pale yellow color that is quite pretty.

39. Yellow Pages: If you want to tease him, this works.

40. Pure Aryan: Probably not the best option.

41. Butter Cup: What’s up, butter cup?

42. Golden Head: Cute.

43. Cheese: Who doesn’t love cheese?

44. Bisque: Bisque is a type of yellow soup, but it is a cool sounding nickname.

45. Honey Head: Sweet!

46. Sun Ray: For your favorite ray of sunshine.

47. Pacman: For the gamers out there.

48. Tweety Pie: After Tweety Bird.

49. Lucky Duck: Because cartoon ducks are yellow.

50. Yellow Belly: This is actually a descriptor for cowards, so be wary about using it.


50 Nicknames for Blonde Girls

1. Towhead: This is a common word for a girl with very blonde hair.

2. Amber: A type of dark yellow or brown.

3. Marigold: This is a bright yellow flower that is known for its beauty and for the fact that it blooms all summer.

4. Sunshine: For your happier friends.

5. Jessamine: This is a type of vine with gorgeous flowers that look like funnels. It often grows over trellises or fences. Plus, Jessamine is a very pretty nickname for blonde girls.

6. Saffron: This is an orange-yellow yellow.

7. Ducky: This is just adorable.

8. Gerbera: This is a type of daisy that is known for having bright colors like yellow. When you look at it, the flower just makes you happy because of how adorable and pretty it is.

9. Champagne: Classy!

10. Maize: A type of corn.

11. Tweety Bird: How could you forget this one?

12. Tea Rose: This looks like pink, but it actually has shades of yellow in it. This would work well as a nickname for strawberry blondes.

13. Lemon: Of course!

14. Ecru: This is a gray-ish yellow or a light gray color. Basically, it is the color of unbleached linen.

15. Gold An obvious option.

16. Shimmer: Unfortunately, this kind of sounds like a stripper name.

17. Oatmeal Not the most exciting of options, although it is a shade of yellow.

18. Daisy: This is another flower type that is often yellow in color. It also happens to be a beautiful nickname for blonde girls.

19. Daffodil Fun!

20. Golden Girl Use this for your older friends.

21. Yarrow: This is a pretty-sounding nickname. It comes from a type of yellow flower that grows wild and was once used for its medicinal properties.

22. Tawny Cute!

23. Nankeen: This is actually said to be a pale, gray-ish-yellow color.

24. Bistre: While this generally looks like a dark-grayish brown, it has an underlying yellowish cast.

25. Shine For happy, smiling blondes.

26. Zinnia: While zinnias come in many different colors, one of the most popular options comes in a yellow color.

27. Cinnamon It is considered a shade of yellow, but cinnamon the herb is obviously not yellow.

28. Jasmine: Depending on who you ask, this is a light to moderate yellow color.

29. Tortoiseshell: This is said to be a mottled, brown-yellow color.

30. Eggshell: A shade of yellow.

31. Sand Easy!

32. Bulbine: This sounds like a funny name, but it actually comes from a type of succulent. It has yellow or orange blossoms and grass-like foliage. When it grows, the flower stalks can reach 2 feet tall.

33. Ochre: This color ranges from orange to a moderate orange-yellow.

34. Citron This sounds rather cool.

35. Butternut Adorable!

36. Mustard Probably not the prettiest nickname.

37. Goldenrod: This is a perennial wildflower that often grows along the roadways. It has a gorgeous, deep yellow color. If you look out of the window as you drive, you will see the flowers blooming in late summer.

38. Solidago: This is the Latin name for goldenrod, and it sounds like a very beautiful, exotic nickname.

39. Prickly Pear: This flower is actually found on a type of cactus. It grows across the south and normally looks like your typical green cactus. When the cactus blossoms though, you see gorgeous yellow flowers.

40. Butter: Of course!

41. Black-Eyed Susan: Despite its name, this daisy-like plant is actually a pretty yellow in color.

42. Marilyn Monroe: As one of the most famous blonde actresses ever, her first or last name would make a great nickname for your blonde.

43. Star: An obvious option.

44. Sol: This means sun in Spanish.

45. Craspedia: This yellow flower has a happy look with flowers that can reach the impressive size of a tennis ball.

46. Olympian: Because the best players at the Olympics get gold (yellow) medals.

47. Yolk: The yolk’s on you with a yellow nickname like this one.

48. Banana: Bananas are yellow, but your friend might not like this nickname very much.

49. Cab: For a simple, easy to say nickname, go with this one since cabs are famously yellow in color.

50. Pencil: This nickname works best for tall, thin girls with blonde hair.


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